The Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk Jr. eliminated Brittany Taylor and Caroline Lunny during Monday night's broadcast of the series' 22nd season on ABC.

Arie, a 36-year-old pro racing driver turned real estate agent from Scottsdale, AZ, ousted Brittany, a 30-year-old tech recruiter from Austin, TX, and Caroline, a 26-year-old realtor from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, during the season's fourth Rose Ceremony in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

"I'm sad to go, but this is just one chapter in my life and I'm ready to go to the next one," Brittany said. "I just want to find somebody soon and I'm hopeful."

"I just can't believe he chose [Krystal Nielson] over me," Caroline said in tears after Arie gave his final rose of the night to Krystal. "I am obviously heartbroken. It's hard to put yourself out there, and I didn't put myself out there as much as I could have, but he let me go and it's hard because people like Krystal needed to go home and it sucks."

Maquel Cooper, a 23-year-old photographer, business owner and model who currently resides in Orem, UT, also had to leave the show due to her grandfather's passing. It's unclear whether the bachelorette is going to return, and whether Arie would let her rejoin the cast.


The Bachelor episode began with Caroline, Chelsea Roy, Becca Kufrin, and Jenna Cooper talking about Bekah Martinez and Arie's 14-year age difference and whether Bekah was really ready for marriage.

Meanwhile, Krystal bragged to the cameras about how she was proud of Arie for sending Lauren Schleyer home because he's a man who knows what he wants.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison then walked into the Los Angeles mansion and announced to the group that they would be traveling to South Lake Tahoe.

It wasn't long before Seinne Fleming discovered she'd be accompanying Arie on the week's first one-on-one date. Her Date Card read, "Let's let our love soar."

Caroline said that while Seinne is an amazing woman, she seemed to be missing a romantic connection with Arie. Krystal also assumed Seinne would be going home by the end of her date.

After Arie picked Seinne up, the couple went parasailing in Lake Tahoe as the other girls watched from their cabin nearby through binoculars. Seinne really liked Arie and figured her feelings could grow into love if things continued to progress the same way between them.

Seinne, however, hadn't been in love in a long time, so she couldn't help but protect herself in fear of heartbreak. But Seinne knew that in order to stay in a relationship with Arie, she had to let her walls down and take a risk.
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Arie considered Seinne well traveled and intelligent, as well as a good conversationalist and kisser.

In the middle of Seinne and Arie's date, Maquel got a call from her mom, who informed the bachelorette that her grandfather had passed away.

Maquel was shocked and found her grandfather's death "unexpected" because he wasn't sick. Maquel cried because she was really close to him and felt the need to go home.

The other girls assumed Arie would be compassionate and understanding enough to let Maquel return to the competition when she was ready.

The next Date Card then arrived: Chelsea, Krystal, Becca, Marikh Mathias, Ashley Luebke, Jacqueline Trumbull, Jenna, Tia Booth, Kendall Long, Lauren Burnham, Brittany and Caroline. The card read, "Will our love survive?"

This meant Bekah was getting the other one-on-one date for the week, and she was so excited. Krystal, however, commented how Bekah is still "so young" and "searching for her identity."

"Arie is looking for a woman, not a girl," Krystal sniped.

Back on Seinne's date, the bachelorette asked Arie why he hadn't found love since Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette five years ago.

Arie said he had dated people after the show who weren't really ready for marriage as a way to protect himself. Arie felt it was a safe approach to dating, but he hadn't put himself in a position to genuinely meet someone who could be his future wife. 

Seinne then told Arie her parents' marriage wasn't perfect and she learned from watching them that relationships and love are hard.

Seinne also explained how she never saw love stories unfold for girls who "look like me," so she worried entering The Bachelor that this love story was "more appropriate" for the other girls.

Arie said his conversation with Seinne was easy and he was really happy she was on the show. Arie thought Seinne was amazing, so he gave her a rose and said this could be the beginning of their love story. He saw so much depth in Seinne and really appreciated her vulnerability.

After dinner, Arie and Seinne were serenaded by Lanco. They danced and kissed onstage as the audience cheered around them.

Arie could see himself falling for Seinne, and she was feeling the same way.

The following day, 12 women embarked on the group date with Arie, but Krystal didn't think any of the other girls were compatible with Arie.

For the date, the group split into three teams and hiked through the woods alongside professional survivalists Mykel Hawke and Ruth England-Hawke to reach a hidden "hot tub oasis."

Along the way, some of the girls ate worms to impress Arie, and Jacqueline was even ready to drink her own pee -- but Arie stopped her from doing that. Kendall believed she was in her element on this outdoorsy date, saying the other women would excel in different areas such as shopping.

Kendall hoped to stand out, and she definitely did, along with Tia. Krystal, however, didn't think the date was for her, and she became annoyed watching the other women desperately fight for Arie's attention.

Once it began snowing and there was a romantic backdrop, Kendall pulled Arie aside and planted a good kiss on him. Krystal watched the intimate moment from a distance and confessed "it was hard to watch."

Tia, Caroline, Krystal and Lauren were lucky enough to be on Arie's team, but the other girls were pretty jealous to hike without the Bachelor. The two teams who didn't have Arie also got a little lost in the woods. 

Arie's group therefore made it to the hot tub oasis in first place, and those four girls got to spend some extra time with Arie.

As Arie sat in the hot tub with his arm around Krystal, Caroline and Tia made some funny comments that Krystal called "juvenile." Krystal told the cameras it was as if she was a counselor chaperoning a high school camp.

That night, Arie stole Lauren away first for a conversation, and he sat her in front of a warm fire and wrapped her inside a blanket. Lauren told Arie that as long as he opened up to her, she would continue being open for him.

Arie told Lauren that he loves independent women and wants an equal partnership, and he was very attracted to Lauren.

But Arie also wanted to learn more about Kendall, who had really impressed him during the hike. He said Kendall was unlike anyone else he's ever met in that she's quirky yet sexy. Kendall surprised Arie every step of the way, and the Bachelor said his chemistry with her was "off the charts."

While Krystal was venting in a confessional about how her competition was obnoxious and juvenile, Caroline called Krystal condescending and disingenuous. And Tia seemingly couldn't stand Krystal, calling her an ass kisser.

Once Krystal got some time alone with Arie, she cried to him about how she felt she had a target on her back due to the fact she had enjoyed an amazing date with him early on in the process. Krystal told Arie that she felt ostracized from the group of girls, namely Tia and Caroline because they felt threatened.

Arie explained that it's normal for women to be jealous of her because she's beautiful and they had a strong connection. Krystal agreed and said people seemed so quick to judge her.

Krystal said she was "floored" by the insecurity and immaturity around her. She then pulled Tia and Caroline aside and said her feelings were really hurt. Caroline insisted her behavior in the hot tub was not an attack on Krystal, but then Tia argued that Krystal had hurt many other women's feelings up to that point.

Tia and Caroline were horrified that Krystal had talked to Arie about them, and Tia demanded that Krystal stop playing the victim.

When Tia had her time to talk to Arie, she cried, saying the process was becoming so difficult and it scared her that he felt a comfort with multiple women -- the same comfort she was feeling with him.

"He's just a really good dude and that's why I'm falling for him," Tia said in a confessional, before receiving Arie's group-date rose for being so open and vulnerable.

Krystal found Arie's decision "confusing," telling the cameras, "I just feel like a lot of the girls here don't operate on my level."

The next day, Bekah joined Arie for a one-on-one date, and they rode horses through the woods. Arie and Bekah had a great physical connection, and he also loved how she challenged him. Arie thought Bekah was full of life, mature, deep and full of wisdom. They also had relaxed and easy conversation.

Arie and Bekah then enjoyed a hot tub in the middle of the woods, and it was an extremely romantic setting. Besides their chemistry, Bekah really liked Arie as a person, and she could see a real future with him.

The other bachelorettes figured Arie would dump Bekah upon learning about her age, but Arie said she's incredible and unlike anyone he's ever met. He viewed her as a strong, independent and sexy woman with an outgoing personality.

That night, Bekah and Arie had dinner next to a fire, and he wanted to find out if they were on the same page in life because he was trying not to lead with chemistry. She intrigued him, but he wanted to make sure she was truly ready for marriage.

Bekah said it's all about being with the right person at the right time, and if that was the case, of course she'd be ready to settle down.

Arie told Bekah that his life has slowed down and is a bit boring, and that he likes to wake up with the sun. He wanted to make sure that Bekah isn't in the partying stage of her life, where she always wants to go out or go clubbing. Arie confessed he's a totally different person now that he was in his twenties.

Bekah didn't want Arie to view her through the lens of her age, but she ended up revealing that's only 22. Arie appeared shocked and said, "Oh my God, you're so young."

Arie started thinking about all the problems he could have with Bekah due to her young age.

"I could see myself falling in love with her, but I also don't want to get through this whole thing, be at the end, and then afterwards her realize, 'I'm not really ready for marriage.' At 22, does she really know? I think we might be too far apart. What do I do?!" Arie questioned.

Bekah said it was crazy and unexpected she could fall in love with Arie, but she noticed that he was struggling with their age gap. Bekah assured Arie that her family members married young and it's possible to love deeply at a young age. Arie agreed but worried Bekah needed more time to experience life.

Arie was afraid to emotionally invest himself in Bekah and end up heartbroken, but because he thought she was so incredible, he decided to offer her a rose.

Arie wasn't thrilled about taking a big risk on Bekah because he wanted to leave the process with a wife, but she was worth it and had most -- if not all -- of the qualities he was looking for in a partner.

Arie cared so much about Bekah that he just couldn't let her go. He wanted to build something with her but still planned to guard his heart.

Chris Harrison canceled the cocktail party at the end of the week because Arie had already made his mind up about whom he wanted to eliminate.

Bekah said everyone thought Krystal was "fake and two-faced," and for the first time, Krystal wasn't confident that Arie was going to keep her around.

At the Rose Ceremony, Krystal therefore pulled Arie aside before he could hand out his first rose in order to talk.

Krystal assured Arie that she really cared for him and was on the show just for him, which the other girls didn't believe. Lauren thought Krystal didn't care about anyone else but herself, and Caroline thought the move was disrespectful.

Caroline said that if Arie chose to keep Krystal around, she was "playing him like a fiddle."

Arie then handed out roses to in the following order: Lauren, Kendall, Ashley, Becca, Chelsea, Jenna, Jacqueline, and Krystal.

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