Janice Dickinson, one of the three judges on UPN's America's Next Top Model, has never lacked for ego. Taste, however, is another matter entirely.

On yesterday's broadcast of the live daytime syndicated talk show On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Janice, who bills herself as the "first supermodel" (although the day of the big-money modeling contracts came after her 15 minutes of fame were over), demonstated her ability to shock audiences, censors and the wimpy American Idol host with her frank sexual innuendo and gestures. Such antics also earned Janice a quick dismissal from the show ... and left viewers wondering not about TV censorship but instead about whether her well-known past problems with sobriety had returned.

On the show, according to a transcript of the show released by show syndicator Twentieth Television, Janice made Mae West-ish sexual comments while sitting on Ryan's lap, asked what his girlfriend calls him in bed and, in a moment that led to the first use of the show's seven-second censorship delay, stuck her head between Ryan's legs. After her last action, Ryan went to commercial and asked Janice to leave the show before its return. Twentieth Television claims that the show was "inundated with thousands of e-mails in support" of Ryan's actions.

Janice and her manager immediately went on the offensive against Ryan. The two of them told the N.Y. Post that Ryan was "a big wuss" and that "these West Coast guys can't handle the Alpha Dog," another Janice self-reference. Frankly, we might have been more inclined to compare Janice to a different offensive dog-oriented word.

For his part, Ryan defended his actions in the press release. "We are not afraid to walk the line ....but we don't want to cross it," Ryan said. "I want a show that's suitable for the entire family to watch." As the transcript shows, Janice's performance would definitely not be considered "family-friendly," unless the family was the Manson family.

Here are segments of the exchange between Janice, who was expected to promote the Top Model finale and her upcoming book Everything About Me is Fake...And I'm Perfect, and Ryan, showing that Ryan did indeed get flustered, but that Janice also went way over the edge:

[When Janice was introduced, she came out and jumped into Ryan's lap]
Ryan: Welcome back, ok here we go, gotta couple things I'm just gonna rattle off...
Janice: Excuse me, I feel something rising.
[Janice then moves off Ryan's lap]
Ryan: Ok now, that's my career, um, alright, Janet Jackson comin' April second, Janice, all right.
Janice: Let's talk about her nnn, her breast.
Ryan: No no no no no, ok, this is going to be live, folks, I can't, I don't know what is exactly going to happen.
Janice: First of all, I want to ask you something.
Ryan: Yes, Janice Dickinson?
Janice: Where, what do they call you, Sea, or Ry, or Crest, I mean what's your nickname?
Ryan: They, they call me, uh, they call me Ry.
Janice: Ry?
Ryan: You wanna call me Ry?
Janice: No, but what does your girlfriend call you? The metrosexual man. What does your girlfriend call you?
Ryan: She calls me metro.
Janice: In bed? What does she call you in bed?
Ryan: Sometimes she calls me a girl.
Janice: She calls you a girl?
Ryan: No, I'm just kidding.
Janice: No, but in bed just she call you oh Ry, Ry, or does she call you toast?
Ryan: No, she doesn't call me toast.
Ryan: Right, now let me ask you a question. I heard that the winner has been leaked. That the winner is Yoanna. Is that true or false? Use this.
Janice: I am not at liberty to say who the winner is.
Ryan: Oh, come on.
Janice: One of the three will win.
Ryan: Is it Yoanna?
Janice: One of the three will win.
Ryan: Look me in the eye.
(Janice puts her head between Ryan's legs - Cut to PLEASE STAND BY slate)
Ryan: Oh my gosh.
Janice: One of the three will win.
Ryan: We're going to take a break and we'll come back On Air. Don't miss it, the finale, America's Next Top Model, tonight. Be right back.

The show did indeed come right back ... but without Janice.

At least viewers were spared the details of Janice's claimed "sex romp" with actress/model Kelly LeBrock or her catfight with former Top Model judge Kimora Lee Simmons, details of which are included in her new book. Perhaps some of the e-mails came from viewers who considered themselves fortunate that Janice was booted before this.