The Amazing Race eliminated Lisa Thomson and Michelle Thomson during Friday night's premiere broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 25th season.

The "Realtor Sisters" from Miami, FL, became the first team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's first Pit Stop at a "robust fortress" called Fort Christian in St. Thomas in last place.

The first episode of The Amazing Race's 25th season began with 11 teams meeting show host Phil Keoghan in Times Square and then receiving their first clue, which instructed them to begin where The Amazing Race's very first race ended -- the Unisphere in Flushing Meadow Park.

Once at the Unisphere, the teams learned they must fly to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands but only the first five teams to arrive at the airport would get on the earliest available flight with American Airlines 40 minutes before the second Delta flight departed.

"Married Surfers" Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks, "College Sweethearts" Tim Tsao and Te Jay McGrath, "Urban Bike Racers" Kym Perfetto and Alli Forsythe, "Married Dentists" Misti Raman and Jim Raman, and "Model and Accountant" Isabelle Du and Dennis Hour got to the airport before any of the other teams and therefore booked seats on the first flight out of New York.

All the other teams got stuck on the second flight. "Engaged Couple" Keith Tollefson and Whitney Duncan were the team who just missed the first flight by getting to the ticket counter in sixth place.

Once the first plane landed in St. Thomas, the teams discovered they had to head to Vendor's Plaza, where they must sign up for a sea flight in pairs -- meaning four people per trip. One flight, however, would only have one team onboard considering there was an uneven number of couples.

Adam and Bethany made it to Vendor's Plaza in first place. They were then followed by Tim and Te, Kym and Alli, Misti and Jim, and then Dennis and Isabelle.

Adam and Bethany and Tim and Te therefore booked the first sea flight. Kym and Alli and Misti and Jim got the second flight. Dennis and Isabelle signed up for the third flight alone.

The six teams then arrived in St. Thomas. Once they rushed over to the sign-in board for sea flights, Keith and Whitney got the fourth flight with "Mother and Daughter" Shelley Porter and Nici Porter. "Food Scientists" Amy DeJong and Maya Warren then signed up for a flight and there was complete chaos as to which team could pen its name next.

Lisa and Michelle ended up grabbing the pen right out of the hands of "Firefighters" Michael Ward and Scott Strazzullo. The guys were surprised by their bold move and got stuck on the last sea flight out with "Dating Pro Wrestlers" Brooke Adams and Robbie E. Strauss as a result.

The sea flights took the teams to the middle of the Caribbean Sea, where they then learned they must swim up to a cluster of rocks, climb them and then take "a leap of faith" two stories down into the water. Once in the water, the teams would find their next clue floating in a bottle.
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Tim and Te jumped first and uncorked their bottle in first place. They were instructed to go to Blackbeard's Revenge and then take a small boat to a nearby beach.

Tim and Te stepped on the beach in first place and were then followed by Adam and Bethany, Kym and Alli, Misti and Jim, Dennis and Isabelle, Keith and Whitney, Shelley and Nici, Amy and Maya, Lisa and Michelle, Michael and Scott, and finally Brooke and Robbie in last place.

Brooke and Robbie had jumped off the cliff before Michael and Scott but had an issue with their small row boat. It appeared to have a leak. They had to swim to shore, pulling their boat along, which lost them a decent amount of time.

The teams' next set of clues required one member from each pair to complete a Roadblock task.

For the Roadblock, the Racers had to use a traditional liquid compass to navigate the beach and, using four designated landmarks, determine specific coordinates to determine where they should dig for a buried treasure chest. They were given shovels one-yard long to dig with, and inside the treasure chests held their next clue.

Tim, Adam, Alli, Jim, Dennis, Keith, Shelley, Amy, Lisa, Scott, and Robbie all opted to take on the Roadblock task.

Jim found his chest with ease after using a compass on his watch to determine how the traditional compass worked. He ended up sharing such information with several teams before taking off with Misti.

The next set of clues instructed Jim and Misti to head to the season's first Pit Stop called Fort Christian.

Following Misti and Jim were Tim and Te, Brooke and Robbie, Kym and Alli, Adam and Bethany, Amy and Maya, Dennis and Isabelle, and Shelley and Nici.

Once dark fell, Keith and Whitney, Lisa and Michelle, and Michael and Scott were still looking for their treasure chests. Getting so frustrated and fed up, Keith and Whitney wanted to give up on the Roadblock task and take the four-hour time penalty as a consequence. They tried to convince the other two teams to do the same so that they wouldn't end up so far behind their opponents.

Lisa and Michelle and Michael and Scott ended up agreeing they should give up on the task at hand and just race to the finish. Unfortunately, Lisa and Michelle and Michael and Scott were just inches away from where their chests were buried.

Michael and Scott grabbed a taxi and didn't allow Lisa and Michelle to join them. The girls were angry, but it was clearly payback for stealing their pen at the sign-in board.

Misti and Jim stepped on the Pit Stop mat and met Phil in first place. For finishing the leg before everyone else, The "Married Dentists" received "The Save," a new The Amazing Race twist. "The Save" will afford the team the chance to rescue themselves if they ever land in last place and face elimination in a future leg.

Tim and Te arrived at the Pit Stop in second place, and they were soon followed by Kym and Alli in third, Brooke and Robbie in fourth, Adam and Bethany in fifth, Amy and Maya in sixth, Dennis and Isabelle in seventh, and Shelley and Nici in eighth place.

The three teams who finished behind the rest of the pack all earned the four-hour time penalty. Therefore, the place they arrived at the Pit Stop in would ultimately determined their placement in the season's first leg.

Keith and Whitney made it the Pit Stop in ninth place. Michael and Scott finished in tenth, and then Lisa and Michelle finally met Phil in eleventh -- and last -- place. Lisa and Michelle were eliminated.