The Amazing Race eliminated Pamela Chien and Winnie Sung during Sunday night's seventh broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 22nd season.

The "Best Friends" team became the fourth team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's sixth Pit Stop at Royal Tree Lodge in Botswana in last place.

"We ran a good Race. We did the best we could," Pam said following her team's ouster.

"We started off second, but this was our game-changer. We might be eliminated, but it can't feel bad after doing this much cool stuff and going to this many cool places," Winnie explained.
"It's like we might as well take the positive side of things and think about all the awesome things we did get to do. At least we got to see Africa! -- pretty priceless," Pam added.
The seventh episode of The Amazing Race's 22nd edition began with "Hockey Brothers" Bates Battaglia and Anthony Battaglia departing the fifth Pit Stop, Meno A Kwena Safari Camp in Maun, Botswana, in first place at 5:39AM.

Pam and Winnie departed at 6:11AM, and they were soon followed by "Married Couple" Chuck McCall and Wynona McCall at 6:17AM, "Friends and YouTube Hosts" Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena at 6:23AM, "Friends and Country Singers" Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle at 6:28AM, "Roller Derby Moms" Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere at 6:37AM, and "Newlyweds" Max Bichler and Katie Bichler at 6:49AM.

The teams' first clue required them to drive themselves to the Boro Village, where they'd find their next clue.

Max and Katie got off to a rough start, as they forgot where they had parked their car.

Caroline and Jennifer encountered some trouble as well when they got pulled over by a police officer for speeding. The officer wrote Jennifer a ticket and instructed the team to gather 820 Botswanan Pula -- which is approximately 100 U.S. dollars -- go to the police station, exchange the pula for U.S. dollars and then pay. The team ended up losing a lot of time due to the mistake.

Much to Max and Katie's dismay, they got pulled over as well and had to go to the police station to pay. On their way out of the parking lot, Max backed the car into a pole and tried his best not to panic. Meanwhile, Joey and Meghan got lost trying to find the village.

The first team to arrive at Boro Village was Bates and Anthony. They were soon followed by Pam and Winnie, Chuck and Wynona, Mona and Beth, Caroline and Jennifer, Max and Katie, and finally Joey and Meghan.

The next set of clues instructed the teams to either choose to complete a Fast Forward or Roadblock task. Because Bates and Anthony knew they were in first place, they wanted to try the Fast Forward task so they could potentially skip the rest of the leg's tasks and head straight to the Pit Stop.

For the Fast Forward, Bates and Anthony had to return their vehicle, make their way to the riverbank and then go water skiing.

Bates and Anthony were required to stay up on their water skis together for over a mile to win. Upon the team's arrival at the riverbank, they read a sign that warned "Crocodiles, do not swim." Bates questioned whether he could do the task because he had attempted water skiing once before and couldn't get up out of the water, but Anthony persuaded him they could get it done.
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Once all the other teams arrived at the Boro Village, they all figured Bates and Anthony got there before them, so they opted to take on the Roadblock task instead of the Fast Forward.

For the Roadblock task, one member of each team was required to transport two goats upstream to a nearby goat den by paddling a macoro -- a traditional dugout canoe -- with the other teammate sitting in the canoe. Once the teams dropped off their goats, they had to travel back down the river to receive their next clue.

However, before Max and Katie could attempt the Roadblock task, they had to complete an additional Speed Bump task as a consequence for coming in last place in the prior leg. Max and Katie were required to finish feeding a grass skirt and then take part in a ceremonial seduction dance. Once they finished the Speed Bump task, Max opted to do the Roadblock.

Max followed in the footsteps of Winnie, Wynona, Beth, Caroline, and Joey -- who also took on the Roadblock task before him.

Most of the teams struggled to direct and move the canoe, especially Wynona and Beth.

Meanwhile, Bates and Anthony had finished their Fast Forward task and headed to the Royal Tree Lodge Pit Stop. They greeted The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan on the mat in first place and discovered they had won $7,500 each.

Pam and Winnie were the first team to complete the Roadblock task. They were soon followed by Chuck and Wynona, Caroline and Jennifer, Mona and Beth, Joey and Meghan, and Max and Katie.

The teams' next set of clues instructed them to make their way down the river by water taxi to Royal Tree Lodge Game Preserve to find their next clue.

Pam and Winnie arrived at the game preserve before any of the other teams. They were then followed by Chuck and Wynona, Caroline and Jennifer, Mona and Beth, Joey and Meghan, and Max and Katie. Joey and Meghan and Max and Katie were neck and neck at this point in the Race -- both assuming they were in last place.

It then became time for the teams to complete one of two Detour tasks: "Brains" or "Brawn."

"Brains" required the teams to go on a horseback safari ride, searching for 10 animal cutouts along the way. Then, using their memory, they had to choose tiles with representations of the animals they saw and place them in the order they had appeared. Once placed in correct order, they'd receive their next clue.

"Brawn" required the teams to stack firewood onto a traditional sand-slay, and using a carrot dangling from a stake, convince a team of donkeys to haul it a half-mile to a nearby camp.

Pam and Winnie, Caroline and Jennifer, Mona and Beth, Joey and Meghan, and Max and Katie all opted to do "Brawn." Chuck and Wynona were the only team to attempt "Brains."

However, Pam and Winnie's donkeys were not cooperating, so the team decided to switch tasks after awhile of working at the "Brawn" task. Unfortunately, Pam and Winnie got the order of their animals wrong two times in a row, ultimately falling behind Max and Katie and Joey and Meghan.

Mona and Beth completed the Detour task before any of the other teams, and Caroline and Jennifer, Chuck and Wynona, Joey and Meghan, Max and Katie, and Pam and Winnie late followed.

Mona and Beth then arrived at the Pit Stop, meeting Phil in second place. Caroline and Jennifer subsequently secured third place and then Chuck and Wynona finished in fourth. Joey and Meghan and Max and Katie arrived at the Pit Stop mat basically at the same time. Joey and Meghan finished in fifth, and Max and Katie claimed sixth place.

Pam and Winnie then finally met Phil in seventh -- and last -- place. The team were told they had been eliminated from the Race.

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