Rebecca Meyer lost 122 lbs. thanks to her The Biggest Loser experience, however she also gained a boyfriend.

"I'm actually dating Daniel Wright," Meyer revealed during a Tuesday night appearance on The Jay Leno Show.

Meyer became the eleventh contestant booted from The Biggest Loser's eighth season during last night's broadcast of the NBC reality competition -- and her ouster came a week after Wright was booted during a special double elimination.

"Daniel was my best friend, is my best friend," Meyer told Leno. "Leaving the show we talked -- like five, six hour conversations -- and then, you know, he told me he had feelings." 

Meyer added it's easy for her to connect with Wright -- who also competed on The Biggest Loser's seventh season -- because they have had similar journeys on the show.

"Daniel and I have gone through the same thing, I mean, he's gone through an even more intense version of it and I fell in love with my best friend," she told Leno.

In addition, Meyer said saying she was upset by her The Biggest Loser elimination is an "understatement."

"I was obviously not happy about being eliminated, but it's just sort of water under the bridge now," she explained. "It's about weight loss and not about being The Biggest Loser [winner] for me. It's about getting my life back."

Meyer specifically weighed-in on Rudy Pauls, who cast the deciding vote against her and said it was based on a lack of trust with her.

"I think it was an excuse to get rid of me because I was going to beat him," she told Leno.

(Photos credit NBC/Justin Lubin)