Tiffany "New York" Pollard finally realized that The Entertainer still lives with his parents, causing her to characterize the dock loader from Congers, NY as a "loser" and send him packing during VH1's Monday night broadcast of I Love New York's ninth second-season episode.

"I know I'm not a loser," said The Entertainer following his ouster.  "I know what I can do.  I know that I have tons of potential.  When I go home, I'm going to use that potential hopefully."

I Love New York 2's ninth episode began with the four remaining guys -- The Entertainer; Buddha, a model and personal trainer from Miami, FL; Tailor Made, a fashion planner from Queens, NY; and Punk, a lawyer from Elgin, IL -- receiving cleaning equipment from New York so they could prepare the house for some special guests. 

The guys immediately figured out that the note and present from New York meant their family members would be visiting, and The Entertainer described it as a "make me or break me" situation.

"I'm just hoping that everything goes well," said The Entertainer, adding he's "worried" his parents' mouths may get him in trouble.

The Entertainer's mom and dad were the first to arrive, and mom immediately took to calling New York her "future daughter-in-law."  Tailor Made's dad then arrived, and told New York his son is "a role model for all fathers."  The Entertainer dished the house's dirt to his mom, explaining he hoped his mom would defend him when she meets New York's mother Sister Patterson, who had taken to calling him a "pervert."

Punk's sister and mom also came to the house, and like The Entertainer, Punk was a "little bit nervous" about the situation since his mom had "quite a few reservations" about her son appearing on a reality dating show.  New York immediately bashed Punk's sister for being "ugly," a sentiment that presumably didn't sit well with Punk when he watched the episode's broadcast.

"When Punk's mom came through the door, I knew automatically she wasn't feeling me," added New York.

Buddha's dad -- who he also said is his best friend -- was the last family member to enter the house, and New York thought he was just as handsome as his son.  Buddha's dad flattered New York by calling her a "beautiful Black woman" but then lectured her about the dangers of smoking, which she didn't appreciate.  As Tailor Made and his dad conversed with The Entertainer and his parents, Tailor Made came to the conclusion that The Entertainer is a "32-year-old momma's boy."

As Punk tried to warm his mom up to the idea of him dating New York, his mother commented how she's "very upset" he's appearing on I Love New York and called it a "rash decision."  Punk asked his mom if her opinion about New York would change if they met in a library instead of on VH1 -- and while she wasn't sure -- Punk tried to chalk up his mom's dislike for New York as circumstantial.

New York cornered Punk so the two could come up with a solution on how to deal with his mom, who eventually said it will "take a little bit getting used to" before she's fully comfortable with New York.  New York thought Punk's mom's disposition "could be a problem."

New York then informed Punk and The Entertainer that their family members would be accompanying her and Patterson for dinner that night.  Punk was pleased, assuming that The Entertainer and his parents would "talk themselves into a hole."
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The Entertainer prayed that the dinner would go well as they all sat down to eat.  His mom immediately began to question Patterson about what she thinks about her son, and The Entertainer thought it provided a good opportunity to take a bathroom break.

"I hope that you take him with you," Patterson told The Entertainer's mom, who tried to explain her son's relationship with New York isn't their business.  When The Entertainer's mom began to wag her finger in Patterson's face, everyone started to question the amount of "respect" they had for each other and a brouhaha ensued. 

With all of the "disrespecting" that was going on between Patterson and The Entertainer's mom, Punk and his family watched with terror.  The Entertainer's mom eventually called Patterson "low-class trash," causing New York and Patterson to leave the table just as The Entertainer was returning from the bathroom.

"Talk to your mother!" New York instructed The Entertainer, who followed the two outside and begged for them to return inside so everyone could eat dinner.

"Thank you for trying to mediate but you can go back," said a visibly upset New York.

Fed up, The Entertainer described New York as Patterson's "little pet" (of course not to her face).  New York and Patterson finally returned and everybody ate dinner in an awkward silence.  Patterson tried to sweet-talk The Entertainer's father, calling him both "handsome" and "gorgeous." 

The Entertainer's mom couldn't hold her tongue and called Patterson a "transvestite," and the arguing began once again.  Patterson retaliated by telling The Entertainer's mom it looked like she was "wearing a beaver's ass" on her head.  New York and Patterson left dinner for the night.

"After seeing that woman, it makes my mother-in-law look great!" The Entertainer's father told Punk's family about Patterson.

The Entertainer was worried his shot with New York was "ruined" and apologized to Punk and his family for the uncomfortable dinner.  Back at the house, Punk's mom told Tailor Made's dad what had happened.

"I was thinking, 'Is this really right for my son?'" wondered Punk's mom.

New York said she had no respect for The Entertainer's mom, who sensed she was on the outs.

"I really don't want to see my son with her at this point," said The Entertainer's mom.  His dad said he was surprised his son was deciding to stay in the running for New York's heart after all the disrespect that occurred at dinner. The Entertainer told his parents to "accept it."

New York then informed Tailor Made and Buddha that they would be joining her for a pool party with their dads, and Buddha was making it a priority to stay clear of Patterson.  Tailor Made's dad then tried to charm Patterson, commenting she looks more like New York's sister then mother.  New York took the guys for some fun in the pool while Patterson met with their dads.

Buddha's dad described his son as being "level headed" with his choices, a statement Patterson disagreed with before telling Tailor Made's dad that Buddha "beat the crap" out of his son.

"I don't want anybody to leave here on a stretcher!" said Patterson, embellishing the physical altercation that led to Buddha's disqualification before New York decided to give him another chance.  Buddha overheard Patterson over-exaggerating the altercation and confronted her about it, calling her a "liar."  Despite the embellishments, Tailor Made thought Patterson's points were "valid."

Buddha was offended and annoyed that New York wouldn't "step up" and "check" Patterson, or in other words calling her out for lying.  Buddha called Patterson a "sinner, manipulator and liar" -- which didn't sit too well with New York -- who in turn called Buddha "jealous, evil and angry."  Buddha walked away from the situation and New York followed.  Buddha explained why he was upset, and New York told him that Patterson is "always going to be right, even when she's wrong."

"I think Buddha's violence has the potential to send him home," said New York, sounding more and more like Patterson with each passing conversation.  "Buddha is pissed and I'm sick of it.  He's driving me nuts!"

That night, New York planned to make dinner for everyone to prove she too has a "motherly side."  The Entertainer was immediately stressed about the situation and implored his parents to stay in the background at dinner.  Punk was also worried and talked to his mom, who described New York as "wild and aggressive."

"I don't deal with people like that," said Punk's mom, mostly upset by all the cursing that was taking place.

Buddha was also concerned that Patterson would come between him and New York.

"I believe that family's a big thing," said Buddha, "But [Patterson] just has ways I don't approve of."

The Entertainer helped New York cook in the hopes that it would take some of the attention off of his parents.  However New York couldn't stop focusing on Buddha.  She saw him sulking and described him as a "big ole baby" before following him outside to ask what's up.  Buddha continued to trash talk Patterson and New York was fed-up, inquiring as to what Buddha's problem was.  Buddha replied that he felt "dissed" that New York wouldn't stand-up to her mother.

"I might send his ass home tonight," commented and aggravated New York.

After a disastrous few days, everyone sat down to enjoy dinner.  It was awfully quiet around the table, and Patterson broke the silence by engaging Tailor Made's dad in conversation.  Tailor Made's dad said his son is "sincere" about finding a wife and is "truly, truly in love" with New York.

"My dad definitely made me out to be the great guy I am," gushed a modest Tailor Made.

The Entertainer's parents then mocked him in-front of everybody for still living at home in their basement.  Despite having known about it since she first met The Entertainer, New York finally realized he's "way too much of a baby."  Even Tailor Made called The Entertainer a "loser" since his responsibilities consist of household chores -- such as mowing the lawn and doing the laundry -- that are more suited for an adolescent boy.

I Love New York's elimination ceremony then commenced, and the family members accompanied the guys.

"I feel great actually going into elimination tonight," said an oblivious The Entertainer.  "Despite everything that went down, it's not about my parents and her mom... It's about us."

New York then revealed Tailor Made and Punk were safe.

"If New York and I get serious later, we'll deal with it then," said Punk, referring to his mom's dissatisfaction with New York.

New York explained she has feelings for both Buddha and The Entertainer.  She described Buddha as a "strong man" and said she was drawn to that, but was unsure if he even liked her.  New York credited The Entertainer for living up to his nickname and being fun to be around, however she realized it will never work between the two.

"I'm on my way to the top, and you're still stuck in your parent's basement," said New York to The Entertainer.  "I need a man who can support me and check me... and you don't even have the patience to mow the lawn right!  With all due respect to you and your parents, you are a loser... I think it's time for you to go."

I Love New York 2's penultimate episode will air Monday, December 10 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.