Mr. Wise was accused of still having feelings for his ex-girlfriend and being too passive in his attempts to meet the needs of Tiffany "New York" Pollard, and as a result, the club promoter from Camden, NJ was sent packing during VH1's Monday night broadcast of I Love New York 2's eighth episode.

"By letting me go, I think new York is missing out on someone that's sincere, genuine, strong and who will stand by his word," said Mr. Wise following his ouster.  "No matter what -- even though I'm leaving -- I still have love for New York."

I Love New York 2's eighth episode began with the five remaining guys still fuming about New York's decision to ask first-season suitor Kamal "Chance" Givens for help in her second attempt to find love.  Because New York also realized the error of introducing a former fling to her new crop of beaus, she profusely apologized.  However Buddha, a model and personal trainer from Miami, FL, still wouldn't let it go and sat at a table brooding.

"Is everyone happy with me in the house?" New York questioned.

All of the guys answered in the affirmative except for Buddha, who Punk thought was "sulking and pouting."  Buddha commented how he thought New York was taking him for granted and questioned her feelings for Chance yet again.

"He just will not cut me any slack!" said a frustrated New York who found herself apologizing again.  Buddha said he accepted the apology but was going to be keeping an eye on her.

The guys were then met by psych technician Bart Baggett, who was going to be administering a compatibility test.  The suitor who scored as the most compatible for New York would receive a one-on-one date with her that night.  The compatibility test consisted of three components: an ink-blot test, doodle test and handwriting test.

While all of the guys were being individually evaluated, the rest sat in the waiting room and shot the breeze.  Buddha discussed his acting career openly in-front of New York, and she was getting upset by it.

"He's not even paying attention to me," said New York.  "I'm thinking that he could be here for the cameras, so I just got upset."

New York asked if appearing as a suitor on her show was just another "job" for Buddha -- and when he asked if she was being serious -- New York stormed out of the waiting room and into the hallway.  Buddha followed and New York explained she didn't think he should be talking about his acting career.  Buddha said he was just answering the other guys' questions.  After determining New York was "inconsolable," Buddha retreated back into the waiting room and left New York alone.

Bart finally had the results from the compatibility tests.  Punk was diagnosed as being a chronic masturbator; Tailor Made, a fashion planner from Queens, NY, was characterized as having a dysfunctional lust for strong women; Mr. Wise was deemed emotionally unavailable, which led New York to comment he's the "least compatible" because he's also quiet and laid-back; The Entertainer was described as incredibly narcissistic; and Buddha was labeled as defensive.  Bart then revealed The Entertainer was the most compatible for New York.

"Once New York gets to know him, he's definitely going home," said an excited Tailor Made about The Entertainer.

That night The Entertainer met New York for the first official one-on-one date with each other.  As soon as he left the house, the four other guys decided to set-up the living room like something spiritually spooky had taken place, hoping to scare The superstitious Entertainer when he returned.
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The Entertainer was excited to show New York who he really was and also do some tongue wrestling if the opportunity presented itself.  New York described The Entertainer as "loony, nutty and a sweetheart," adding she was "feeling his weirdness."  New York then addressed the concerns of her mom Sister Patterson and asked The Entertainer if he's a pervert.  She also tried to indirectly ask the question, wondering if he saw her as a "sexual conquest" and asking what his definition of a freak was.

While she still had some doubts about him, New York was glad The Entertainer often spoke his mind.  He was about to speak his mind once again, as New York tried to force him to dance with a belly dancer.  The Entertainer tried to politely decline but New York kept pushing him.  As he got more upset, she got more upset, and the situation eventually escalated.

"You're making me do something I don't want to do," said The Entertainer.

"You're supposed to be The Entertainer?" wondered New York.

The Entertainer finally stood up and did some dancing, much to New York's delight.  Despite the little spat The Entertainer still thought the date went positive but decided to let the other guys think otherwise.  He and New York concocted a prank in which they would return to the house seemingly furious with each other before The Entertainer would pretend he's leaving before revealing it was all a rouse.

The two pranks then collided, as The Entertainer returned to the house as the guys waited in the backyard as part of their plan to prove they were scared by the spirits. 

The Entertainer was more confused than scared by all the candles on the floor and furniture tossed everywhere.  He told the guys he was quitting the competition, and while they were upset their prank never got off the ground, they were excited The Entertainer was leaving.  After they carried his bags to the door, he turned and yelled, "Psych!" and went back in the house.  Punk was pissed The Entertainer made them look like idiots.

Buddha did his best to try and score some alone time with New York, but she was still having a hard time trusting him.  It wasn't going to get any easier.  As Tailor Made was on the phone with his estranged wife Nancy, she told him that she saw Buddha on an episode of BET's reality series Hell Date

"Interesting... Very interesting," responded Tailor Made, who fought the urge to return to his snitching ways.  Instead of telling New York about Buddha's Hell Date appearance -- he told Punk -- who said he was thinking about informing New York.

Mr. Wise opined that he could really use a date with New York and was sad to see the guys would be undergoing yet another psychological evaluation.  This time it would be a couples counseling session led by Dr. Pat Allen. 

Mr. Wise was the first to meet with New York and the doctor, and explained how he knows New York is still "suspicious" he's still with his ex.  It didn't help his case when New York revealed Mr. Wise had listed his ex as his emergency contact while on the show.  When Mr. Wise said he can't not talk to his ex because he doesn't like burning bridges, New York said a "red flag" was raised.

Not surprisingly, New York's trust issues with Buddha also became a topic of conversation.  New York explained how she doesn't fell like she's in control when she's with Buddha, and sometimes, she likes to wear the pants in a relationship.  New York added Buddha was "too strong and too dominant" to ever "bend" for her.

"She wants you to be her feminine other half," explained Pat, and Buddha basically said that ain't going to happen.

Punk decided his couples counseling session was a good time to tell New York about Buddha's Hell Date appearance, and she decided to confront him about it once they all returned to the house.  Buddha was up front and admitted he appeared on the show.

"Seriously, what are you here for?"  asked New York.  "Is this a gig?"

When Buddha replied he did Hell Date for "fun," New York wondered if he was participating in I Love New York for the same reason.

"A part of me wants him here, a part of me wants him to go," said New York.  "I don't know if I love him or I can't stand him.  Buddha is just driving me f**king crazy!"

I Love New York's elimination ceremony then commenced.

"I feel good going into elimination," said Mr. Wise.  "But at the same time, me and my ex are still talking and New York's not crazy about us being friends."

New York revealed Punk was safe, then created an awkward moment when she said she feels so close to him, "almost like a brother."  She stumbled to explain herself and both said, "I love you."  Tailor Made then learned he was safe, as did The Entertainer.  With only one chain left, New York was scared about Buddha's acting credentials and Mr. Wise's emotional attachment to his ex.

She decided to boot Mr. Wise after explaining she's unsure if he's willing to open up to her enough to meet her needs.

"Mr. Wise is emotionally unavailable right now," commented New York.  "There's something lurking in his past that is affecting his present, and it's affecting our relationship."

New York explained to Buddha she knows the two have endured a rocky road, and was hoping they could smooth it out.

"Do you think we can do that?" she asked him.

"It's all on you," answered Buddha, who then accused New York of being the one who made the road rocky.

"Why are you even standing here battling with each other?" wondered Patterson.  'I don't even want to be a part of this... I'm out of here."

Patterson then left.

"Buddha is crazy, and he's a ticking time bomb that has exploded one too many times," explained Patterson.  "He's a liar, and he doesn't even realize what he's done."

"Buddha better shut the f**k up real quick if he knows what's good for him," warned New York.

I Love New York 2's next episode will air Monday, December 3 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.