Rebecca Meyer became the eleventh contestant eliminated from The Biggest Loser's eighth season during last night's broadcast of the NBC reality competition.

"I am starting to become the person I always knew I could be. I get to start my life now. I get to be in the driver's seat of my life now," said the 25-year-old student/nanny from Des Moines, IA after her ouster.

"I feel really fortunate to have been here as long as I have been here. This has been the best experience of my life."

The Biggest Loser's tenth eighth-season episode began following the previous double elimination of Daniel Wright and Shauntina "Shay" Sorrells, as host Alison Sweeney told the six remaining contestants they would be giving an inspirational speech. 

However before that they'd receive their makeovers with the help of Project Runway fashion guru Tim Gunn and Tabatha's Salon Takeover star Tabatha Coffey.

The contestants met with Tim at the Four Seasons Hotel boutique then traveled to a West Hollywood salon with Tabatha. Once the makeovers were complete Tim surprised the contestants by reuniting them with family members, who subsequently sat in the audience for the speeches.

Each contestant then gave their individual speeches, including Rudy Pauls, a 31-year-old engineer from Brooklyn, CT, who shocked trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels when he revealed his weight problems began when he was 12-years-old and his sister was diagnosed with cancer, which she eventually succumbed to.

The contestants then met Alison for a challenge.  Each contestant would have to use a pulley to pull themselves across a 700-foot rope strung across a canyon. The first person to reach the other side would win a two-week trip to the new The Biggest Loser Resort.

The challenge commenced and Rudy won easily, with Amanda Arlauskas, a 19-year-old patient care technician from Butler, NJ, finishing in a distant second.

Once the contestants returned to the ranch Bob asked Allen Smith, a 44-year-old firefighter/EMT from Columbus, IN, why he hadn't been more of a contender in the season's challenges.

"I've been playing the game somewhat," answered Allen.

"I get real nervous about those people that are all about the game," replied Bob.

"I did play the game, but I'm not playing to where I'm compromising what my focus is here," assured Allen.
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The contestants then participated in their last-chance workouts before The Biggest Loser's tenth eighth-season weigh-in commenced. Alison explained the two contestants with the lowest weight-loss percentage for the week would land below the yellow line and be up for elimination.

"I'm scared," said Rebecca. "We had a makeover week, which is awesome. But it took away a lot of the time at the gym, so it definitely worries me.

Danny Cahill, a 39-year-old land surveyor and musician from Broken Arrow, OK, was the first to step on the scale. He started the week at 316 lbs. and lost 12 lbs. for a weight-loss percentage of 3.80%. It was the sixth consecutive week he lost double digits.

Rudy went next, and he started the week at 324 lbs. and dropped 16 lbs. for a weight-loss percentage of 4.94%. In addition, Rudy lost a total of 134 lbs. in 10 weeks -- a new ranch record. Allen began the week at 243 lbs. and shed five for a weight-loss percentage of 2.06%.

Rebecca went next and she started the week at 209 lbs.. Her fears were realized as she lost only three pounds for a weight-loss percentage of 1.44%.

"Seriously? How is that possible?" she lamented. "I don't know what emotion to feel. I'm angry and I'm shocked and I'm sad."

Liz Young, a 49-year-old salesperson from Lewisburg, TN, started the week at 206 lbs. and also lost only three pounds for a weight-loss percentage of 1.46%.  Amanda was the last to step on the scale and she needed to lose only two pounds to avoid falling below the yellow line. She dropped nine pounds -- her biggest loss of the season -- for a weight-loss percentage of 4.46%.

The five contestants above the yellow line were then given an hour to deliberate between Rebecca and Liz -- who made their pleas to stay. Liz's initial plea was a bit half-hearted, which caused Allen to give her some advice.

"You need to get some fight," said Allen to Liz. "You want to stay, you better show some fight."

Danny also urged Liz to show some "passion."

"I'm thinking, 'Liz, how you show yourself to Rudy and Allen could be the thing that keeps you here for another week or it could be the thing that sends you home,'" said Danny in a confessional.

Rebecca pulled Rudy and Allen aside because she knew they were the vote's swing votes and explained she'd never been below the yellow line while Liz had been there three times.

"I don't want to be her in 25 years," an emotional Rebecca pleaded. "She got her second and third chance, I'd like my second chance please."

Liz then tracked Rudy and Allen down and made a new plea that was much stronger than her initial comments.

"I want to be here, I need to be here and I deserve to be here," she told them. "I'm 49-years-old. This is my last chance. She's 25-years-old, she's got a lot of years left. I don't have very many years left to get my act together. I need to finish what I've started."

The vote then commenced and Allison explained since four people were voting their could be a tie -- in which case the contestant with the lowest percentage of weight-loss at the weigh in would be eliminated, and that was Rebecca.

Unsurprisingly, Amanda (Rebecca's former Pink team teammate) voted to oust Liz while Danny (Liz's former Brown team teammate) opted to boot Rebecca. Rudy then voted to boot Rebecca -- making Allen's vote irrelevant.

Rudy explained he voted for Rebecca because he "lost respect and trust" for her, specifically when they had both been on the Blue Team but she had been friendly with the Black Team.

"It seemed as the Black Team had their discussions, Rebecca was always in on their meetings discussing what they were discussing," he said. "I didn't feel it was helping us as a team to have one person outside of it -- to play both sides of the fence."

"That's ridiculous," responded Rebecca. "This sucks right now.  Not going home, but fighting with you because obviously if you had some sort of trust issue with me you should have said it five weeks ago."

"You should have been honest five weeks ago," he said.

"I'm not dishonest Rudy," she countered.

"I'm just going with what I felt Rebecca," he said.

The two continued to bicker before Rebecca said her goodbyes and specifically told Amanda to "beat all these big boys."

During a post-show update, Rebecca revealed that she has since run a half-marathon and is training hard to be the at-home winner during the live finale in December.

The Biggest Loser's next eighth-season episode will air Tuesday, November 24 at 8PM ET/PT on NBC.