A New York Post report about a fight between Paris Hilton and Zeta Graff, her fiance's ex-girlfriend, has spawned a $10 million lawsuit against "The Simple Life" star.

On July 2, The Post reported that when the two women met in a London club, Graff  "went berserk... [and] flew at Hilton and tried to remove her ($4 million) necklace." The newspaper also quoted a source saying: "It looked like she was trying to strangle Paris."

Graff chose to fight back in court, saying Hilton planted the "vicious lies" in the newspaper, irreparably harming her career, "Celebrity Justice" reported Tuesday.

The slander suit also claims Hilton started the spat by whispering obscenities in Graff's ear along with "I'm going to destroy you."

Graff used to go out with Hilton's betrothed, heir Paris Latsis.