High School Reunion: Fort Lauderdale, the third edition of The WB's High School Reunion series, will premiere tonight, November 7 at 9PM ET/PT.

High School Reunion 3 will feature a ten year reunion of fourteen classmates from Cardinal Gibbons High School, an "ultra ritzy" private Catholic high school Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Flown across the country to a bikini-friendly location not unlike their hometown, the still-single classmates will reunite for a two week stay at a beachfront resort in Oahu, Hawaii.

Carefully selected by High School producers desperately seeking easily identifiable stereotypes, the participants had no idea who else would be attending the reunion or where it would occur (although given that High School Reunion's first two editions also filmed in Hawaii, the filming location shouldn't have been a big surprise if they were remotely familiar with the show.)

Just in case high school reunions weren't dramatic enough, similar to last season's surprise inclusion of Gabe The Jock's former underclassmen girlfriends, High School Reunion 3 will further shake things up by introducing five star athletes from rival Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School into the already volatile mix of personalities.

High School Reunion: Fort Lauderdale was created by executive producer Mike Fleiss (The Bachelor, The Real Gilligan's Island.) Mike Nichols is co-executive producer. High School Reunion: Fort Lauderdale is produced by AND Syndicated Productions, Inc. and NEXT Entertainment in association with Telepictures Productions, Inc.