Maksim Chmerkovskiy knows who Dancing with the Stars' best sixth-season celebrity participant is -- however since it's a woman, he apparently thinks she doesn't have a shot at winning.

"Obviously the best dancer on the show is Kristi Yamaguchi," Chmerkovskiy told Entertainment Tonight during Monday night's broadcast.  "But a woman is not going to win the show.  I'm still saying it.  Women vote for sexy chests and pretty smiles."

The Dancing with the Stars professional -- who is not participating in the show's current edition but claims he'll return for the seventh installment -- was reiterating a previous statement he made that a woman not only wouldn't win, but couldn't.

"Girls don't vote for other girls," Chmerkovskiy told Entertainment Weekly in March.  "Let's face it... Out of 25.2 million viewers, I think .2 is the men.  So the rest are women -- and the kind of women that probably don't like other women to be good at something they do.  Sorry women,  but I think that that's the thing that would keep a woman from winning."

"She won't," Chmerkovskiy definitively answered when asked if another woman beside first-season champ Kelly Monaco could win Dancing with the Stars, adding NFL star Jason Taylor has a much better shot at the sixth-season title than Yamaguchi.

"Jason is going to come out, open his top a little bit and do his thing and 'Ahhh...' there goes Kristi's chances," said Chmerkovskiy.

Calling Yamaguchi "the best dancer" could be considered an understatement. 

Along with professional partner Mark Ballas, she set an all-time Week 1 performance record with the foxtrot; was the first to receive a 10 from the judges; was the first to score a perfect 30 out of 30 points; and have yet to receive below a 27 through six performances.