Temptation Island featured Kendal Kirkland appearing to have sex with Alexcys Homan and admitting he's "falling for" her, Chelsea Orcutt accusing Blake Eyres of being "fake" after drama erupted in the girls' villa, and Corey Sobczyk and Julian Allen developing deep connections with single women during the USA revival's Season 3 episode on Tuesday night.

Temptation Island follows four dating couples at a pivotal time in their relationship in which they must decide whether to stay committed to each other for the rest of their lives, go their separate ways as singles, or leave the island with a new partner.

The four couples are New Jersey-based couple Kristen Ramos, a 26-year-old physical therapist and Julian Allen, a 26-year-old personal trainer; West Hollywood-based couple Chelsea, a 29-year-old marketing coordinator, and Thomas Gipson, a 37-year-old investment trader; Los Angeles-based couple Erica Washington, a 24-year-old personal assistant, and Kendal, a 26-year-old business owner; and San Diego-based couple Erin Smith, a 24-year-old behavioral therapist and Corey, a 25-year-old concierge manager.

Kristen and Julian were together for a whopping 11 years prior to Temptation Island, Chelsea and Thomas had dated for over a year before applying, Erica and Kendal dated for two years prior to the show, and Erin and Corey had been involved for one-and-a-half years.

The Temptation Island broadcast began with Alexcys deciding not to spend the night with Kendal although Kendal had invited her to sleep in his bedroom.

Alexcys acknowledged Kendal's girlfriend was still in the picture and so she simply wasn't ready to take their romance to the next level.

Kendal asked Alexcys if she really thought they could have a future together, and Alexcys said "yes" as long as he wouldn't break her heart. Alexcys asked Kendal to not be the reason she'd put her walls back up.

Kendal insisted his intention was never to hurt Alexcys and she's his No. 1 draft pick.

Kendal said he was fully trying to dive into the experience.

Meanwhile, Julian told Maya Morsi, a 32-year-old web developer from San Jose, CA, that Temptation Island was humbling for him and he had changed his entire mindset.

"Going into this experience, I had everything figured out and no matter what I did or what I said, my girl was always going to be there at the end of the day, and now I'm realizing that that's not the case," Julian shared with Maya.

Julian said Maya liked to dig deep and there was nothing wrong with that. He said he could appreciate Maya for challenging him in ways that none of the other women had done.

As for Kristen, she felt "refreshed" and was having fun and trying to "not be such a stick in the mud."
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Erin could tell Shaquille Urie, a 24-year-old personal trainer from Denver, CO, was "catching feelings" for her, and she admitted she didn't want that because she was trying to work on herself. Erin therefore told Shaquille that she didn't want to hurt or lead him on.

Shaquille, however, figured Erin was just trying to protect herself for than her boyfriend.

Erin was trying to heal and become a better person on Temptation Island.

Erin and Evan McFadden, a 29-year-old sales associate from Simi Valley, CA, were then shown bonding over having lost a loved one. Evan explained his stepfather had died and they were extremely close, and Erin had lost her best friend at age 19.

Erin could relate to many of the single guys on the island and had things in common with them, and she noted the guys were "a lot cooler" than she initially thought they would be.

Chelsea found herself "really comfortable" with Tom Triola, a 27-year-old masonry co owner from Woodbridge, NJ, who had labeled the doctor in the house "Blake the Fake."

Tom said Chelsea had noticed that Dr. Blake, a 34-year-old dentist from St. Louis, MO, wasn't really focused on her or being genuine in the house, and then Chelsea asked Tom out on the next date.

"Am I missing something? This is a f-cking joke. Not only does Tommy try and throw the full-court press on Chelsea, he's trying to be an eagle and swoop in and get the kill. F-ck you!" Blake complained in a confessional.

And Blake was also shocked to see Erin had asked Evan out on her third date, and Shaquille also complained that was "so f-cked up" and Erin had "the worst radar for good people." Erica and Kristen advised Shaquille not to overthink it because they had only spent two days on the island so far.

The next day, Erica went on a buggy adventure with Jesse Stephanos, a 25-year-old business owner from Palm Beach Gardens, FL, whom Erica said was very "understanding and patient."

Chelsea enjoyed the same off-roading date with Tommy and said she felt like herself around Tom because he didn't put pressure on her like Blake allegedly did.

Chelsea said Blake checked everything off her list but she didn't want to put all of her eggs into one basket, and Tom told Chelsea that she could see the difference between fake and authentic people.

Thomas went horseback riding with Sophia Perez, a 22-year-old makeup artist from Miami, FL, followed by a picnic. Sophia told Thomas that he needed to be with a woman who understands him and there shouldn't be consequences for Thomas being himself.

On Corey's date, Amanda Spain-Butts, a 24-year-old operations coordinator from Austin, TX, pointed out that Erin brought Corey to Temptation Island and took the risk that she might lose him.

"The fact she was willing to [risk that] kind of says something already, which kind of sucks," Corey explained.

Amanda thanked Corey for opening up, and he acknowledged that it was so easy to talk to her and be himself.

"Keep being yourself because I like you," Amanda confessed.

"Aww, now you're going to make me blush now," Corey said.

Corey, who was wearing a cowboy hat, said he was beginning to talk with a southern accent, and Amanda flirtatiously replied, "I've got to see what the Texas is all about."

"Well everything is bigger in Texas, right?" Corey joked.

"That's what they say. I've got to find out about that because I would like that," Amanda noted.

Erin, Evan, Kristen and Juwan Haynes, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA, played some soccer together. Erin said she and Evan were building a connection because he's a super cool guy and she and Shaquille were just on totally different pages.

Kristen told Juwan she wasn't quite ready to open up yet because she had been through a lot in her life, but Juwan said he looked forward to watching Kristen peel back her layers and be vulnerable.

While Julian and Maya were out in the water on a boat, Julian said he saw a lot of his girlfriend in her and he could really open up to her about things and dive deep.

"I think you're one of the only people in the house that's still trying to get to know me, and I appreciate that," Julian told her, before telling the cameras Maya had impacted him in ways he had never expected coming to Temptation Island.

Julian said he was really enjoying his time with Maya and getting to know her better.

Kendal and Alexcys also spent time together on a boat and ate chocolate covered strawberries. Alexcys joked that she prefers dark chocolate, and she was trying to let Kendal know through her gestures that she really liked him.

That night, the single ladies hosted a talent show for the boyfriends at the guys' villa.

Nickole Ciszak, a 22-year-old marketing manager from Oak Ridge, NJ, showed off her dance moves and flexibility, Sophia licked her elbow, and Alexcys -- who said she didn't have any time to prepare -- said her talent was "making the first move."

With that being said, Alexcys stormed over to Kendal and made out with him in front of everyone. Corey was shocked and realized that sincere connections were being made.

Meanwhile, the girls and the single guys had a pillow fight.

Chelsea admitted Blake had confused her and he didn't seem real so she didn't want to waste her time on him.

She explained to Blake that he seemed concerned with every guy in the house, like he wanted to portray this image of being an amazing, selfless guy who says all the right things.

Blake insisted he was starting to have genuine feelings for Chelsea, but then she rolled her eyes. Chelsea said she genuinely wanted to believe Blake but it was getting "really hard" to do that.

Chelsea said other people had validated her worries, and Blake acknowledged Chelsea was being "manipulated" by someone. Blake said he hoped Chelsea had enough wits and radar about her to know which guys stirred the pot and which ones had relevant things to say.

"Prove me wrong. I'm just saying," Chelsea told Blake.

Blake told the cameras there was "a snake" in the house and he intended to get to the bottom of things. Tom and Evan believed they were just keeping things real, and Tom reiterated how Blake seemed fake.

Many guys in the house seemed to agree that Blake was fake, and Chelsea didn't plan on messing with fire.

Shaquille advised Blake to be raw, but multiple guys -- including Trent Jespersen and Rocky Buttery -- believed Blake was "talking sh-t." Shaquille said the drama-starters were being two-faced, but Erica yelled at Shaquille to close his mouth and walk away.

Blake told Chelsea that he was trying to respect her space, but Chelsea said he had just shown his true colors. Chelsea said she had observed Blake herself after hearing some gossip in the house and had determined he truly was fake, but Blake insisted she didn't know him at all.

Shaquille apologized to Erica for raising his voice to her, and then the party continued once the drama was squashed.

Tom and Chelsea had a blast dancing together and he kissed her on the cheek.

Meanwhile, Kendal was surrounded by three blondes kissing each other in the Diary Room, and Corey expressed fear to Amanda that Erin was developing a strong connection with a man over at the girls' villa.

Amanda felt empathy for Corey but said in a confessional that he deserved so much better and Erin was relying on Corey to fix her, which wasn't fair.

At the end of the night, Alexcys said Erica should be worried because there was definitely potential for Kendal and herself to take the next step soon.

The pair was then shown walking into Kendal's bedroom together, and Kendal expressed how they were on the same page.

"I am definitely falling for Alexcys. It was never planned. I am literally going with the flow on the island and I'm not trying to think about, 'Okay, Erica might see this so I shouldn't do this.' I am just trying to embrace it while I'm here because it's not going to last forever," Kendal told the cameras.

"I am full-blown single while I am in the villa. When I say I'm full-blown single... I am doing whatever I want to do."

Alexcys and Kendal then hopped into bed together and Kendal was filmed getting on top of her in the sheets and kissing her.

The next morning, Alexcys said she and Kendal had "a good night" together. Alexcys said she had dreamed of having a relationship like this and it seemed like Kendal was prepared to leave his girlfriend Erica for her.

"Super happy for Alexcys and Kendal. She said they did it. O-M-G!" Nickole gushed in a confessional.

Temptation Island host Mark L. Walberg then stopped by and informed the men there would be a bonfire meeting that evening.

"My interaction with Alexcys, I'm sure she feels a certain way," Kendal explained.

"But if I have enough time with Alexcys and with the other ladies and still feel like Erica is truly the right person for me, it's going to make our relationship stronger because I don't plan on being single forever, and this will be my last trip around the road, honestly."

Blake and Chelsea then bounced back from their argument, and Blake said Chelsea would soon discover he's not take and truly cares about people. The pair agreed to be happy and have fun.

Meanwhile, Evan and Griffin Libhart talked to Tommy about how he could probably hook up with Chelsea soon if he kept playing his cards right. The guys gossiped about how Tommy was on the path to "hit that."

The episode concluded with the four girlfriends attending the bonfire meeting.

Chelsea found herself becoming more confident in herself.

Kristen watched Julian and Maya's conversation on the boat in which Julian complimented Maya on being independent and intellectual, adding that he saw a lot of Kristen in her.

Kristen said she didn't see anything wrong with those interactions and he seemingly wasn't cheating on her. Kristen admitted a sexual interaction is a bigger cheat to her than an emotional connection.

Kristen acknowledged she'd be willing to open up about her relationship and mistakes -- but not about "things that were unexpected in [her] past," which had apparently hurt her deeply.

Kristen explained that when those painful moments happened, it made her very serious about life and then Julian showed her that he wasn't really serious about their relationship when she needed him the most.

"I just held on because I had to," Kristen noted. "Julian always tells me that I can cry in front of him, but I just don't want to. When I cry, it's in the shower... So for me to come here and be able to open up to complete strangers, it's difficult to explain."

Kristen said her past was haunting her and weighing her down, and she feared feeling pain for the rest of her life.

"I can't keep living this way," Kristen shared with the show host.

Erin then witnessed Corey getting along with Amanda, who admitted that she liked talking to him and liked him in general. She also heard his "bigger in Texas" comment.

Erin said watching that footage "really sucked" because he was clearly forming a connection with Amanda and opening up to her. Erin said she was trying to work on opening up or else she'd probably lose her boyfriend.

Mark said Erin had to open up in order to find love with a single or determine she had already found true love with Corey. Mark pointed out that Erin would be the winner either way, and Erin appreciated that new perspective on her journey on Temptation Island.

Chelsea witnessed Thomas putting a flower in Sophia's hair and teasing her. Sophia also gave Thomas a little kiss on the cheek.

Chelsea said she's very respectful to her relationship and Thomas constantly made her feel uncomfortable. Chelsea told Mark that having connections with other guys was freaking her out but it appeared Thomas was continuing to disrespect their relationship.

"I can't put my heart out there and try to change someone if that's who they are. I can still love him but we're not meant to be together," Chelsea explained.

Mark explained that maybe Thomas hadn't done anything wrong but what mattered is how Chelsea felt about it.

And finally, Erica saw the footage of Kendal and Alexcys apparently being intimate with each other in bed.

Erica was silent at first and Kristen's jaw dropped to the floor.

"I am good. I am so good. I just want to laugh, almost, because it was two-and-a-half years of giving you my all, putting myself down, and ignoring my emotions. My relationship prior to Kendal, I was literally cheated on every single weekend," Erica shared.

"So I promised myself the next relationship that I'm in, I will not tolerate that. And I made an exception for Kendal."

Erica confirmed Kendal had cheated on her before and she forgave him. Erica determined she was being irrational about the situation and didn't need to leave Kendal despite his unfaithfulness.

Erica accused Kendal of forcing her to act like his mistake never happened.

Erica made a promise to herself and had broken it, so she said she needed to slap herself on the wrist and realize that behavior is "unacceptable."

Erica told the cameras she was in a toxic relationship, and while she didn't want to be vindictive, she wasn't going to put a cap on her experience.

"If I want to do something, I'm going to do it. All I have to say is 'good luck' because [Kendal] is going to have to deal with my dad," Erica said.

The women then celebrated the "new Erica" in the house.

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