Fox's "The Simple Life: Interns" is the latest TV series to offer short episodes for cellphone users, the network announced in Los Angeles Monday.

Fox said Verizon Wireless will launch "The Simple Life: Interns" on April 6, featuring original material not previously seen on the series. The programs -- a series of 26 episodes that Fox calls "mobisodes" -- will be available exclusively through Verizon Wireless' V CAST 3G wireless broadband multimedia service.

Verizon has been offering video clip previews of coming attractions for the show since its premiere in January.

Lucy Hood, who oversees Fox's mobile entertainment as the News Corp. senior vice president of content and marketing, said the "Simple Life" mobisodes are intended to attract new viewers to the TV show.

"Twentieth Century Fox Television is delighted to offer the first mobisodes based on a network comedy series available in a format designed specifically for mobile," she said, "which we believe will help this hit television show reach an even wider audience."

Fox said "The Simple Life: Interns" is currently seen by 11.2 million viewers each week.