The Biggest Loser is reportedly considering going back to a single-contestant format for this fall's eighth season and is targeting America's most overweight cities to find participants.

"We're going back to singles and contemplating doing something really unique," executive producer J.D. Roth told The Hollywood Reporter in a Wednesday report.

"We're going to study fattest cities in America, we're going to try to cast in those cities and add things into those cities to help them change their ways and to get off that list."

NBC announced open casting calls for The Biggest Loser's eighth season earlier this month. 

The 14-city casting tour will include stops in Miami, FL; Oklahoma City, OK; New York City; Houston, TX; and Charlotte, NC -- all of which made Men's Fitness magazine's January list of America's "Fattest Cities."

Should the producers decide to go ahead with the "fat cities" twist, The Biggest Loser's eighth season will look at why those areas of the country are struggling so much with weight while also searching for local inspiration to help the eventual contestants improve their lives, according to The Reporter.

That seemingly fits well with the other portion of January's The Biggest Loser casting call announcement, which also revealed the show is looking for "certified trainers with strong personalities who have a solid track record of taking the weight off of overweight clients."

NBC is casting new trainers "to keep creative options open for the new season," according to the network's casting tour press release.