Jaime Dugan and Erik Huffman's upcoming wedding will apparently also double as a Survivor: China reunion of sorts.

According to Dugan, several familiar Survivor: China faces will be among the more than 200 guests invited to the $80,000 wedding, which the couple won in a recent Charleston, SC tourism promotion.

"The cast is on the guest list because they were there every step of the way," Dugan told People in a Thursday report. "[Survivor: China winner] Todd Herzog has already called us. He's stoked and he's coming. [Peih-Gee Law], [Sherea Lloyd] and [Frosti Zernow], they've already booked flights. I think we're going to have [Leslie Nease] read at the ceremony."

In addition to inviting her fellow Survivor: China castaways as guests, Dugan also says the wedding party will feature two other faces familiar to reality TV viewers: The Amazing Race 13's "Best Friends" team of Marisa Axelrod and Brooke Jackson, who attended the University of South Carolina with Dugan and will serve as bridesmaids.

"It will be a reality [show] get-together, but they're all my close friends," she told People about the wedding, which will take place on April 4, 2009.

Dugan added that Huffman, a self-professed virgin, has been put in charge of setting up their honeymoon while she assembles the guest list and meets with their wedding planner.

"He's been going through my bridal magazines and clipping out places he likes. He's having fun with it," she said.

Although they only met when they both became members of Survivor: China's Zhan Hu tribe in Summer 2007, Dugan and Huffman grew-up only 25 miles apart from each other in South Carolina.

Dugan eventually became the seventh Survivor: China castaway given the boot while Huffman was the eleventh, however the couple continued to spend time together as jury members and began dating immediately upon returning home from China.

They got engaged this summer when Huffman popped the question during a fake photo shoot he had staged.
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