Veronica Webb has confirmed that she will not be returning as a host for Tim Gunn's Guide to Style.

"I'm not coming back for Season 2," Webb told the Miami Herald in a Monday interview.  "Tim will be back, though."

Bravo had hinted at Webb's potential departure when it failed to mention her in its recent programming announcements that included the formal announcement of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style's renewal.

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style's second season -- which will continue to follow the Project Runway fashion guru as he helps hapless fashion dilemmas transform into stylish individuals -- is scheduled to air later this year. 
Gunn had previously revealed the show's renewal in a March interview with the Chicago Tribune, and at the time he said there would be some slight tweaks to its format -- including giving the ax to a segment that Gunn said probably wouldn't have been on the show in the first place if it weren't for Webb.

"They want more education in the show. They want to learn more," Gunn explained to the Tribune.  "They want to get rid of the underwear drawer and so do I. Thank God for Veronica because I could never have done that. They like the underwear lesson but they don't like the humiliating aspect of it."

Despite the fact that Webb won't be returning, the former model didn't seem to harbor any ill will towards her Guide to Style experience.

"The show was such a beautiful way to help ordinary people," she told the Herald.  "Sometimes it's as simple as looking the part."

Now that Webb is no longer working on Guide to Style, she said she's doing a BBC World show called Living Style.

"Everyone wants to know how to live fabulous lives; we go behind the scenes into this world," she told the Herald.  "We interviewed Lenny Kravitz in his studio and Kylie Minogue, who actually talked to us from her bed. It's something different."