Jasmine Goode's elimination was the cherry on top of a disastrous group date, according to The Bachelor host Chris Harrison.

After an "amazing" one-on-one date with bachelorette Kristina Schulman in St. Thomas, Harrison wrote in his Yahoo! TV blog that "things took a turn for the worse" for the show's star Nick Viall.

In Monday night's The Bachelor episode, Viall endured an awkward and emotional group date on a beach in St. Thomas in which most of the girls were growing impatient because they wanted more alone time with the Bachelor or frustrated because he focused his attention on the season's villain Corinne Olympios.

The group was supposed to enjoy a relaxing and fun day in the sun, but a dark cloud hovered over Viall's group of ladies -- Goode, Olympios, Vanessa Grimaldi, Danielle Maltby, Rachel Lindsay and Raven Gates.

"Things really started to go downhill," Harrison said. "Nick has had a pretty great journey so far, and his relationships have been growing, but as relationships get stronger, emotions tend to run more wild and things can get a little out of hand."

Harrison suggested Viall expected the day to turn out very differently.

"What started off as a fun volleyball game and some drinks on the beach quickly turned into a giant storm," Harrison noted, "and it felt like Nick was at the eye of it all."

Maltby accused Viall of ignoring some of his bachelorettes to validate Olympios' drunken antics on the beach. Lindsay admitted she no longer felt like one of Viall's top girls. Grimaldi complained gossip was "so annoying" and she was getting tired of competing for Viall's time.

And last but not least, Goode lost her cool over the fact Viall had yet to take her one a one-on-one date, or even just a two-on-one date. That night, Goode jokingly threatened to choke the Bachelor on numerous occasions, but Viall didn't find it funny and confessed their relationship had lost its initial spark.

"You saw what happened, but as the night went on, things really boiled over and Jasmine, who has had a fun and light relationship with Nick all the way through, was sent home in the blink of an eye," Harrison explained.

Goode's exit was part of a large elimination that featured six girls getting cut by Viall in the latest episode. In addition to Goode, Viall sent the following girls packing: Danielle Lombard, Whitney Fransway, Alexis Waters, Josephine Tutman and Jaimi King.
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