The Bachelor alum Madison Prewett is quickly rolling right through her wedding events and now celebrating her bachelorette party with friends in Florida.

Madison and her fiance Grant Troutt, a 26-year-old Missouri-based speaker and aspiring pastor, got engaged on July 31 at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Peach, FL, after eight months of dating.


Madison has since celebrated an engagement party and her wedding shower, and she just took off to Miami, FL, for her bachelorette bash.

"What is it to experience something like being engaged and getting ready for a wedding if you don't have special people around you?" Madison, 26, told People of her fun-filled long weekend, which began on Wednesday, October 5.

Madison said she "had opportunities to go a lot of different places," such as the Bahamas and Mexico, but she figured Miami would be "the perfect place" for her party considering it's an easier trip for her Alabama-based pals.

"I was so excited to finally have this time because leading up to this moment, you have so much of just planning, details, one thing after another," Madison shared.

"I was so excited just to have time with my people and just to get to breathe and not worry about all the details and all the planning, but just get to hang out with my people and have fun."

Madison and her girlfriends decided to base their party at the Miami Beach EDITION boutique hotel, which the Season 24 The Bachelor alum called "a dream."

"My sister, Mallory, actually found the hotel and sent it to me saying, 'We have to stay here!'" Madison recalled.

"So that night, I reached out to the hotel. The next day, spoke on the phone with their staff, and the girl who was on the phone said, 'I had a dream last night you stayed here before you got married!' I thought, 'This has to be meant to be?'"

Madison's party is themed "Maddie's Last Slam Dunk," paying homage to Madison's love of basketball.

"The first night was the more chill night -- get in, turn on a movie, have games, a pizza party-type thing in our PJs," Madison revealed.
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Madison apparently wore a white robe and sleepwear while her girls had black ones, and the group did some face masks together and tried different beauty supplies.

"And then the next day was a little bit more jam-packed."


Madison said the group enjoyed a cabana by the pool during the day on Thursday and then had dinner at the hotel at night, followed by an appearance at a local "micro club."

"We rented [it out for] skating and bowling," Madison said. "They have drinks, desserts and food that you can order. It was so cool."

Madison, a religious Christian and proud virgin, also said it was important to her to incorporate her faith into the weekend.

"Something that means a lot to me is having prayer time and affirmation time," Madison told People.

"And so, I really wanted to have some time in the mornings before we started our day to just get together and share what was going on in their hearts and to have some time of just prayer and worship and journaling and hanging out. That was my favorite part of the whole trip."

She added, "And I really wanted to just ask the girls -- because some of them are married -- for their wisdom, their advice, the things they've learned, prayers they have for me and Grant."

And based on Madison's Instagram postings, Friday seems to have begun with a fancy picnic at the beach. 

Now that the actual wedding, set for October 29, 2022, is the only big event left on Madison's schedule before she's a married woman, The Bachelor alum said she's "so looking forward" to being Grant's wife.

"So many things have fallen into place. My wedding planner has been amazing in helping me just get connected to all the right people and all the right things," Madison said, referencing her short engagement.

"But then there's just been so many just God moments of just, I stumbled into this bridal boutique store by complete accident. That's where I ended up. I partnered with them, and they're making my dress. It's just so many things have just fallen into place, and it's been so, so special."

Madison gushed about being "excited" for her marriage and what's to come in the future.

"I've hit the point where now I'm just excited," Madison said.

"I think the first month was just boom, boom, boom, boom -- so stressful. So many decisions had to be made. I was all-day long just appointment after appointment, call after call. So it was a lot, but now I'm in this sweet spot."

Madison and Grant -- the son of billionaire Kenny Troutt, who founded Excel Communications and owns a thoroughbred horse farm, according to Us Weekly -- previously revealed that they're both waiting to have sex until marriage, which is part of the reason they're rushing the wedding.


Grant joked in an Amazon Live session in August, "Let's wrap this up! Let's wrap this up!"

"How quickly can we go?!" Madison added with a laugh.

But Grant explained on a serious note, "It's hard. It's not easy... But we believe it's worth it and God designed that to be so beautiful in marriage. So that's what we're waiting for!"

Madison told the magazine in August of her upcoming wedding, "We want the wedding to embody our values and beliefs and be the best celebration with all of our people. We want a chic and classy wedding... We are so excited to do life together!"

Going back to when Grant and Madison first met, Grant, a former basketball player who suffered an injury that sidelined him in college, said he saw a picture of Madison after her The Bachelor stint and called her his "dream girl" -- but then nothing happened for six months.

A mutual friend named JD then set Grant and Madison up on a date, although both individuals were a little reluctant at the time and thought the timing wasn't the best.

Grant -- who had been single since 2015 -- said he called Madison up on November 24, 2021 and asked her out on a blind date, and then he met her for the first time on December 3.

"I was overwhelmed with nerves," Grant admitted, adding how he had never seen such a confident and beautiful woman who's also a "dreamer."

The pair's first date was at a Mexican restaurant in Dallas, and Grant called their conversation "electric" and "inspiring" that night.

Once Madison returned home, she told her mother that night that she was in "trouble" and she thought Grant was "The One," which was something she had never said before.

Madison debuted Grant on Instagram in May, writing, "So now y'all know, I got the realist G in town. Grant Michael Troutt, so full of passion and purpose and joy, I am proud I get to do life with someone who loves Jesus and people like you do."

"The past 5 months have been the best and wildest adventure," she said at the time.

"Full of highs and lows but there's nobody else in the world I'd rather do life with... You are my best friend. My favorite hello. My hardest goodbye. There's nobody else in the world like you. Let's keep dreaming, vibing, serving, and loving. G&M."

After competing for Peter Weber's heart on The Bachelor in 2020 and having a tumultuous, short-lived relationship, Madison shared with The New York Post's Page Six in November 2021 it would "take a whole lot of Godly men" for her to appear on a reality dating show again.

In fact, Madison had already turned down a stint on Bachelor in Paradise's seventh season, which aired in Summer 2021, by that point.

"I didn't feel like Paradise was really my scene. Some of my friends went on there and had a great time, so good for them! But it just wasn't my thing," the Alabama native shared last year.

Madison wasn't even sure if starring on The Bachelorette would interest her, as she said it wasn't on her "radar" at the time and "a lot of conversations" would need to be had for her to consider it.

On The Bachelor's 24th season, Madison seemed to be Peter's frontrunner and top pick, but she quit the competition during her final one-on-one date with the pilot. Madison seemed torn up over the fact Peter had been intimate with one or more of his other finalists.

Peter and Madison also constantly questioned if their relationship could make it long-term due to their different lifestyles and motivations.

Peter's mother Barbara Weber claimed Peter loves to party and is generally "spiritual," but Madison claimed to have devoted her life to God. She even graduated seminary school and had envisioned herself becoming a pastor's wife.

Not only was Madison a virgin on the show -- and Peter had sex with Hannah Brown four times in the Fantasy Suite on The Bachelorette's fifteenth season -- but Madison said one of her biggest goals in life is to open an orphanage.

Madison also said she expected her future husband to be the religious leader of her future children, and Peter admitted to the bachelorette his faith could definitely be stronger.

Peter therefore proposed marriage to his last remaining bachelorette and technical winner, Hannah Ann Sluss, but then he called off his engagement to Hannah and asked Madison for a second chance.

Madison agreed to try again, but just two short days after Peter and Madison's joint appearance on The Bachelor season's After the Final Rose special in March 2020, the pair released separate statements via Instagram announcing they had decided to split and end their revived romance.

Madison told Us in October 2021 that she and Peter no longer spoke and had not been in communication at all. After dating Peter, Madison lived in Dallas and entered a relationship with another man that only lasted about eight months.


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