Todd Herzog shocked the world with his severe alcohol addiction when he appeared on Dr. Phil one year ago, and after a successful rehab stint in February, he was 112 days sober. Now, that's all come crashing down.

Herzog, the winner of Survivor: China, was looking death in the eyes late last year, prompting his mother Shirley Herzog Keeler to desperately seek Dr. Phil's help. When Todd appeared on the show, he was clearly intoxicated and could barely walk or talk.

Herzog then entered a 90-day rehab program in Texas and proudly showed off his new sober self on a subsequent Dr. Phil appearance.

But Keeler and Herzog's stepdad Chuck have revealed Herzog has since fallen off the wagon completely and is now worse than ever.

As a result, Dr. Phil tracked down Herzog once again for another life-saving intervention and the events will air during Thursday and Friday's episodes.

A promotional clip for the upcoming Dr. Phil broadcasts feature the talk show host surprising Herzog at his home in Utah and giving him only five minutes to pack up his belongings.

"Tell me why you think I'm here," Dr. Phil told the former Survivor castaway.

"I've got a major drinking problem," Herzog replied in tears. "I can't stop."

"You're hallucinating. You ought to be dead," Dr. Phil noted.

"I know," Herzog agreed.

"I am not giving up on you kid," Dr. Phil insisted before the pair headed off to Los Angeles.

In November 2013, Herzog admitted to Dr. Phil he drank an entire bottle of vodka before his public interview. Keeler also said her openly-gay son would guzzle down up to three bottles of vodka a day and she feared every day he might die.

This will be the third time Herzog attempts rehabilitation. He first sought treatment in January 2013 after his alcohol abuse came to light during a week-long Caribbean cruise.
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