Danielle Lombard was one of six women cut by Nick Viall on Monday night's The Bachelor episode, and even host Chris Harrison isn't exactly sure why.

After sending three girls -- Josephine Tutman, Alexis Waters and Jaimi King -- home at a Rose Ceremony, Viall and his nine remaining bachelorettes traveled to St. Thomas for a week of fun and relaxing dates.

But Harrison wrote in his Yahoo! TV blog that "being in a beautiful place with clear waters doesn't always mean smooth sailing, and this week for Nick was anything but calm."

Viall thoroughly enjoyed a one-on-one date with Kristina Schulman, however, his group date the next day was pretty much a disaster. The ladies forced to share Viall -- Jasmine Goode, Vanessa Grimaldi, Raven Gates, Rachel Lindsay, Corinne Olympios and Danielle Maltby -- were losing their patience, getting emotional and complaining about a lack of alone time with The Bachelor star.

Viall eliminated Goode right in the middle of the group date, and then he had to endure a two-on-one date the following day with presumed frontrunner Lombard and the beautiful Whitney Fransway.

"What seemed like a pebble quickly turned into a landslide as the two-on-one date the next day really put Nick to the test," Harrison said. "Whitney is really wonderful, and though you haven't seen much of it, she and Nick had a pretty great relationship, even though it wasn't exactly the deepest."

But Viall decided his heart wasn't invested in his relationship with Fransway, so he ousted her first, leaving Lombard to believe she would be given the date's only rose.

"Saying goodbye to [Whitney] wasn't easy, but there was obviously the hope Nick had in his relationship with Danielle L. made it seem like things would finally take a turn for the better," Harrison explained. "But things didn't get any better."

Lombard and Viall took off on a romantic helicopter ride as Fransway was left alone on the beach. That night, the business owner gushed to the Bachelor about how she was falling in love with him, only to be rejected moments later and sent home by a confused Viall.

"Things used to be much simpler for Nick and Danielle. The first night it was unbelievably clear that Danielle and Nick had something special. The Backstreet Boys date earned her a group rose and made her a clear and strong frontrunner, and their date in Waukesha was so electric it felt as if they might even be the couple together in the end," Harrison wrote in his blog.

"But something obviously went wrong, and Nick knew in his heart that even though he really liked Danielle, he wasn't going to end up marrying her, and he said goodbye."

Viall couldn't help but feel maybe something was wrong with him since he let such a great girl go. Viall started to wonder if he was guarding his heart since it had been broken twice before by Kaitlyn Bristowe and Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette.

"Nick has been down this road before. He's allowed himself to fall in love and had the rug pulled out from under him. Twice. Understandably, Nick is scared," Harrison revealed.
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"He's incredibly worried that he's going to make a poor decision and ruin what may be his last chance at love. Will he? We'll find out more next week."

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