The Bachelorette finalist Erich Schwer allegedly planned to reunite with a woman he was dating back home after returning from filming and only did the show for "clout" and a career boost.

Erich is Gabby Windey's only remaining bachelor on The Bachelorette's nineteenth season, and he was just shown telling Gabby on Part 1 of the finale that he hoped to continue "dating" her after the show, suggesting he wasn't ready to get engaged at the Final Rose Ceremony.


But according to one of Erich's exes named Amanda Kaylor, Erich didn't have good intentions going into The Bachelorette and had tried to convince Amanda to put her relationship with Erich on pause so he could go on the show to boost his career opportunities and then resume dating when he got back home from filming the show.

Amanda -- who told Erich she wasn't onboard with his plan -- issued a lengthy statement about the rise and fall of her romance with Erich to the @bachelornation.scoop Instagram account on Wednesday, and she also shared some additional details in a subsequent conversation with Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone.

A single mom to a toddler, Amanda claimed she met the 29-year-old real estate analyst from Bedminster, NJ, on the Hinge dating app in January and the pair quickly became inseparable until she broke up with Erich in mid-March after he revealed his shocking plan to put their relationship on hold while he competed on The Bachelorette.

Erich was reportedly living in Santa Monica, CA when he began dating Amanda.

The blonde beauty, who now has over 4,000 Instagram followers, began her statement by saying she felt it was necessary just to "shine light" on Erich's "true character."

"When Erich and I had [begun] dating, it was quite the whirlwind romance. We were head over heels for each other, happiest I'd felt in a while. After a few months of amazing dates, adventures, countless sleepovers, I thought I had really found my person," Amanda wrote.

"Erich had lost his job during this time and I could tell it weighed heavy on him, [and] I tried to be there for him as he prepared for his interviews for new jobs. One morning after a normal night together, I got a text after he left my place (March 10th) making jokes and telling me he got some news he wanted to talk to me about."

Based on Erich's alleged March 10 text to Amanda and the fact ABC announced The Bachelorette 19 cast just a couple of weeks later, Erich had clearly been in casting talks with production while he was dating Amanda and never mentioned it.

Amanda said she called Erich immediately about his "news" and he told her that he "got a call and was offered to be a contestant" on The Bachelorette.

Amanda admitted she was "shook" by the news that "he would even consider this kind of gig" while they were dating. Erich had also allegedly spent a lot of time with her toddler son by that point.


"He insisted that it was all acting and it would be as if he was just going out of town for a few weeks. He wanted a fresh start and a new career path because he was unhappy with his," Amanda claimed.

"I knew that this wasn't a reality show I could handle just 'waiting for him on the other side.' I made it clear that was something I would not be okay with and he said he needed to think about what to do because it could open a lot of doors."

Amanda said she texted Erich letting him know that if he decided to join The Bachelorette cast, she'd be done with him and wished him the best of luck.

Amanda said she mourned the relationship and cried over Erich "a ton" while trying to let him go and get over him.

"Texts were still being exchanged between us about how sad we were to lose each other, but I knew I needed to move on. Ten days later, (March 22nd), I received two dozen roses at my door from Erich with a note saying, 'I'll never stop thinking about you,'" Amanda told the Instagram account.

Amanda claimed she and Erich texted after the roses were delivered and Erich said he was back home visiting his family in New Jersey and "couldn't stop thinking" about her.

"[He] wanted to know if we could talk when he returned to L.A. I decided to sleep on this because my heart was broken, but the next morning, the sucker I am agreed to meeting with him and texted him back," Amanda recalled.

Amanda said, little did she know, Erich had already returned to Los Angeles by that point and left to film The Bachelorette. Amanda's text agreeing to meet with Erich was apparently never received. (Production had presumably taken Erich's phone away from him by that point).

"It was hard to process that he could reopen a wound just to make the same choice, leaving me heartbroken once again. Once again, I mourned, healed, and moved on," Amanda wrote.

"I received a text from him (July 10th) as the show began to air, telling me how terrible what he did to me was and how sorry he was -- that he thinks about me all the time and won't ever forgive himself."

Erich allegedly sent the text the night before The Bachelorette season premiered on ABC.

"Our chapter was over for me long before this, and I saw this as [a] sad attempt to save himself from anything to harm his newfound fame and reputation," Amanda said.

"I don't believe Erich had any good intentions going on this show, and I don't believe anything [has] changed."

Amanda's statement concluded, "He wanted the clout and he got it. I just hope he doesn't continue to hurt anyone on this new path he is on."


According to Carbone, Amanda told him she and Erich spent every single day in March together until the last time they saw each other, which she believes was March 12. That day, Amanda reportedly told Erich that their relationship was over because she wasn't okay with him appearing on The Bachelorette.

Not only did Amanda send @bachelornation.scoop numerous pictures she and Erich had taken with each other, but she also sent alleged half of dozen screenshots of her text messages with Gabby's final bachelor that corroborate her story.

The texts show Erich unveiling his "news" on March 10 and Amanda wishing him the best of luck.

"I know this isn't ideal, I wanted to do this to see if there was something else I could do with my life. I really like you Amanda," Erich allegedly wrote at the time. "I didn't think it would be a big deal but I understand how you feel. I'm sorry and I understand if you don't want to see me anymore."

Amanda apparently replied, "You just expect me to continue dating you while you go on a reality TV show to 'find love?'"

Erich allegedly countered, "It isn't real, but you're right. I am sorry, I really didn't think this all through... I didn't realize the implications. I am sorry. I thought we could get on the same page about this. I really didn't mean for this to hurt you."

Amanda texted Erich that she was heartbroken and hoped he'd get the "fame and [business] opportunities" he was looking for. Erich allegedly claimed he was "unhappy" with himself and she was probably better off without him.

Erich then wrote, allegedly, how he couldn't be the best partner for Amanda until he figures out who he is.

"Not that this is the answer, but I need a change," Erich allegedly wrote. "I'm stuck in my career path and I'm miserable with it. I don't want this to be the rest of my life."

Amanda texted that the situation was "so sh-tty," which prompted Erich to apologize again.

And then on March 12, Erich allegedly wrote to Amanda, "Maybe I am a piece of sh-t [and am] making a mistake," and Amanda appeared to respond by saying he had made his decision and she needed to move on with her life.

"I hope you can forgive me some day. I made a selfish decision that ended something really special. You are a really amazing person and I love everything about you," Erich allegedly texted. "You deserve the best."

Fast forwarding to March 22, Erich allegedly contacted Amanda again saying that he was "the saddest."

"I hate to play with your emotions. I just went home for a while and I couldn't stop thinking about you, and I wanted to send you flowers to maybe make you smile," Erich wrote.

After Amanda asked why Erich was doing this to her, he allegedly replied, "I made a rash decision that was beyond selfish... Can we talk when I am back in L.A.? I needed to go home for a little to be with my parents."

Amanda apparently agreed to meet with Erich in a March 23 text, but the text turned green and Erich didn't appear to respond.

And then on July 10, Erich touched base with Amanda seemingly out of nowhere.

According to the screenshot of the texts, Erich typed, "I am so sorry Amanda. What I did was terrible. I don't expect you to ever forgive me. I just want you to know I think about you all the time and you really deserve the best."

Erich allegedly added, "I won't ever forgive myself. I hope you find happiness and everything you deserve."

Part 2 of The Bachelorette finale airs Tuesday, September 20 from 8-11PM ET/PT on ABC.


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