The Amazing Race teammates Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran survived to compete in the 23rd season's next leg despite a last-place finish during Sunday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition's tenth leg.

The "Cousins" arrived at the Race's tenth Pit Stop at the bottom of Cimahi Waterfall in Indonesia's Cisarua district in last place but were told by The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan it was a non-elimination leg.

"We're going to finish strong. First place! Guaranteed," Leo told the cameras with a wink after learning his team would not be ousted. 

The tenth episode of The Amazing Race's 23rd edition began with the Race's four remaining teams leaving the ninth Pit Stop at Bosscha Observatory, home to Indonesia's oldest astronomical telescope located more than 4,300 feet above sea level.

Leo and Jamal departed in first place at 7:25AM. Following Leo and Jamal were "Exes" Timothy Sweeney and Marie "Reebs" Mazzocchi at 7:26AM, "Dating Couple" Jason Case and Amy Diaz at 7:40AM, and then "Married ER Doctors" Nicole Jasper and Travis Jasper at 7:42AM.

The teams' first set of clues instructed them to make their way to the King Cobra House and eat grilled cobra, an exotic dish that locals savor for its healing benefits. Every Racer had to finish his or her own serving of meat and skin.

Before knowing what the task would entail, Marie grew worried because she's apparently a very picky eater and doesn't eat meat.

Jamal and Leo got to the task first, and they were then followed by Jason and Amy and Nicole and Travis. Marie and Tim went to the wrong location first, as they ended up discovering there were two entrances to the cobra house.

Upon learning they must eat cobra, Marie flipped out and initially refused to do the task at first. However, she came around and did her best to get the dish down, especially since they were pretty sure they had fallen into last place. The teams finished eating the cobra in the same order they had arrived at the King Cobra House.

Afterwards, the teams were instructed to make their way to Kawah Domas Crater and find its main entrance.

Leo and Jamal got to the crater in first place. They were soon followed by Nicole and Travis, Jason and Amy, and Tim and Marie.

It then became time for one member of each team to complete a Roadblock task.

For the Roadblock, the team members had to hard boil eggs in a steaming volcanic spring just as the locals do. They had to pick up 60 eggs, take an eight-minute ride on the back of a moped taxi to the crater, and then boil the eggs. Once they believed the eggs were cooked correctly, the "egg man" would crack them open to check, and if successful, the Racers would receive their next clue.  
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Jason, Travis, Jamal, and Marie all opted to do the task on behalf of their teams.

Jason had only six boiled eggs on his first attempt, and Travis' eggs weren't done either the first time around. Jamal waited an extra two minutes than the other guys for his eggs to boil just in case, but despite his patience, his eggs were also not cooked fully.

Jason and Travis' alliance became very obvious to Leo and Jamal, who were joking around to the cameras that the guys were attached at the hip and basically synched their watches to be able to race with one another.

Once Marie began the Roadblock task, Tim feared she wouldn't know how to boil an egg, and he was right. Marie didn't realize her eggs needed to be fully submerged into the water until she spent a little time thinking about how her mom used to boil eggs. She just guessed on what to do, but in the end, she figured it out and cooked the eggs properly on her first attempt.

Jason and Amy finished the Roadblock before any of the other teams, and they were then followed by Nicole and Travis, Leo and Jamal, and finally Tim and Marie.

The teams then had to complete one of two possible Detour tasks: "Paint Your Partner" or "Turn Over a New Leaf."

"Paint Your Partner" required the teams to make each other up as traditional Japanese brides. Once the beautician felt a team's makeup was suitable for a wedding, he'd hand them their next clue.

"Turn Over a New Leaf" required the teams to dress as local tea workers and search the steep terrace tea fields for a pair of clipping shears. Once the shears were found and delivered, the teams would receive their next clue.

All the teams wanted to try the painting task except for Leo and Jamal, who decided to test their luck on looking for the shears.

Leo and Jamal had trouble finding the clipping shears in the seemingly endless rows of land, so they ended up switching tasks. However, when they arrived at the makeup task, the guys learned they'd have to shave their faces and wanted nothing to do with that. As a result, they went back to the tea fields and, once again, struggled to find what they were looking for.

Meanwhile, Jason thought the painting task was "tedious and humiliating," but he and Amy got it right the first time around. Tim and Marie and Nicole and Travis all needed to fix their original work, as the beautician wasn't satisfied and declined to advance them. It seemed to take Tim and Marie two attempts and Nicole and Travis four to paint successfully. Travis' makeup was just running down his face.

Jason and Amy finished the Detour task first, and they were soon followed by Tim and Marie, Nicole and Travis, and Leo and Jamal.

The teams' next set of clues instructed them to descend 500 steps to the bottom of Cimahi Waterfall, which would serve as the Race's tenth Pit Stop.

Jason and Amy arrived at the Pit Stop mat in first place, and as a reward, walked away with a trip for two to Cancun, Mexico.

It was a race to the finish for both Tim and Marie and Nicole and Travis. Not only were their taxis battling to get ahead of one another, but it also came down to a footrace. Tim and Marie beat them, however, and secured second place. Nicole and Travis, therefore, finished in third place.

Leo and Jamal then met Phil at the Pit Stop in fourth -- and last -- place. The guys were frustrated that they had made "stupid, stupid mistakes" in this leg.

"Leo and Jamal, for the first time on the Race, you are the last team to arrive. What happened?" Phil asked the team.

"We wasted almost five hours on the Detour," Jamal replied. "It's unfortunate. We could've done a lot better. We could've been first in this leg of the Race, but..."

"We should've been first," Leo interjected.

"Do you feel like you used up all your lives?" Phil questioned.

"We used a lot," Leo joked.

"Leo and Jamal, you have one more life. This is a non-elimination leg! The Afghanimals are still in this Race," Phil announced.

"My legs are shaking right now!" said Leo.

"My legs are shaking too! I mean, we never had this feeling," added Jamal.

"You are the last team to arrive and you know what that means. There is a Speed Bump coming up in the next leg of the Race," Phil told the guys.

"First to worst, and hopefully in this next leg, worst to first," Jamal noted.

"As the Globetrotters said," Leo explained.