TLC has announced it will premiere Breaking Amish, a new reality show which will follow five Amish or Mennonite people as they explore the world outside of their religion and lifestyle, on Sunday, September 9 at 10PM ET/PT.

Breaking Amish will follow the young men and women as they leave behind their Amish and Mennonite communities, which enforce very demanding religious traditions and ways of life, to chase their dreams in New York City.

The series, which will consist of nine hour-long episodes, will show the cast members encountering many "firsts" -- including simple things like flying in a plane, wearing jeans and using electricity -- as they attempt to transition between two very different cultures and learn which lifestyle is best for them.

Breaking Amish is being produced by Hot Snakes Media.

The identities of the five people who will be appearing on Breaking Amish and their TLC-supplied bios are:


- Abe, a 22-year-old who wants to marry an Amish girl

TLC says: "Abe feels like he may want to return to his Amish community, but he is tired of the day-to-day monotony and wants to experience a world outside of the traditions he knows so well. He also feels limited by his lack of education. His desire to see NYC and its skyscrapers and beaches stems from his mother, who also dreams to see these sites in person. However, once Abe decides to leave, his mother has a change of heart and demands that he return home."

- Jeremiah, a 32-year-old who was adopted by an Amish family

TLC says: "Jeremiah has a dream to drive for a living. Having experienced the frustration of drivers as they waited to pass horse and buggy, he wants to drive something that the Amish are not allowed to and feel the speed, convenience and thrill of driving that he has admired for so long. Jeremiah is leaving behind an Amish girlfriend to pursue his dreams."

- Kate, a 21-year-old bishop's daughter

TLC says: "Kate is very well known in the Amish community. She has dreams of moving to NYC to become a model. As a kid, she painted her fingernails with markers to pretend that it was nail polish. This love for fashion developed with age, but fashion magazines, makeup, jewelry and other 'vanity items' have been banned by her father."

- Rebecca, a 20-year-old aspiring model

TLC says: "Rebecca, like Kate, wants to model. The youngest in the cast, she is a realist who wants to explore NYC, but understands the consequences of not getting a job and being responsible. She longs to try new things -- eat sushi, see a show, but most importantly -- fall in love. Don't let her innocent demeanor fool you. She is the only Amish girl who punched a male classmate in the face. Amish males do not fight -- let alone girls."

- Sabrina, a 25-year-old adopted Mennonite

TLC says: "Sabrina is the cast's only Mennonite. Coming from Italian and Puerto Rican descent, Sabrina struggles to find her cultural identity. To learn more about her heritage, Sabrina hopes to work in an Italian or Puerto Rican restaurant and eventually find her biological parents to learn about her past and how her bloodline has shaped her into the person she is today."
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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