The Amazing Race eliminated "Mother and Daughter" Elizabeth Rivera and Iliana Rivera in Thailand during the Season 35 episode that aired Wednesday night on CBS.

Elizabeth, a 52-year-old retired lieutenant, and Iliana, a 27-year-old entrepreneur -- who are both from Tampa, FL -- were the second team eliminated from The Amazing Race after they arrived at the second Pit Stop in Thailand in twelfth -- and last -- place.


"You hear it on TV -- and it's a cliche --, like, 'Oh, we got on [the Race], we don't care about the million. But who gets to do this?! I can't put it into words," Elizabeth said in her final words.

"I'm just so happy that I got to do this with my mom," Iliana added. "I feel like it's amazing we have such a good relationship. We have a friendship now, and it's really amazing. I know we were eliminated second, but I'm really proud of us. It was awesome."

The Amazing Race broadcast began in Bangkok, Thailand, with "Married Grocery Store Managers" Jocelyn Chao and Victor Limary ripping open their clue at 8:26AM.

The clue instructed them to travel by taxi to the peaceful and agricultural lands of Nakhon Pathom, just outside of the city. Teams would find their next clue at Wat Suwannaram, one of 40,000 temples found in Thailand.

Jocelyn and Victor were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary on The Amazing Race, and right behind them were "Father and Son" Rob McArthur and Corey McArthur, who departed at 8:34AM. "Brothers" Greg Franklin and John Franklin kicked off the leg in third place at 8:44AM.

"Sisters" Morgan Franklin and Lena Franklin -- who had the Express Pass -- departed in fourth place at 8:55AM, and on their heels were "Married Couple" Ashlie Martin and Todd Martin at 9:01AM.

"Father and Daughter" Steve Cargile and Anna Leigh Wilson left the Pit Stop in sixth place at 10:23AM, "Best Friends" Joel Strasser and Garrett Smith departed in seventh place at 10:28AM, and "Military Veterans and Brothers" Liam Hykel and Yeremi Hykel left in eighth place at 10:36AM.

"Engaged Couple" Joe Moskowitz and Ian Todd took off at 10:39AM on The Amazing Race's second leg.

"Best Friends" Malaina Hatcher and Andrea Simpson departed in tenth place at 10:44AM, and "Stay-at-home Moms" Robbin Tomich and Chelsea Day departed the Pit Stop in eleventh place at 10:45AM.

And finally, Elizabeth and Iliana got to begin Leg 2 in twelfth -- and last -- place at 11:09AM.
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Once at Wat Suwannaram, Jocelyn and Victor learned one member from each team must complete a Roadblock task. Rob and Corey arrived in second place, Morgan and Lena made it in third, and Todd and Ashlie arrived at the Roadblock in fourth place.

Greg and John arrived at the wrong "Wat" temple, and they figured this mistake would cost them around 40 minutes on The Amazing Race. Liam and Yeremi also made a costly 40-minute navigation mistake.

Robbin and Chelsea arrived at the Roadblock in tenth place, and Chelsea hoped the task was going to be an "equalizer."

Liam and Yeremi made it to the Roadblock task in eleventh place, and Elizabeth and Iliana started the task in last place.

For the Roadblock, the participating Racers were required to wade through murky waters filled with catfish and mud to pick lotus flowers. They had to trudge through the water and collect enough bulbs -- and leaves -- to make two bundles of flowers.


Each bundle had to be comprised of 10 bulbs of similar size, not in bloom. And then, wrapped together in leaves, they must be put together in a 3-4-3 configuration and held together with bamboo ties.

Jocelyn decided to take on this Amazing Race Roadblock task as well as Rob, Lena, Ashlie, Greg, Steve, Garrett, Ian, Malaina, Robbin, Yeremi, and Elizabeth, in that exact order.

Jocelyn didn't nail the task on her first attempt, and she even lost her shoe in the mud. She said the task was "really tough" because the gardener demanded absolutely perfect bouquets. 

On Jocelyn's twelfth attempt, she finally got it right and received her next The Amazing Race clue. She was trying so hard not to cry given the task was extremely frustrating and time consuming.

Everyone else struggled with the Roadblock. Either the flowers were blooming and the leaves were too small, too loose or not tight enough.

Rob, however, got his bouquets approved on his fifth attempt, and so he and Corey left the Roadblock in second place.

Greg's lotus-flower bouquets were approved in third place on The Amazing Race's second leg.

Lena and Steve both managed to skip in front of Ashlie, who started panicking a little bit and admitted she was "just winging" the task.

Yeremi was able to pass Robbin in ninth place, and Robbin called the lotus task "a nightmare."

Once Elizabeth completed the The Amazing Race Roadblock, Malaina and Robbin were the last people left working at it.

The teams proceeded by taxi to Wat Rai Khing, where they must look for a marked elephant and place one coin into the coin slot. Afterwards, they had to walk underneath the elephant three times for good luck and to receive their next clue.

Jocelyn and Victor found the marked elephant in first place, and then it became time to complete one of two possible Detour tasks: "Stock Up" or "Scoop Up."

"Stock Up" required The Amazing Race teams to pick up a shopping list for a restaurant using baskets and a handcart.

For those teams who couldn't communicate in Thai, each item had been written phonetically to help them out. Once the order was filled and delivered to the restaurant, a team could exchange their goods for their next clue.

"Scoop Up" required the teams to load a boat full of pomelos and then return to the dock to unload them. Once a farmer's basket was full, the team would receive their next clue.

Jocelyn and Victor opted to do "Stock Up," and they were eventually followed by Todd and Ashlie.

Rob and Corey, racing in second place, chose The Amazing Race's "Scoop Up" task. They were later joined by Greg and John, Morgan and Lena, Steve and Anna Leigh.


Given Victor has some experience with the language and how to pronounce words, he and Jocelyn completed the Detour task in first place, and they headed to the Pit Stop at Suan Sampran, which boasts antique houses and lush gardens.

Rob and Corey were close behind them in second place.

Jocelyn and Victor finished The Amazing Race's second leg in first place, and for meeting The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan before any of the other teams, they won $2,000 each to use after the Race.

"Coming into it, I didn't think we'd be the strongest or the fastest," Victor shared.

"But with age comes wisdom... and everything in our life has culminated into this one Amazing Race leg. It just gives us the confidence that we can really make it to the end."

Greg and John then arrived at The Amazing Race's Pit Stop in third place.

Meanwhile, Joel and Garrett forgot one of their fanny packs at the Roadblock, and so they had to return.

And Malaina finally finished her Roadblock task, leaving Robbin and Chelsea racing in last place.

At this point, Joe and Ian began the Detour in seventh place, and they decided to "Scoop Up" some pomelos.

Morgan and Lena then finished Leg 2 of The Amazing Race in fourth place, and Todd and Ashlie arrived at the Pit Stop in fifth place. Steve and Anna Leigh weren't far behind them, and they arrived at the Pit Stop in sixth place.

Over at the Detour task, Joel and Garrett were working on the pomelos at the same time Liam and Yeremi were. Ian and Joe were also still plugging away at the task.

Racing to avoid last place on The Amazing Race were Elizabeth and Iliana, Andrea and Malaina, and Robbin and Chelsea, who all started the Detour task around the same time.

Andrea and Malaina chose to shop, and so did Elizabeth and Iliana, who had wanted to do the pomelo task but got dropped off by their taxi driver at the wrong place.

Robbin and Chelsea opted to try the pomelo boating task.

After a long day in Thailand, Joe and Ian ultimately arrived at The Amazing Race's second Pit Stop in seventh place, Liam and Yeremi were declared "Team No. 8," and then Joel and Garrett arrived in ninth place.

Andrea and Malaina arrived at the Pit Stop in tenth place.

Elizabeth and Iliana worried they were lost heading to the Pit Stop, and Robbin and Chelsea weren't confident in their navigation either.


Finally, Robbin and Chelsea arrived at the Pit Stop in eleventh place, and then Elizabeth and Iliana completed The Amazing Race leg in twelfth -- and last -- place.

Phil informed Elizabeth and Iliana that they had been eliminated from the Race. The women gushed about how the experience was "amazing" and they were "so sad" to leave.

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