The DiSalvatore family was crowned Great American Road Trip's champions during last night's finale broadcast of the NBC reality series.

The Yonkers, NY family -- which consists of Silvio and Amy DiSalvatore and their teenage sons Mason and Blake -- took home Great American Road Trip's $100,000 grand prize despite having faced elimination four times during the competition.

"We were bad in the beginning.  There was a lot of arguing, a lot of cursing, a lot of screaming and yelling," said Amy after her family's victory.  "Then as the challenges went on, people started listening a little more and we depended a lot on [Mason and Blake]."

"I am so proud of my kids," said Silvio, calling Amy "the foundation."

The DiSalvatores defeated the Coote family from Lockport, IL, which consisted of Keith and Jennifer Coote, their daughter Cassidy and son Jake.

"When you lose something with this high of stakes, it's rough," said Keith.  "But it was an amazing experience and I'm proud of my family every step of the way."

Great American Road Trip's finale began with the DiSalvatore and Coote families leaving Boulder City, NV and traveling to Los Angeles.  Each family received the first of four cubes, which would help them find three additional cubes hidden somewhere in Los Angeles. 

Once all four cubes had been recovered they would provide one more final clue which would point the families to site of the competition's "The End of the Road" challenge.

Both families collected all four cubes and then traveled to the final challenge, which was held on the Santa Monica Pier.  Once there, the families learned that the challenge would require them to correctly match landmark photos that were on eight large six-sided cubes to the locations they had actually visited during their Route 66 road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles. 

The first team to complete the challenge would win the grand prize.

The challenge commenced with both families starting at the same time.  While the DiSalvatore family initially had some difficulties, so did the Coote family, allowing the DiSalvatore family to correct their mistakes and complete the photo puzzle first.

In addition to winning $100,000, the DiSalvatore family also took home a year's worth of free gas, tickets to Universal Studio and four plane tickets to anywhere in the U.S..
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.