The Bachelor's eighteenth-season bachelorettes are basically all busted, according to actor Jason Biggs.

Biggs, most famous for his starring role on American Pie, threw low blows at Juan Pablo Galavis' ladies in an explicit-filled Twitter rant during Monday night's The Bachelor premiere on ABC, leading many insulted people to stop following him.

"There are prettier faces being interviewed in the Florida State locker room right now. #TheBachelor," Biggs tweeted Monday.

"Juan Pablo is having a really hard time hiding the fact that he thinks all these chicks are complete fucking disasters. #TheBachelor... Juan Pablo will hate-fuck all these chicks. They will all convince themselves that they love him. He will be single when the show is over."

Continuing to knock the looks of the season's contestants, Biggs wrote, "You can write the Ten Commandments on the front teeth of at least 8 of these chicks. #TheBachelor... This season's contestants on #TheBachelor are a dentist's wet dream."

Biggs took shots specifically at Lauren Higginson, who cried most of the episode and had been dumped by her ex-fiance shortly before appearing on the reality dating show, and the sweet Lacy Faddoul, who owns a nursing home and is from a family of eleven children -- nine of whom have special needs. 

"I bet that girl who has 9 special needs family members lets them play with her big titties every now and then cuz what else right?" Biggs tweeted.

"[Lauren H.], can't believe someone actually proposed to her."

Biggs didn't even let Galavis' four-year-old daughter Camila slip under the radar.

"Can't believe they've already picked Juan Pablo's daughter Camila to be the next Bachelorette. #TheBachelor," the actor joked.

Biggs' outbursts led some of his Twitter follows to flat out call him "hateful, disgusting and offensive."

Monday night's The Bachelor premiere featured Galavis meeting 27 women and eventually whittling them down to 18.
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.