Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham, who also appeared on the second-season finale of Botched on Sunday to correct her infamous lip-implant complications, is apparently jealous of Brody Jenner's new call-in sex talk show.

One day before E!'s July 10 premiere of Sex with Brody, Abraham questioned Jenner's credentials and then admitted she should have a similar show of her own -- or simply take over Jenner's, Entertainment Weekly reported.

"Does Brody even have any novelty items?" Abraham asked, referring to adult toys. "I think Brody should take a break and it should be called Sex with Farrah. I feel like a sex talk show with me would pretty much be epic. I think I would send all of my call-ins my novelty toys."

Who better to host a show about sex than the former porn star herself? Abraham, 24, starred in Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom in 2013. She claimed at the time her personal sex tape had been leaked -- although critics argued she intentionally wanted the video to go public all along.

"You know, I have the women's line coming out soon," added Abraham, who later starred in a Part 2 of the porn film.

Abraham, who appeared on the fourth season of Couples Therapy, confessed she'd also love to compete on Celebrity Family Feud.

The self-described "boss" is certainly not lacking confidence, and she even stands by all the controversial, life-altering choices of her past. Telling her younger self not to go through with a decision she's made "would definitely be out of the question."

Abraham -- the mother of Sophia, author and plastic-surgery advocate -- subtly announced in June she had split from her boyfriend Simon Saran. Based on Abraham's recent comments, it's probably safe to say she's still single.

Abraham told EW she's looking for a man "who can equally be a boss, because there are lots of people who don't know how to be leaders and how to be supportive of my career in reality television and film. It's just hard. There are a lot of layers to me."