Utopia has made a change to how pioneers will be voted off and replaced in order to include home viewers.

The twist will begin on the next episode of Utopia on Friday, September 26 at 8PM ET/PT on Fox. 

In the new replacement process, the Utopians will be forced to nominate two pioneers for exile from their environment. Those people will be the two pioneers who receive the most votes.

Meanwhile, up until the morning of Saturday, September 27, "Utopia passport holders" -- viewers who are registered to vote on UtopiaTV.com -- will be afforded the opportunity to nominate a third pioneer to leave utopia.

Once the three pioneers have been selected -- two by the Utopians and one by passport-holding viewers -- the 15 Utopians themselves will vote to exile one of threesome, keeping the other two in their serene surroundings.

Once one person is banned from the utopian lifestyle, two new pioneers called "Newtopians" will be invited to stay in their home, where they will spend several days getting to know the pioneers and vying for a chance to remain on the show.

If the 14 Utopians end up with a tie vote when deciding which "Newtopian" can stay with them, Utopia's passport holders will serve as the tiebreaker and ultimately determine who goes home.

Utopia's previously-planned elimination format -- which was never actually implemented since the show had yet to begin forcing the participants to be replaced -- had also enabled the show's 15 pioneers to vote for whom should be exiled. 

However, afterward the two "Newtopians" would arrive on their land and spend a few days with everyone and pioneers then had to vote for which of the two newcomers should join the pack as a newbie pioneer. After the Utopians picked that person, the newbie could turn around and decide which pioneer they'd like to replace out of the existing Utopians who had originally received two or more votes for exile.