It was a life-threatening, foot-sucking, butt-spanking I Love New York second-season episode last night on VH1, which saw Tiffany "New York" Pollard cut two more suitors.

Cheezy, a Cherry Hill, NJ wax museum employee, and Man Man, an East Hazel Crest, IL-native, were both revealed to be booted by the 25-year-old Utica, NY native and former Flavor of Love fling.

"New York's going to wish she kept me around," said Man Man following his ouster.  "She's going to be begging me to come back."

I Love New York 2's third episode began with the 12 remaining bachelors relaxing at the house by playing some cards and shooting some pool.  Tailor Made, a fashion planner from Queens, NY who previously revealed his divorce from his estranged wife was still being finalized, realized he had to impress New York because he was the last suitor to receive a chain at the previous elimination ceremony

Tailor Made also stated his dislike for The Entertainer, a dock loader from Congers, NY, and wanted to begin "planting seeds" to get him booted.  Tailor Made told Midget Mac, a four-foot tall single father of two from Florida, that The Entertainer was talking garbage about him, which caused Midget Mac to confront The Entertainer, who was confused at first.

"Obviously Tailor Made had something to do with this," correctly commented The Entertainer, who verbally assaulted Tailor Made. 

"I'll kill you!!" he screamed at Tailor Made, needing to be held back by several of the other bachelors.  Tailor Made was hoping The Entertainer would hit him, aware that it would mean The Entertainer would have to leave the competition.

Because physical violence wasn't the answer, another solution was arrived at.  In the wee hours of the morning, Buddha, a model and personal trainer from Miami, FL, explained how he planned to teach a lesson to Tailor Made and It, a Long Island City, NY native.  Tailor Made and It argued with each other at the previous elimination ceremony, upsetting New York.

Buddha; The Entertainer; Pretty, a law school student from Pearl, MS; Wolf, a Texas native; 20 Pack, a hair stylist from Florida; and Punk, a lawyer from Elgin, IL, concocted a plan.  Using an old challenge card that they dolled up nicely, their group decided to trick Tailor Made and It by arranging a fake challenge.  Buddha woke-up all the other guys in the house around 1:30AM and called them out for the faux challenge, which he said required the bachelors to stand outside all night.  Whoever was left standing in the morning would win a breakfast with New York.

The fake challenge was going swimmingly, as Cheezy also fell for it, explaining how he'd "do whatever" he could to win the breakfast with New York.  Just after 3AM, Buddha decided it was time for bed and many of the other bachelors followed his lead.  Tailor Made was confused everyone else was giving up so easily and saw this as his opportunity to "show my love for New York."  At 5:47AM Cheezy, It and Tailor Made were the only ones standing. 

Cheezy eventually went to bed, and New York awoke to find Tailor Made and It sleeping while standing when she went outside for her early morning cigarette.  It explained the challenge rules that were read to them by Buddha the previous night.

"There's no challenge," said New York, adding Tailor Made and It got "punk'd and played all at the same time."  Tailor Made figured out it was Buddha behind the fake challenge, and he was "pissed" and commented how Buddha "totally went overboard."
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The guys then met for their next REAL challenge and were informed by New York that she's looking to build both her "brand and bank account," and would have the guys helping to construct the "New York empire."  The 12 guys would be split into four teams of three, with the team giving the best presentation on how to make New York money winning a date.  The team member in the winning group who was the "stud performer" would get their own one-on-one date with New York.

Cheezy, It and Tailor Made comprised "Team Tired."  Wolf, Buddha and 20 Pack were "confident" in their abilities to come-up with ideas -- however the best they could do was ripping off the iPod -- which 20 Pack still thought was a "money-making guarantee."  Midget Mac, The Entertainer and Man Man also had a weak idea, dressing up a liquor bottle with a cape and calling it perfume.  It was The Entertainer's idea, and Man Man thought it was "stupid."

While It proposed his group try to market a New York-inspired AIDS test, Cheezy decided it would be best to cast New York in a blacksploitation film with New York playing a Foxy Brown-type role.  Working on only 45 minutes sleep, Tailor Made explained his group was "dehydrated, exhausted and totally f**ked."

The groups then met to present their ideas, which would be judged by New York, her mom Sister Patterson, as well as publicist Siri Garber.  Buddha, Wolf and 20 Pack went first, and presented their New York-inspired iPod.  New York called it a "bedazzled iPod" and seemed bored by the presentation.  She still thought Buddha looked great and occupied her imagination by dreaming of having sex with him.

Man Man, Midget Mac and The Entertainer than gave their presentation, and Siri wondered what scents they had in mind for their fragrance.  Unable to answer the question except for with a feeble "tropical smell" from The Entertainer, New York saw through the crappy packaging and called them out on it.  When Siri asked for the group's leader, The Entertainer singled out Man Man, much to his chagrin.

Punk, Mr. Wise and Pretty gave a good presentation about a New York-inspired clothing line, which she thought was "killer" and "really creative."  Punk put his foot in his mouth when he said the clothing would be geared towards "voluptuous" women, which New York took as being called fat.  While she was a "little insulted," she thought the group's idea was "brilliant."

Cheezy was "so proud" of his blacksploitation film idea, and presented it with Tailor Made and It, who was wearing a crash helmet for some inexplicable reason.  Patterson thought It "looked ridiculous" and commented how the group's idea "sounds so ghetto."  However New York was intrigued by the idea of fighting crime against disrespected women on the big screen, and called the idea "cool, exciting and fresh."

After discussing the presentations with her mom and Siri, New York said "Team Tired" won the challenge, and singled out Tailor Made as the "stud performer," which didn't sit too well with Cheezy.

"I was raged.  I don't really get raged," explained Cheezy, adding the fact that Tailor Made took credit for his idea made him "totally pissed."

After Cheezy bitched to the other guys about it, Tailor Made approached him and said if that's the way he feels, he should go tell New York.  Cheezy did just that, explaining to New York how he came up with the blacksploitation film concept, plot and marketing campaign.  He concluded by adding he'd like to go on the one-on-one date with New York instead of Tailor Made, and she accepted since Tailor Made didn't even show to defend himself.

Cheezy informed Tailor Made of New York's decision -- and while he told Cheezy to "enjoy" the date with New York -- Tailor Made immediately ran to her room and explained it was his "strategic vision" that would make the film work.  Tailor Made explained he wanted the one-on-one date, and just as she did with Cheezy, New York agreed.

"I'm gonna pick the one that I want to f**k," exclaimed New York, before meeting both Cheezy and Tailor Made for the one-on-one date.  She explained the situation and ended up going on the date with Tailor Made, which once again left Cheezy "pissed."  Once on the date, Tailor Made told New York he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

"I could definitely see us falling in love," said the smooth-talking Tailor Made.

Back at the house, Buddha described Tailor Made as an "underhanded bitch" and added Cheezy should stand-up for himself.  Cheezy decided he was going to give Tailor Made a piece of his mind after the date.  When Tailor Made got home, Cheezy said he felt he was "back-stabbed" by his group partner.  Tailor Made gushed about his date with New York, adding he "didn't care" about Cheezy or what he had to say.

The next morning Cheezy and It departed for their two-on-one date with New York.  Cheezy described It as a "jackass," and It described Cheezy as "feeble."  Cheezy, It and New York then arrived at a fantasy photo shoot, which saw New York wearing fishnet stockings and looking like a burlesque dancer.  It was the first to participate in the photo shoot with her, and it helped his standing in the competition.

"I'm seeing more of a man and less of an idiot," commented New York about It.  She added he was "very aggressive" in a sexual manner, but she enjoyed it.

Cheezy decided to rip off all his clothing for the photo shoot, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts with hearts on them.  New York commented Cheezy was "definitely not sexy," but at least he showed he was "manly."  He tried to kiss her, it didn't work, and she instead took several dominatrix-esque photos, which included her cracking a whip over his back and spanking his butt with a paddle.

"I love spanking Cheezy!" exclaimed an excited New York.

When New York returned from the two-on-one date, she found The Entertainer waiting in her bathtub.  He offered her a foot massage, and she gladly accepted.  The Entertainer eventually started to lick and suck her toes, which New York was apparently pleased by.

"Any doubts I had about The Entertainer melted away the moment he put my entire foot into his mouth," said a rational New York.

As The Entertainer prepared to leave New York's room, Tailor Made was just arriving.  Tailor Made explained he'd be doing "a lot better" if he hadn't just seen The Entertainer leave New York's room, and she calmly explained it doesn't really matter what Tailor Made thinks since it's her house.  Tailor Made then expressed how he's concerned for New York's well-being around The Entertainer, who he described as "unstable" because he's violent.

I Love New York 2's third elimination ceremony then commenced, and New York revealed Tailor Made, It and Punk were all safe before she presented a chain to Buddha, who called Tailor Made a "weasel and a snake."

"My disgust for him surpasses my love for her," said Buddha, a comment that no doubt would have landed him in hot water had he actually said it to New York.

Midget Mac, Pretty, 20 Pack, Wolf and Mr. Wise then learned they were safe before New York presented her final chain to The Entertainer.

"You suck a mean toe," commented New York, which caused Patterson to lose her cool.

"You are a filthy pervert!  You are a freak!" yelled Patterson at The Entertainer, describing him as "bottom of the barrel nasty."

"She's just got to get to know you," New York assured The Entertainer.

New York said Cheezy was a "very sweet guy," adding she just doesn't see him the way she hoped she would. She also revealed Man Man was being eliminated because he didn't make enough of an effort to prove he was there for her.

"I'm feeling a little bummed," said Cheezy.  "Hey, she's missing out on the big Cheese!"

I Love New York 2's next episode will air Monday, October 29 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.