The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis admits he absolutely screwed up by jumping into the ocean with bachelorette Clare Crawley after the week's group date.

"After the party I was relaxing in my room, watching baseball when someone knocked on my door. It was Clare. She came to thank me for the great day and she wanted to jump in the ocean for the first time with me. She was so happy that I didn't want to reject her, but I definitely made a mistake," Galavis wrote in his People blog.

"The next day I felt guilty because Clare got more time with me than the other women. I regretted giving Clare the extra time. Also, I didn't think it was a good example for my daughter to watch daddy going into the ocean with a girl at night. I already had a great day with her and even taking her to my pool was something that I should not have done. Honestly, my mistake."

Galavis, a 32-year-old single dad and former pro soccer player from Venezuela, said he had his reasons for immediately opening up to Crawley about his guilt.

"At the cocktail party, I really wanted to tell Clare how I felt about our crazy night. Chris Harrison asked me why I didn't wait couple of days to tell her my thoughts, and I told him I like to address things very quickly and to be straightforward," he wrote.

"I wanted Clare to know me better and what exactly my thoughts were. I also told Clare that sometimes I make mistakes. I thought it was better to tell her with a rose in her hand than later when she did not have a rose."

While Galavis was moving very fast with Crawley, he had the exact opposite dynamic with Renee Oteri, who got a one-on-one date during Monday night's episode.

"Back in L.A., when I first saw her in the mansion, Renee was standing in the back of the living room. She wasn't trying to grab my attention, she was just being herself and I felt that she was exactly like me when I was on The Bachelorette. I knew she came to see if I was the man of her life," the Bachelor explained.

"Renee (along with [Cassandra Ferguson]) is one of my special ones because she is a mom... [We] played bingo in the middle of a plaza and even jumped on a boat and jammed to some tunes with locals. In one word: fantastic. Dinner was sooooooo hot that we had to take breaks and put wet towels on our necks to cool off. Unreal. Renee is not only gorgeous, but she is a smart woman who wants a family. She's the kind of woman that any man would love to have by his side for the rest of his life."

Oteri was frustrated Galavis waited so long to kiss her, and although viewers have suspected he just wasn't really feeling her, he insisted a lack of attraction was definitely not the case.

"I wanted to kiss Renee all night, but I held back because I was concerned about her son. I didn't know how he would feel seeing his mommy kissing a guy and maybe not coming home to be her boyfriend. These are the kind of things that worry me because I do care a lot about other people. Like I told [Lauren Solomon] in Korea, I didn't become 'El Bachelor' to kiss everyone, I came to respect them all and not create false expectations for anyone," Galavis wrote in his blog.

Galavis also had a great one-on-one date with Nikki Ferrell.

"My conversation with Nikki was fantastic! She is very honest and open about saying things that she likes and things that she does not. She told me about how she gets cranky and also about her true passion. I really loved that night," he said.
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Another thing Galavis apparently likes is being "sneaky." During the group date, he expressed that notion in his actions with Crawley.

"The wind was blowing and it was hard to control the boat. While we were stuck, we saw a dead fish and I tried to grab it but it was so slippery. Clare was disgusted by the dead fish but she surprised me by saying she would get it -- and she actually did. It was a great move, so I gave her some sneaky besitos (kisses). I like being sneaky," Galavis explained, adding that he had been in a similar situation with Ferrell.

"I wanted to have a special moment with [Nikki]. Unfortunately, you never got to see it because I decided to sneak a great kiss behind a wall. Like I said, I like being sneaky."

The Bachelor star ended up crying at the end of Monday night's Rose Ceremony and it was apparently because he felt very close to the girls he chose to eliminate.

"The rose ceremony in Vietnam was the hardest so far. It was very difficult to say goodbye to [Kelly Travis] and [Alli Restko], but especially to [Danielle Ronco] whom I admire and respect so much for what she is and what she does for a living. It broke my heart to say goodbye and that's why I choked up at the rose ceremony," Galavis wrote.