All-Star Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump fired Omarosa Manigault during Sunday night's fifth episode of the celebrity reality competition's sixth season on NBC.

Trump fired Omarosa, who originally competed on the first season of The Apprentice, after her "Power" team lost the season's fifth task, which required "Power" and the opposing "Plan B" team to each create and sell 3-D art. They had to create and run a gallery event open to the public, marketing and selling their original artwork to anyone willing to buy.

"I knew that people would be gunning for me because I'm probably one of the strongest players to have played, and so, I had to play it a little differently. I had to be a little more edgy. I had to be much more aggressive. And so, the only way I could make it to Week 5 was by stirring things up a little bit," Omarosa said following her ouster.

Actress and former Harry Loves Lisa star Lisa Rinna and rapper Lil Jon opted to serve as their teams' project managers this time around.

The team to raise the most money would win the task, and that project manager would receive the profits for his or her charity.

Before the task commenced, team "Power" asked to have country star Trace Adkins on their side, and Trump granted the request. Trace clearly wasn't thrilled about the switch.

Once in the boardroom, Lisa named comedian and magician Penn Jillette her team's star because he managed to collect $85,000. Actor Stephen Baldwin only brought in $5,000 despite his many contacts. Stephen told Trump he didn't realize other people on his team could sell his art pieces and receive the credit, as he was left with very few works of art to sell to his own supporters.

Besides Stephen, actor Gary Busey also raised the least amount of money with $25,000 -- and the buyer was one of actress MariLu Henner's contacts. Lisa therefore proclaimed she'd bring both men back into the boardroom with her if she was to lose the task.

Meanwhile, Lil Jon announced he'd bring back retired NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman, because he only earned $10,000, and Omarosa, who only brought in $2,000 more than Dennis. Lil Jon, on the other hand, raised a huge $82,500 as the project manager. Overall, his team brought in $179,500.

In the end, Lisa's "Plan B" team won the task and her $225,000 winnings went to her St. Jude's Children's Hospital charity.

After Lil Jon, Omarosa and Dennis argued the obvious reasons as to why they should stay and whom should go, Trump explained his stance.

"I think the 'Dennis story' is a great story... It's a great story of redemption. He's representing a lot of people that had big problems and continue to have big problems with drugs, with alcohol -- whatever the hell he was on last time -- And I look at him now, and I see a guy who's so smart and so sharp. I honestly thought we lost Dennis. And I love Dennis," Trump explained to Omarosa.
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"Now you and Dennis did about the same [money-wise]. There was no big difference. [Lil Jon] did a lot. So it's really hard to fire Lil Jon. It's really hard for me to fire Dennis, Omarosa, and I think you understand this -- because of what he represents... and he was able to handle you [in the boardroom] better than other people on this show have been able to handle you, even pretty smart people."

Trump then revealed his decision.

"So Omarosa, I adore you. We've had tremendous success together. You helped me make The Apprentice, I mean, we were the No. 1 show on television. You helped make me a star... But Omarosa, you're fired," he noted.