All-Star Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump fired Dee Snider from the franchise's first-ever all-stars edition during Sunday night's second episode of the celebrity reality competition's sixth-season on NBC.

Trump fired the rock star and former Growing Up Twisted star after his "Plan B" team lost the season's second task, which required "Plan B" and the opposing "Power" team to each create a 3-D photo experience for Florida Universal Orlando Resort by having access to its Universal theme parks.

The teams were ultimately judged on creativity, integration of Universal's marketing campaign and the overall guest experience.

Country star Trace Adkins, who served as the project manager for last week's task, did not participate because he had to put on a concert. Dee and Omarosa Manigault, who originally competed on the first season of The Apprentice, opted to serve as their teams' project managers this time around.

Trump revealed the winning project manager would receive $20,000 for his or her charity.

Throughout the planning and executing process, comedian and magician Penn Jillette wanted to make an illusion set using mirrors, utilizing a little magic as well, but Dee ended up finding it too complicated and changed the theme to simple lifesize cutouts of his teammates and himself.

Meanwhile, Omarosa didn't make it very clear to her teammates what her vision was, so they were a little confused about what pictures to take. They also didn't make the Orlando logo prominent, which was a crucial part of the marketing campaign.

Once in the boardroom, Trump's son Eric Trump announced the strengths and weaknesses of each team's final results. Dee's team identified family fun that lasts forever and the executives liked what the celebrities were wearing in the giant cutouts. However, the photo experience was too simple and guests enjoyed taking pictures with the celebrities themselves rather than their cutouts.

Omarosa's team featured creativity and their photo experience was very interactive, as it portrayed multiple parts of the park from its restaurants to hotels. The only negative was that the Orlando logo was too small.

In the end, Omarosa's team won. She won $20,000, but Universal Orlando Resort ended up doubling it, making her winnings $40,000. Omarosa got very emotional and cried in the boardroom, showing a different side to herself since she's been considered a villain ever since she competed on The Apprentice. The money went to the Sue Duncan Children's Center, a charity her late fiance Michael Clarke Duncan had supported.

Omarosa's team then left the boardroom and Penn was criticized for not pushing his great idea, which Trump admitted he loved. However, when Dee was asked whether Penn should be fired, he said no. Dee knew he had turned down Penn's idea. But in his own defense, Dee argued actor Gary Busey was the weakest player on his team because he had a limited skills set even though he was a great, fun guy.

Because of that, Dee decided to bring Gary back into the boardroom with him. In addition, Dee selected actor Stephen Baldwin, claiming he couldn't be trusted because he had withheld money from the project manager in the season's first task and tended to whisper about things in a sneaky manner.
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Dee then acknowledged that his team did a great job and he just felt it wouldn't be right to put any of his other teammates on the chopping block.

After a little harmless debate, Dee admitted he understood there was a large target on his back, because he knew they lost for their idea and he ultimately came up with it. As project manager, Dee also owned up to the fact their failure was mostly his fault since he had signed off on everything and had the final say.

Trump appreciated his honesty and noted he definitely didn't consider Dee a quitter because of how he handled the situation. As a result, Dee gracefully bowed down and Trump fired him.