Authorities know the identity of the mystery woman who allegedly helped Ryan Jenkins elude police by checking him into a secluded Canadian motel after he was charged with murdering his ex-wife.

"This is not someone that we feel is a risk to the public safety.  We are not seeking the public's assistance in locating this female," Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman Sgt. Duncan Pond told reporters during a Monday news conference.

"We will still have to try and protect the integrity of the investigation and not disclose details of the information that we're gathering at this time."

Pond declined comment on disclosing the woman's identity, how authorities located her, if she's been interviewed and whether or not she's currently in custody.

The Megan Wants a Millionaire bachelor was allegedly checked into the Thunderbird Motel in Hope, British Columbia on Thursday evening by the woman, who paid $140 cash (Canadian) for a three-night stay before another motel guest saw her leave shortly thereafter.  Jenkins was found dead on Sunday after allegedly hanging himself in the motel.

Pond told reporters that authorities believe Jenkins and the woman had a pre-existing relationship.

"We do believe that they knew each other.  There is a past history.  But we don't want to go into specific detail as to the relationship.  At this time we don't think it would be appropriate to comment on whether or not it was an associate, a friend or family," said Pond.

"We have no information at this time to believe that there were any threats or coercion applied to her, but any kind of statements like that, those are very preliminary statements. The investigation is still ongoing."

Jenkins was charged with murder on Thursday in the death of Jasmine Fiore -- a 28-year-old swimsuit model whose body was found August 15 stuffed in a suitcase in a Buena Park, CA trash can.

Police alleged Jenkins removed Fiore's teeth and fingers prior to disposing of her body, presumably to hinder efforts to identify her, however authorities used the serial numbers on her breast implants to identify the body. A preliminary coroner's report showed Fiore was strangled. 

Jenkins became the focus of an extensive manhunt on the U.S. and Canadian border after his car and an empty boat trailer belonging to him were found abandoned at a marina in Blaine, WA and a man matching his description was seen arriving 15 miles away in Point Roberts, WA on a boat registered to him on Wednesday.

The Thunderbird Motel is located roughly 100 miles from Point Roberts in Hope, British Columbia. 
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Since the alleged murder occurred in the U.S., Pond told reporters that Canadian authorities are focusing on how Jenkins might have entered Canada and the details surrounding his death.

In addition, Pond said any criminal charges that may be brought against the woman would deal with whether or not she provided "assistance, comfort or shelter" in connection with any Canadian laws Jenkins  is believed to have violated by entering the country illegally and evading authorities.

He acknowledged it would be a "minor offense" if the woman was found responsible for helping Jenkins into Canada without reporting his entry.

"In an investigation of this nature, if there was any consideration that she was assisting him in avoiding police, there are allowances within the criminal code of Canada to assign charges for that.  Now I should specify so that it's clear to everyone that would be if she was considered an accessory after the fact to Canadian charges.  So those don't apply to the U.S. offenses," clarified Pond.

"So that would not be an accessory after the fact to a murder investigation, it would be to some of the Canada Customs Act that we're investigating when he entered the country."

Pond said the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is continuing its partnership with U.S. Marshals and other law enforcement officials in investigating the case.

Thunderbird Motel manager Kevin Walker previously described the woman as blonde, in her early twenties and "naturally pretty, one of those wholesome little ladies," adding she and Jenkins pulled up in a silver Chrysler PT Cruiser with tinted windows and license plates from Jenkins' native Alberta.

VH1 canceled Megan Wants a Millionaire, which had premiered earlier this month, after Jenkins was charged with murdering Fiore on Thursday. 

Earlier this summer, Jenkins also traveled to Mexico to film I Love Money 3 -- another VH1 reality show produced by 51 Minds Entertainment, the same production company behind Megan Wants a Millionaire.

After stating that it had not yet decided the show's future on Friday, VH1 canceled I Love Money 3 on Sunday.  The show -- which Jenkins had allegedly won, according to multiple media reports -- had been scheduled to premiere in January.