Bachelor spoilers revealing nearly everything viewers can't wait to find out about the rest of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor have emerged -- including spoilers revealing which bachelorettes make The Bachelor star's Final 4 hometown dates, who Peter's Final 2 women are, and if his Final Rose Ceremony features an engagement.

[The Bachelor Spoilers Warning: Stop reading if you do not want to find out spoilers for Peter Weber's The Bachelor season. This article reveals significant spoilers about all of The Bachelor star's Rose Ceremony decisions, dates and more -- all leading up to Peter's winner and Final Rose Ceremony.]


Reality TV World has compiled all the spoilers known so far about Peter's The Bachelor season based on Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone's spoiling disclosures over the last several months, which he has reported in hundreds of social-media postings on Twitter and Instagram, as well as on his podcast and blog.

Carbone released many of the details about the new The Bachelor season -- which began filming in California in September and ended in Australia in November -- in real-time as filming took place, or shortly thereafter.

The Bachelor season is heading into its third episode for Season 24 on Monday, January 20 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

Peter has seemingly finally moved on from Hannah Brown after their intense and emotional conversation about lingering feelings.

But it appears it will take time for Peter's bachelorettes to be convinced his heart is fully open again and ready for love with someone new.

In the latest episode, once Peter let Hannah B. down gently, he established connections with a few bachelorettes and admitted he believed his future wife was among the cast.

The Bachelor bachelorettes who stood out in Episode 2 were Sydney Hightower, Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller.

Peter gave a group-date rose to Sydney after the bachelorette opened up about how much love she has to give and how seriously she was taking the process.

Sydney told The Bachelor star she's not your average southern belle because she's a tough girl who had been through a lot in her life.

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Hannah Ann continued to shine by winning the Revolve fashion-runway competition, but Victoria F. also made a huge impression by rocking lingerie on the runway.

Victoria F. also received a group-date rose after crying to Peter about how difficult it was for her to compete against other women. Victoria F. explained she'd never be the loudest or most outgoing girl in a room, but The Bachelor star found her insecurities and quiet confidence endearing.

By the end of the second episode, only 19 women remained in the running for Peter's heart.

In addition to the three bachelorettes mentioned above, the 19 ladies included Alayah Benavidez, Alexa Caves, Deandra Kanu, Jasmine Nguyen, Kelley Flanagan, Kelsey Weier, and Kiarra Norman.

Lexi Buchanan, Madison Prewett, Mykenna Dorn, Natasha Parker, Sarah Coffin, Savannah Mullins, Shiann Lewis, Tammy Ly, and Victoria Paul also received roses at the season's second Rose Ceremony. 

Peter therefore chose to say goodbye to Courtney Perry, Lauren Jones and Payton Moran.

But the episode certainly wasn't without drama. Kelsey and Hannah Ann feuded over an alleged stolen bottle of champagne.

Kelsey accused Hannah Ann of stealing her bottle of champagne and opening it with Peter in a scandal that has been dubbed "Champagne-gate."


Hannah Ann totally denied the accusation, but Kelsey still allegedly called her "a b-tch" and a "princess." In turn, Hannah Ann vented to Peter about being "bullied" by Kelsey.

Peter of course confronted Kelsey about her actions, and Kelsey denied ever bullying someone. So did Peter end up choosing a side or did "Champagne-gate" fizzle out?

And what happens the rest of the season on Peter's edition of The Bachelor?  Keep reading below to find out!

The Bachelor Episode 3 spoilers

"The 'Champagne-gate' controversy continues to bubble and fizz as Hannah Ann and Kelsey attempt to try and bury the hatchet but only succeed in making matters worse," ABC teased in a press release for Episode 3 of what viewers will see next week.

"Meanwhile, Peter concentrates on having fun... However, Peter needs to confront his fear of falling for someone whose feelings aren't genuine early on and struggles with his rose decisions on The Bachelor."

Peter will reportedly embark on a group date and one-on-one date in next week's episode.

Victoria P. accompanied Peter on the season's second one-on-one date, according to Carbone, which took place on September 27. The couple reportedly paid a visit to the Canyon Club music venue in Malibu.

The pair also reportedly kissed a lot during their date, which included line dancing with a live audience and riding a mechanical bull.


"Peter tries to forget all the drama from 'Champagne-gate' in the company of Victoria P., an appealing, exhilarating woman," ABC wrote in its press release.

"However, as the two enjoy country line dancing together, she tearfully opens up about her heartbreaking childhood. Will Peter find the personal drama off-putting or will it draw him closer to Victoria P.?"

According to Carbone, Victoria P. opening up to Peter just brought them closer together because she received a rose on her date.

Victoria also reportedly told Peter that she was falling in love with him.

A group date that filmed on September 28 at Cowboy Palace Saloon, a country-western bar and music venue in the Los Angeles area, will also be featured in the next episode, according to Carbone.

Former The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise bachelorette Demi Burnett hosted the early-morning group date, which turned out to be a wild pillow-fight competition.

Alayah, Kelley, Kiarra, Sarah, Savannah, Shiann, Sydney, and Tammy were reportedly the eight women who fought for Peter's attention on this date.

ABC revealed the bachelorettes dressed in sexy sleepwear and got out "all of their frustrations" as they smacked each other with fluffy pillows.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison and comic and actor Fred Willard offered commentary for the spirited pillow fight.

Alayah reportedly defeated Sydney in the finals of the pillow fight competition and the match resulted in some bad blood because things got aggressive with some hair pulling.


Although Sydney lost the match, she earned herself Peter's group-date rose, Carbone reported.

"New rivals emerge when one lady accuses the other of being a fake. Which will Peter believe?" ABC teased in its press release of drama to come on the show.

Sydney reportedly told Peter that Alayah was fake, and this storyline will continue into the next day.

After the pillow fight, the cocktail party preceding the season's third Rose Ceremony was canceled and Peter enjoyed a laid-back pool party with all the women instead.

One bachelorette angered many of the ladies, as "a stunning revelation" left Peter struggling with his feelings for "the controversial woman," wrote ABC.

Carbone explained the controversial woman was Alayah, who was Miss Texas USA 2019, and she clashes with Sydney and Victoria P., who was Miss Louisiana USA 2019.

"Peter has Sydney call out by name who she's talking about, she says Alayah, Peter confronts Alayah, she denies it, then [Peter] asks Victoria P. (who was friends with Alayah pre-show from Miss USA," Carbone revealed on his Instagram.

"But Victoria P. tells him she thinks Alayah is a liar and manipulative. The whole pool party essentially revolves around Peter asking everyone their thoughts on Alayah."


More bachelorettes reportedly trash Alayah when speaking to Peter, which ultimately influenced his Rose Ceremony decision.

"Should he trust his heart or what he hears from the other bachelorettes? Will he still give her the rose or send her home -- and regret it?" ABC wrote in its press release.

The Bachelor Rose Ceremony 3 spoilers

Following the pool party, Peter reportedly eliminated four more girls at the season's third Rose Ceremony, and Alayah was one of them.

According to Carbone, Peter eliminated Alayah, Alexa, Jasmine, and Sarah at the Rose Ceremony that was filmed on September 29. (But Alayah reportedly returned to the show later -- so keeping reading for more details about that!)

Jasmine might've felt especially slighted because she reportedly didn't get to go on a date with Peter the week leading up to the Rose Ceremony. (Madison didn't receive a date either, but she got a rose).

It's unclear whether this Rose Ceremony will actually be featured in Episode 3.


Peter's decisions took his count of bachelorettes from 19 to 15 lucky ladies.

As a result, Peter's Final 15 bachelorettes for Season 24 reportedly were Deandra, Hannah Ann, Kelley, Kelsey, Kiarra, Lexi, Madison, Mykenna, Natasha, Savannah, Shiann, Sydney, Tammy, Victoria F., and Victoria P.

The Bachelor Final 15 bachelorettes spoilers

After the season's third Rose Ceremony taped, Peter and The Bachelor season's 15 remaining bachelorettes left Los Angeles and headed to Cleveland, OH, where they publicly filmed the season's third round of dates.

The Cleveland round of dates consisted of two on-on-one dates and a 13-on-1 group date.

Victoria F. received a one-on-one date in Cleveland on October 2, according to numerous social-media postings and videos from The Bachelor fans who attended the concert portion of the date, which featured a performance by country singer (and former Survivor castaway) Chase Rice at the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, OH.

"They had the park to themselves for the whole day and went on rides earlier. They were surprised the crowd greeted them for the Chase Rice concert," Carbone tweeted on October 2.

However drama apparently ensued at the concert portion of the date as Victoria previously dated the singer and wasn't happy to discover The Bachelor producers had scheduled him to perform on her date.

According to Chase, he was duped by show producers and asked to perform on the date without knowing Victoria F. -- whom he acknowledges dating -- would be on it.


"They are sneaky," Chase told The Morning Toast hosts Jackie Oshry and Claudia Oshry in a November interview. "I didn't sign up for that. That's my problem with it."

Chase added at the time, "At the end of the day, they had a job to do, and I don't need to be a part of that. I mean, I went on there to promote my music, and that's all it should've been. It wasn't."

(To read more details about the Chase and Victoria F. encounter on Peter's date, click here.)

Victoria reportedly told Peter about her past with Chase during a later portion of their date, but she didn't share the details with the other women competing for Peter's heart when she returned to the bachelorettes' hotel later that night.

However, Alayah reportedly returned to confront Peter about how Victoria P.'s prior comments about Alayah were allegedly untrue.

After showing up and surprising Peter during the group date, Alayah convinced Peter to give her another chance and she reportedly participated in the date. Then, after returning to the show, she also told the other bachelorettes that she had seen reports that Victoria F. previously dated Chase during her brief time off the show.

(Given the concert portion of Victoria F.'s date with Peter was a public event, both the concert and Victoria F.'s relationship with Chase were widely spoiled on social media in real-time when the date was filmed in early October).

This reportedly resulted in a huge screaming match between Victoria F. and Alayah.

According to Carbone, Victoria F. felt Alayah had no right to tell the other women she had previously dated Chase, and she flipped out and went on an expletive-filled tirade.


The group date's flag-football game took place at First Energy Stadium, the home of the NFL's Cleveland Browns, on October 3.

The football game ended in a tie, Carbone reported, and all the women on both teams were allowed to attend the evening portion of the date.

The second one-on-one date in Cleveland occurred on October 4 and Kelsey was the lucky recipient of it. It included an old-school soapbox car derby race on a public street in downtown Cleveland.

According to Carbone, the evening portion of Kelsey's date with Peter included dinner on the Nautica Queen, a dinner cruise ship, and ended with a fireworks display.

Carbone has reported somewhat unclear information about what happened between Alayah and Peter following her return.

On October 6, Carbone tweeted out a recording of a mobile phone video that purportedly show Peter and Alayah talking outside a distant building and wrote, "Stuff went down, but ultimately this is Peter sending Alayah home before the rose ceremony."

However, in his November 27 podcast, he stated that after Peter decided to let Alayah return, The Bachelor star also gave her the Cleveland group date's rose -- which should have automatically ensured she'd survive the subsequent Rose Ceremony.

In a January 9 blog post, Carbone clarified that the season's other bachelorettes allegedly ostracized Alayah after she returned, feeling her return was unfair and that Peter's decision to give her the group date's rose was especially unjust.

According to Carbone, his sources have told him Alayah then decided she wanted to leave the show, however he is unsure how The Bachelor producers will present her exit.

"All I heard at the time was 'Alayah left on her own,' but I have a feeling it won’t be shown that way," he wrote in his blog. "[What I heard during filming] was that Alayah felt no one in the house was on her side, and after the Victoria F. incident, she just wanted out."

"At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Alayah and Peter talked and I have no idea if they're gonna make it seem like Alayah wanted to leave after she felt she was attacked in the house, or, if they're gonna make it seem like Peter changed his mind and told her she should leave because him giving her the group date rose when she came back caused too many problems."

Either way, Alayah did not make Peter's Final 12 bachelorettes -- who were reportedly Hannah Ann, Kelley, Kelsey, Lexi, Madison, Mykenna, Natasha, Shiann, Sydney, Tammy, Victoria F., and Victoria P.

That means that in addition to Alayah, the three other women who did not survive the Cleveland round of dates with Peter were Deandra, Savannah and Kiarra.

Prior to Alayah's second departure, Peter also reportedly brings Victoria P. and Alayah into a room to attempt to resolve their issues.

The Rose Ceremony reportedly took place on October 5 at the Hay-McKinney Mansion, a 20,000 square foot, Italian Renaissance Revival home in Cleveland that was built in 1911.

The Bachelor Final 12 spoilers

After visiting Ohio, Peter and his 12 remaining bachelorettes left America and began the international portion of Peter's love journey.

Peter's fourth round of dates took place in Costa Rica, where the pilot reportedly narrowed down his group of bachelorettes down to ten women.

Costa Rica is also where Peter suffered a "serious injury" while he was golfing during an off-day from filming, resulting in The Bachelor star needing nearly a dozen stitches and sporting a visible injury on his forehead for the reminder of filming.

Details on the season's Costa Rican dates are currently sparse, however Sydney and Kelley each received one-on-one dates while the show was in Costa Rica.

Peter reportedly sent two bachelorettes home at the round's Rose Ceremony: Lexi and Shiann.

The eliminations left Hannah Ann, Kelley, Kelsey, Madison, Mykenna, Natasha, Sydney, Tammy, Victoria F., and Victoria P. as Peter's Final 10 bachelorettes.

The Bachelor Final 10 spoilers

After visiting Costa Rica, Peter and his ten remaining women reportedly traveled to Chile for the season's fifth round of dates.

Hannah Ann and Victoria F. received one-on-one dates in Chile.

Four women left the season during the round of dates in Chile, according to Carbone, which narrowed Peter's field of 10 bachelorettes down to only six women.


During this round, Mykenna, Sydney and Tammy reportedly were eliminated by Peter. In addition, Victoria P. allegedly opted to leave the show on her own.

"Victoria Paul and Peter talk and was told they were just on different pages," Carbone wrote in his January 9 blog post. "They mutually agreed to part ways, but again, I don't know how the show will choose to show it."

The specific reason why Victoria P. opted to leave the show has not been reported.

However, given Victoria P. was spotted arriving back at a Louisiana airport on October 17 and then seen crowning her successor at the Miss Louisiana USA 2020 state pageant on October 18, her Miss Louisiana USA obligations would appear to be the probable reason.

The eliminations left Hannah Ann, Kelley, Kelsey, Madison, Natasha, and Victoria F. as Peter's Final 6 bachelorettes.

The Bachelor Final 6 spoilers

Peter's sixth round of dates reportedly took place in Peru.

Kelsey and Natasha each received one-one-date dates during the cast's time in Peru, according to Carbone, and Natasha became the first Season 24 bachelorette to not receive a rose on her one-on-one date, eliminating her from the show.

In addition to Natasha, Kelley was also reportedly eliminated during The Bachelor season's time in Peru, which determined the four bachelorettes that received hometown dates with Peter.

Peter's Final 4 bachelorettes were Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Madison, and Victoria F., according to Carbone.

The Bachelor Final 4 hometowns spoilers

Peter's seventh round of dates were his hometown dates, after which he had to eliminate one more girl before going to his Fantasy Suites dates.

The hometown dates reportedly filmed between October 27 and November 1.

Carbone reported unprecedented drama occurred while Peter was filming his hometown date with Victoria F. in Virginia Beach on October 28.


A woman who previously dated Peter many years ago, Merissa Pence, reportedly showed up at Victoria's hometown date in Virginia to warn The Bachelor star about Victoria's alleged scandalous past -- which allegedly includes several affairs with the husbands of some of Victoria's friends.

Merissa had reportedly spent several weeks trying to contact The Bachelor producers and make Peter aware of Victoria's history, and finally spoke with Peter during a public portion of Victoria's hometown date which featured Victoria and Peter enjoyed a Hunter Hayes concert together.

"She talks to Peter and tells him about Victoria and her past and that she's not here for the right reasons. [Merissa said something like], 'I want you to find your woman. This one isn't for you,'" Carbone said in his December 5 podcast.

A visibly upset Peter then reportedly brought up the allegations to Victoria later that day when they were standing outside of the house where Peter was supposed to meet her family.

"Peter actually never met Victoria's parents later on that night. They argued out in front of her house," Carbone said on the podcast. "They broke up."

However, Victoria reportedly visited Peter in his hotel room the next day and explained herself further, after which Peter apparently said he needed time to think and would reveal his decision at the Rose Ceremony.

(To read more about Victoria F.'s hometown date drama and many more details about her alleged scandalous past, click here.)

Carbone reported that Peter ultimately still opted to keep Victoria F. around after all the drama and instead eliminated Kelsey at the Rose Ceremony.

Peter then reportedly took off to Australia with his Final 3 bachelorettes -- Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria F.

The Bachelor overnights spoilers

The Bachelor star and his three remaining bachelorettes reportedly went to Gold Coast, Australia for the season's overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

Carbone reported Australia hosted both of The Bachelor season's remaining date rounds, with the season's Final Rose Ceremony eventually occurring in Alice Springs.


Alice Springs is a small town located in Australia's Northern Territory and considered the capital of the Australian Outback. 

Gold Coast is a coastal city in Australia's eastern state of Queensland that is famed for its long sandy beaches, surfing spots, theme parks, and elaborate system of inland canals and waterways.

The two locations are about 1,600 miles apart and feature drastically different climates and geographies.

Following Peter's overnight Fantasy Suite dates, Peter allegedly sent Victoria F. home in third place.

Peter therefore narrowed down the field to his Final 2 ladies: Hannah Ann and Madison.

The Bachelor Final 2 Rose Ceremony spoilers

According to Carbone, Peter's Final Rose Ceremony was filmed in Alice Springs on November 17.

Carbone reported Peter's season didn't have "a normal ending," meaning the Final Rose Ceremony didn't feature Peter rejecting one woman and proposing marriage to the other.

"I can say that I'm very, very confident in saying [that] as we know, [Hannah Ann Sluss] and Madison Prewett are your Final 2," Carbone revealed in a podcast in December.

"On that Final Rose Ceremony day, it was not down to those two [women], he dumped one, chose the other, and they got engaged. It is not a normal ending this season."

So did Peter propose to Hannah Ann, Madison, or neither?

In fact, Carbone has admitted he currently isn't 100 percent certain what Peter's relationship status is right now, or what it was when he left Australia and returned to America in late November.

On his January 2 podcast, Carbone revealed that Peter did not get engaged to anyone at the season's Final Rose Ceremony and also did not get engaged to anyone before he returned home from Australia.

Carbone also said he believes it is possible Peter will get engaged on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose's live broadcast in March, and feels it is unlikely Peter has continued to date both Hannah Ann and Madison after the final Rose Ceremony.


Peter has also made interview comments that many viewers believe suggest his season continues beyond the final Rose Ceremony and he hasn't filmed the ending of his The Bachelor season yet.

"There's a reason that no one is going to find out the ending, and I'm very, very excited," Peter told People in an interview before the season's premiered.

"I can say I am very happy with how everything turned out. And I'm excited for everyone to tune in and have it be the very first unspoiled season in a while. So, it's going to be good!"

Carbone is among those who currently believe the ending of Peter's season likely hasn't been filmed yet. According to Carbone, he can't spoil something that hasn't happened yet.

On his January 2 podcast, Carbone also reported Peter did not receive a blessing from Madison's father to propose marriage during Madison's hometown date.

If Madison turns out to be the winner, however, Peter may have gotten permission to pop the question later. Peter could have called Madison's father from Australia, for example, but Carbone is waiting for more details.

Peter previously called his journey on The Bachelor "insane," while show host Chris Harrison recently teased to Entertainment Tonight the process was "a wild ride."

Is Hannah Brown part of the ending somehow? Did Peter reunite with Hannah and reject both Madison and Hannah Ann?

Unfortunately for viewers hoping for a reconciliation between the two, Peter reportedly did not try to reunite with Hannah B. at the end of his season, and she did not play any role in the ending.

"Hannah Brown has nothing to do with the ending of this season," Carbone wrote in his January 9 blog posting.

"I know people are still holding out hope, and I know you'll have questions about, 'Well how can he just shut off those feelings,' or 'are you sure,' and 'well what about this or this...' etc," Carbone continued in his blog post.

"All I can tell you and officially confirm today is that after you see Hannah and Peter finish up their convo on [Episode 2], she has nothing to do with the rest of Peter's season."

Carbone reported Hannah B. "doesn't show up at the finale," nor is the former Alabama beauty queen part of some dramatic twist later on this season.

"They're not secretly dating, nothing," Carbone insisted. "Sorry Peter and Hannah Brown fans. No dice."

Hannah also called Peter "bud" on Instagram and wished him luck in his journey to find a co-pilot after the premiere episode of The Bachelor, seemingly suggesting there's no romance between them now.

According to Carbone's January 9 blog posting, "Peter's incessant stance of 'no one's gonna find out the ending to my season' I believe has more to do with the HOW of his season moreso than the WHO."

Carbone apparently believes Peter is not single at the moment and is with Hannah Ann or Madison, even if he isn't engaged.

"It's not like we're thinking anyone outside of the final 2 are with him and he's deciding between 30 women. Now that you know Hannah Brown doesn't play any role in his final decision, and I can solidly say Peter is not single, this is a Hannah Ann/Madison discussion," Carbone wrote in his January 9 blog.

"I just think the details of HOW he gets to that point, and everything it takes to get there, I don't know if I'll ever have every detail for you before it plays out. But I do think he's with someone based on everything I've heard, but it's a convoluted way to get there."


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