The Bachelor star Sean Lowe's wedding is reportedly becoming more and more a reality as his season is coming to an end.

"The producers of The Bachelor and Bachelorette do everything they can to make each wedding bigger, more romantic, more dreamy, more special, more beautiful, more everything than the last," a show insider told Life & Style.

"They pull out all the stops to make fans' dreams come true."

Lowe and the bachelorette -- either Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter -- he selects during tonight's finale broadcast, which was filmed on November 17, have reportedly been planning their wedding with enthusiasm as The Bachelor's seventeenth season has been unfolding on ABC.

"It will be an outdoor wedding at a fancy hotel in southern California," a source told the magazine of the couple's summer wedding plans, which will apparently be televised. "Sean wants it to be big and impressive because he wants all his family there."

The bride-to-be "has a playful sense of humor so her wedding dress will be interesting and beautiful," according to her friend, and Lowe said he's game for anything because he feels their big day is "all about" her.

The couple is also reportedly anticipating their wedding because they're equally crazy about each other.

"He's head over heels in love, and she's in love with him, too," another source told Life & Style. "They're totally committed to each other, and Sean would give her anything she wanted."