Tiffany "New York" Pollard received gifts from the 15 remaining bachelors trying to win her heart, and she returned the favor by narrowing the field to 12 suitors during last night's second-season I Love New York broadcast on VH1.

Unsure, a bartender and model from New Jersey; Knock Out, a cable television technician from Detroit, MI; and Yours, an artist from Jacksonville, FL, were all revealed to be booted by the 25-year-old Utica, NY native and former Flavor of Love fling.

"I'm pissed at the fact that I'm leaving this early," said Knock Out following his ouster.  "As far as regrets go, I don't regret s**t."

I Love New York 2's second episode began with the 15 remaining bachelors learning they'd have to present New York with a gift.  After learning about the gift twist, Unsure told Cheezy -- a Cherry Hill, NJ wax museum employee who served as Unsure's roommate in the house -- that he planned to give New York a jacket he originally purchased for another woman.  Given the men were competing against each other, Unsure's disclosure surprised Cheezy.

The guys then traveled to a park, where they'd each have 15 minutes to swim across a lake and give New York their gift.  The three bachelors with the best "gift and game" would win a date with New York.  Yours was the first to venture across the lake.  Despite relying on a flotation device, Yours was tired when he eventually reached the other side.  He then gave New York a portrait of her it took him six hours to draw.

"Is this supposed to be me?!" said an offended New York.  "I didn't know I was plus-sized.  This is not New York."  She then threw his gift in the lake.

It, a Long Island City, NY native, also had a hell of a time getting across the lake.  He gave New York a custom-made shirt that featured his hand prints printed on the breasts.  He also called New York's breasts "milk storages," and she threw his gift in the lake. 

Midget Mac, a four-foot tall single father of two from Florida, explained how he "scared of water" since he had an uncle who drowned.  Like the other bachelors, he used a flotation device to assure his safety across the lake.  However Midget Mac's floaty popped, and as he started to sink, he let out a cry for help.

"I thought I'm going to have a dead midget on my hand!" explained a compassionate New York.

Buddha, a model and personal trainer from Miami, FL, jumped in and helped Midget Mac, which impressed New York.  Midget Mac eventually used the backstroke to make it across the lake, however New York was so focused on the gift he had she wouldn't even help him out of the water and onto the dock.  Midget Mac gave New York a custom-made robe -- which was soaked -- but she found it "hot" that he would risk his life for her.  Midget Mac also revealed he would kill for her, which New York found to be "thug" of him.

Additional gifts received by New York included the Dolce & Gabbana jacket from Unsure, and while New York thought it was "beautiful," she couldn't help but notice it was too big for her.  Cheezy told some of the other guys how the jacket wasn't initially intended for New York, which The Entertainer, a dock loader from Congers, NY, thought was "f**ked up."  The Entertainer intended to make it a "big problem" for Unsure.  Tailor Made, a fashion planner from Queens, NY, gave New York a pair of $800 Manolo shoes, much to her delight.

New York awarded dates to Buddha for looking the best in his bathing suit; Tailor Made for the best present; and Midget Mac for being the guy she was most impressed with.  While Buddha and Tailor Made would have to go on a joint date with New York, Midget Mac got to have dinner with her alone that night. 

New York explained she feels "comfortable" with Midget Mac because she "automatically feels like I have the upper hand."  The two shared their love for ranch dressing before she called him "Big Mac" and ended the date with no kiss.
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"If I kissed him, it would feel like I was kissing a toddler," explained New York.

Since he was so tired from his swim, Yours went to bed around 8:30PM, which surprised New York since she felt he needed to make a good impression on her following the unflattering portrait. 

The Entertainer took the opportunity to approach New York and explain the situation surrounding Unsure's gift.  Since New York isn't a big fan of gossip, she confronted Unsure about it.  He explained it was originally intended for his sister, and added he was "really pissed" somebody in the house ratted him out.

New York scolded him for the gift not being personal.  She had "doubts" about Unsure but decided not to hold it against him.  Knock Out then called Cheezy a "snitch" and New York accused Knock Out of wanting to "stir-up s**t" instead of "get to know" her.  Before going to bed, Tailor Made flaunted his money again by ordering three-dozen roses for his date with New York.  Tailor Made added he wanted to win her affection by "putting in time, effort and money."

The next morning Tailor Made and Buddha met New York for their date, and while Buddha wasn't happy to be sharing his time with Tailor Made, he decided to "suck it up." The date took place at a go-cart track, and New York explained Tailor Made and Buddha would race one lap around the track, with the winner receiving alone time with her. 

Tailor Made was confident he'd win since he's familiar with driving go-carts, and he jumped out to an early lead.  However Buddha stayed tight around the corners and eventually bumped Tailor Made, causing him to spin-out.

"Buddha cheated and threw me against the wall," said a defeated Tailor Made.  "Frankly I'm pissed because I wanted one-on-one time with New York... If it wasn't for that, I would have won easily."

Back at the house, Tailor Made's flower order arrived.  However since he wasn't there to claim it, It took them and decided he would present them as his own.  Meanwhile during lunch, Buddha revealed to New York he had to take-out a restraining order against his previous girlfriend.  New York translated that to mean Buddha must be "doing something right." 

Tailor Made then started to dig himself a hole.  While New York already knew Tailor Made had a daughter and had been married for three-and-a-half years, she wasn't aware that the divorce wasn't finalized and he was only legally separated.  New York kicked Tailor Made to the bleachers, which he described as both "humbling and humiliating."  New York then had alone time with Buddha, which Tailor Made thought "sucked."

Things got worse for Tailor Made from there, as he returned to the house to learn that It as planning to present his roses to New York.  It tried to explain where the roses came from -- but like everything else that comes out of his mouth -- nobody could understand what he was saying.  Tailor Made decided to keep his cool, not cause a scene and let It give the roses to New York.

"I can't believe he did it," commented a surprised New York when It gave her the roses.  "I could have seen this coming from another man in the house, not him."  It then tried to steal a kiss from New York and proceeded to jam his tongue down her throat, which apparently wasn't very pleasant and caused her to go upstairs and use a tongue-scraper to clean out her mouth.

Prior to the elimination ceremony, Unsure packed all of his belongings and told Cheezy he was "ready to leave."  While Unsure told Cheezy not to tell anyone, Cheezy went and told New York, who confronted Unsure for the second time during the broadcast.

"You can send me home," Unsure told New York, who took his advice and sent him packing, but not before calling him a "wimp" because of the jacket incident.

Tailor Made inquired as to what he needed to do to stay in the competition.  New York said Tailor Made was "whining like a punk-ass bitch" and suggested he call his estranged wife Nancy.  He did, and New York talked to her.  Nancy told New York she was divorcing Tailor Made because he's "a bit of a workaholic."  New York then asked if there was a possibility the two would ever get back together.

I Love New York 2's second elimination ceremony then commenced, and  -- surprise, surprise -- Unsure was in attendance.

"What the f**k are you doing here!?" asked New York, who decided to give Unsure back the jacket and throw him out of the house for good.  "Take this s**t with you.  You brought that s**t for me?!  It was for your sister!  Get the hell out of here!"

"To tell you the truth," said Unsure, "I know that the jacket was great and I'm happy to take it back because I bought it for a pretty girl and not a bitch."

New York then revealed The Entertainer; Pretty, a law school student from Pearl, MS; Buddha; Mr. Wise, a club promoter from Camden, NJ; Man Man, an East Hazel Crest, IL-native; Wolf, a Texas native; 20 Pack, a hair stylist from Florida; Punk, a lawyer from Elgin, IL; Cheezy; and Midget Mac were all safe. 

She then turned her attention to It, and said she initially didn't know if she should "keep him or let him go" until he gave her the flowers.  Tailor Made couldn't bite his tongue any longer and explained the situation.

"It was a very awkward situation," said Tailor Made.

New York's mom Sister Patterson -- who hadn't appeared in the episode until this point -- than pestered It for lying about the roses.  New York seemed confused as Patterson continued to ask It, "Did you buy roses?!"

"Technically... I didn't buy them," answered It.  New York still decided to keep It in the competition and she also chastised Tailor Made, telling him to get back with the other suitors who had yet to be picked.

"I do not want to get caught up on roses!" screamed New York.  "This is hard for me!"

New York said when Tailor Made revealed he was still married, it "scared her."  She also accused Knock Out of being in the competition "for the cameras" and commented how it was "pretty f**king sad" that Yours hadn't been seen or heard from since he gave her the unflattering portrait.  She then revealed Tailor Made was the last guy to be safe.

"I know you're still married, but when I talked to your wife tonight she told me that there's no way you guys are going to get back together.  The divorce is going to be final really soon," said New York.  "What she told me that you didn't know she said is that you have love for New York... Please don't make me regret this."

Yours flipped out at New York's decision.  Since Yours was one of "Mama's Boys" -- or one of the suitors chosen by Patterson -- she thought it was a "conspiracy."

I Love New York 2's next episode will air Monday, October 22 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.