Married at First Sight featured Paige Banks giving Chris Williams another chance, Haley Harris admitting she's not attracted to Jacob Harder, Clara Berghaus and Ryan Oubre beginning to discover their differences, and two couples saying "I love you" during the Season 12 episode Wednesday night on Lifetime.

At this point in Season 12, four of the five Married at First Sight couples had lived together for about one week: Haley and Jacob, Clara and Ryan, Vincent Morales and Briana Myles, and Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs.

Paige and Chris, however, were not living together and appeared to break up in last week's episode when Chris had asked for a divorce.


The five couples were matched for matrimony by the show's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Married at First Sight  Season 12 Episode 9

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 18 of marriage, and four of the show's five couples had already lived together for one week. Paige and Chris were not living together at this point.

Erik, a pilot, left Virginia for his first work trip since tying the knot, and Haley sat down with a couple of her friends and confessed she and Jacob had a conversation about her lack of attraction towards.

The previous night, Jacob had asked Haley if she was physically attracted to him and she replied, "I don't know right now."

Jacob had replied, "If there's no physical attraction, then honestly I don't know if we really have kind of a shot."

Haley felt ready for a commitment and knew marriage wasn't going to be easy; however, she admitted to her friends she never expected the process to be "this difficult."

Haley acknowledged that she didn't find Jacob attractive at first sight because he was pretty quirky but she didn't find him unattractive either at the time. Haley was apparently hopeful her feelings for Jacob could grow but then events transpired in Las Vegas that set them back.

Haley didn't seem sure at this point she could grow to like or love Jacob.

Meanwhile, Clara took Ryan to a pottery class so she could show off her creative side. Clara said she and Ryan were "getting along really well" although they're very different people.
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Clara asked where her craft room in the house was going to be, like a she-shed, and Ryan joked that she could express her creativity in the garage. Ryan's reaction concerned Clara because she felt committed to him and wasn't sure Ryan was quite there yet.

Clara warned Ryan she'd have to work as a flight attendant and fly somewhere every week, and Ryan realized they had a big hurdle ahead of them considering their schedules were so different.

Paige was then shown meeting up with Chris' friend, Pastor Dwight, who had reached out to her once he found out Chris wanted a divorce. Paige was having trouble coping with all of her "broken dreams," and she said Dwight was "disturbed" by Chris' choice to reconcile with his then-pregnant ex-fiancee Mercedes Myrick.

Paige shared her story with Chris about how he had been wavering in their relationship and confusing her, and Dwight suggested Chris -- a double-minded individual -- was "not stable." Dwight insisted marriage should not be played with and Chris probably wasn't ready for this type of commitment.


Dwight revealed to Paige that Chris had actually been engaged twice before, once when he was very young. Dwight said Chris always had a desire to be married but clearly never followed through until Married at First Sight.

"I believe that you were a great fit for him and that if he had any chance of a great, successful long-term relationship, I thought it was with you," Dwight said. "And to be honest, I think his decision was too quick to get out."

Paige felt cheated out of her Married at First Sight experience and noted the relationship didn't seem to serve her anymore, and Dwight agreed her emotions, feelings, heart and well-being should never be toyed with.

"I'm at this place of 'fool me once, shame on you but fool me twice, shame on me.' We're trickling into the fool-me-twice kind of thing. So I'm like, 'How is she six weeks pregnant?'" Paige questioned.

Paige revealed Mercedes had a sonogram scheduled but then suddenly Chris told Paige that it wasn't going to take place for another month.

"I really don't feel like she's pregnant," Paige confessed to Dwight, adding that she had never seen a positive pregnancy test or sonogram and didn't know what to believe.

"I'm just like, 'Chris, how are you even 100 percent sure?' So that's all I have to say on that.'"

Dwight said if Mercedes ended up not being pregnant, Chris would probably regret not having stayed with Paige. Paige noted she didn't want to comment further on Mercedes pregnancy.

Dwight then asked Paige how she would react if Chris asked her to give their romance another shot, and Paige's answer was not shown.

The next day, Virginia and Erik went to a driving range to have a little fun together and spend some quality time that they apparently both "desperately" wanted. The couple only had five weeks until "Decision Day," and Virginia noted they still had a lot to learn about each other.

Virginia and Erik laughed about how terrible they both were at the sport, and then Erik picked Virginia's brain on whether she handled his traveling for work well considering distance and time-apart had been an issue in his past relationships.

Erik planned on being a pilot for the rest of his life and so that would never change.

Virginia said she was fine but Erik's communication could've been better since he allegedly only sent her a text "her or there."


"I definitely expected a little bit more since he's harped on communication and he was worrying how I would be [at a wedding]," Virginia told the cameras. "So that was hard for me, honestly, because I expected a little bit more than I got."

As viewers probably recall, Erik had asked Virginia to text him every hour or two went she went away for a weekend to a wedding.

On Day 19, Haley came home with new clothes for Jacob. She wanted to do something nice for Jacob and show that she was willing to try. In addition, Haley was hoping the new clothes would build some chemistry or create some kind of a spark since she wasn't a fan of his 80s clothing.

Jacob called it "a nice gesture" and said he appreciated that Haley took the time to go shopping and buy nice clothes. Jacob said he liked the shirts, but things were still tense and awkward between them.

Jacob then asked Haley if she wanted to try to develop something past a friendship, and Haley found it "very frustrating" Jacob wasn't giving her a chance to try to build attraction naturally and organically. It seemed Jacob's pushing made Haley put even more walls up.

Haley also apparently spent a night at Paige's apartment and Jacob had been hoping to spend that time with her. Jacob revealed he had waited up for Haley that night so they could talk, but Haley pointed out she's not a mind reader.

Haley said she had no idea what Jacob's expectations had been because he never voiced his wants, needs or desires. Haley told Jacob that she was trying to give him space after the attraction conversation and she would have joined him for a conversation had he asked.

Jacob, however, argued Haley probably would've been "combative" with him had he asked to talk during her night with Paige.

"But you didn't try," Haley noted.

"You assumed that I would say 'no,' and you keep assuming these things, and that's honestly pissing me off. Now I'm like, 'Okay, I can't do anything without you getting upset about it.' That's how it feels, because I did not even know you were upset about anything I did last night."

Jacob noted that was a problem in itself and added, "I guess not being in a relationship for so long, to be honest with you, you're not ready for this."

Haley insisted she was ready for marriage but couldn't just jump in and automatically be in love with him. Haley apologized for her actions but said this process was hard for her and she needed some time.

Jacob accused Haley of not being vulnerable to a degree.


"If you just want to maybe have a friend at the end of this and divorce, we can keep doing what we're doing. Or if you wanted to try to be vulnerable, we might have a chance," Jacob said.

Jacob said he wasn't even sure whether Haley wanted to try considering she wasn't vibing with him.

On Day 20 of marriage, the five couples received a list of deep questions from the Married at First Sight experts to discuss the potential of falling in love and what love means to each spouse.

Erik described love as happiness, positivity and a connection, and he told the cameras he had expressed things he loved about Virginia -- and also had love for Virginia -- but wasn't quite "in love" with her yet.

Erik told Virginia that he couldn't help but compare his relationships to his past love, which was a very strong feeling he experienced before. Erik's revelation gave Virginia "anxiety" because she hoped she could live up to Erik's expectations.

Virginia grew up with parents who didn't set good examples for marriage. Virginia said she saw multiple marriages end in hate and so she was afraid of rejection and getting hurt, but Erik had grown up with an image of a perfect marriage in his household.

Erik wasn't sure Virginia was aware of what comes with a marriage and what she had really signed up for, so he asked her flat out, "Why did you do want to do this? It worries me."

Virginia admitted she had the tendency to run from relationships and needed to remind herself all the time she's married now, which Erik also didn't love to hear.

Briana and Vincent agreed love is accepting a partner as he or she is, flaws and all, and being able to come to that person with any fears, concerns or needs.

Vincent noted the "L-word" would probably be used soon in their relationship.

And then after a moment of hesitation, Briana shared, "I love you now... I'm still growing in love with you."

"I will say that I am also in love as well and it's growing," Vincent responded with a big smile.

The couple giggled as they sat next to each other on the couch and both expressed happiness about being on the same page.

"I'm the happiest I've been in a really long time, so I'm excited about what's coming," Vincent said.

Clara said Ryan was awkward answering questions about love, maybe because he's never been in love before, but she shared that a partner can help her fall in love by feeling heard and having a guy do nice gestures for her -- such as buy flowers -- just because he genuinely wants to do something nice for her.

Ryan told Clara that she needed to be patient with him and give him time and be understanding for him to fall in love, but Clara was frustrated the pair had yet to establish a physical connection and everything seemed to be on Ryan's terms.


Meanwhile, Jacob told the cameras during the activity, "I don't have any love for Haley. We are barely getting along."

Jacob acknowledged he had been in love before once he put a person's needs and feelings before his own and he fell in love with the person rather than her actions.

And Haley explained she was more attentive and did more in her past five-year relationship that was on and off, which left her wary of red flags in future romances and quick to shut down.

Haley said she wasn't sure she was in love at the time because she was super young, but Jacob observed Haley must have been in love since the relationship "deeply wounded [her]" and made her put walls down.

Jacob joked maybe jumping out of a plane could enhance their connection, and Haley in turn joked Jacob should throw himself out of the plane first.

Haley asked Jacob to take baby steps with her and be more light and not-so-serious moving forward.

On Day 21 of marriage, Haley and Jacob hosted a party for their fellow cast members at Jacob's house, which has a pool and beach in the backyard. Jacob hoped having a good time would help Haley open up and let loose.

Seeing other couples have fun together and how far they've progressed was another struggle for Haley and Jacob.

When Virginia and Haley got a moment alone, Virginia vented about how Erik hadn't noticed all of the work she had done around the house when she was gone for work -- such as organizing their closets, dressers and more. But Erik also apparently felt discouraged one night after cooking Virginia dinner and not feeling appreciated.

"We're definitely still fine overall; we're just adjusting," Virginia shared.

And Haley admitted she wasn't fully attracted to Jacob because their conversations always ended up being arguments and he was always too serious. She wanted to joke and play more and try to build a connection that way.

Paige attended the party without Chris and shared with the girls how Chris wanted to meet with her again for a conversation. Briana accused Chris of "playing games" and said it was "hard to watch."

Clara said Paige was clearly still trying to salvage something no one else would probably try to save, and Virginia asked Paige to think about Chris "the man" rather than Chris as a marriage, future father or anything else.

Ryan then took Clara on a date where she got to taste about a dozen mini-donuts since acts of service seemed to be her love language. Clara said it was nice Ryan had been listening to her and donuts were the way to her heart.


Since Ryan eats healthier than Clara in general, she was glad he was willing to indulge in the little things with her.

Ryan then asked Clara what motivates her on a daily basis, and she didn't appear to like the question. Ryan was looking for Clara to reveal the cause of her internal drive, and Ryan said waking up with a purpose is important and keeps him going.

"I feel like I came to a motivational seminar. Free donuts if you listen to the self-help talk! I'm just trying to enjoy my donuts," Clara complained.

On Day 22 of marriage, Vincent showed Briana a chalkboard designed to help her learn Spanish. Briana would be learning four Spanish words a day considering Vincent is very proud of his Dominican heritage.

Vincent then surprised Briana was a bicycle of her own! Briana apparently informed Vincent on their wedding day that she really wanted to buy a bike, and she thought her husband was incredibly sweet. Briana was overwhelmed with excitement and seemed so thankful.

"This is everything I wanted. [Briana] so far has just been an amazing wife. She is very caring and loving and super supportive. We are happy with each other, and so the sky is the limit for us," Vincent said.

That night, Paige met up with Chris at what appeared to be a rooftop bar in Atlanta. Paige said God had led her to meet with Chris and she was really intrigued to hear what he had to say since the last time they had spoken they were "done, done" with each other.

Chris was upset Dwight had met up with Paige alone without talking to him about it first.

"He was on my side; he was a part of my party. He was not on her side. Because of that, I don't have anything to say to Pastor Dwight ever again," Chris said in a confessional.

There was awkward silence during the meeting and Paige asked Chris why he asked her to come.

"I don't have any new revelations or anything outside of last week's conversation, which felt sad that we couldn't be cordial. But I don't have anything different," Chris said.

Paige had no idea why they needed to meet if Chris had nothing new or helpful to say.

"Chris, let me break it down for you. I feel like you're wasting my time, and you're pissing me off," Paige snapped, before getting up to leave. "I'm done."

Paige lamented to a producer that she was done and Chris needed to leave her alone.

Paige then rejoined Chris for a conversation and said she didn't like her time being wasted and didn't want to waste his time either.


"I feel like you're doing a run-around with me, so now I'm a little confused and conflicted. Like why did I show up if you're telling me the same things you said last week?" Paige asked Chris.

"You've got me out here looking crazy," Paige added.

Chris said that wasn't his intent and he had his guard up towards everybody because he was afraid and defensive. Chris admitted he was afraid about another man raising his child and Mercedes potentially cutting him out of his kid's life if he chose to stay married to Paige.

"I don't know what to do, yo. I'm also afraid I'm probably making the wrong decision trying to make the right decision," Chris shared.

"I feel like I'm doing the right thing in my mind, raising my baby possibly with the mother of my kid. But I'm married. I signed up to be married."

Chris said he was afraid he might go through the process and fall in love, and then he told the cameras he had rejected everybody, including Paige, because he had focused more on the news of his baby.

"I have been negligent in my responsibilities as being a husband, and that wasn't fair for Paige," Chris said in a confessional.

Chris said he never wanted to break Paige's heart, and Paige responded by saying she appreciated his honesty and would take all of that into consideration.


Paige noted she had a lot to lose in the situation as well, and Chris said she didn't deserve this at all and should never be a man's "option."

"A dude should look at you and say, 'This is what it is. I want this.' And I feel I would be like that if the circumstances wasn't what they were," Chris shared with Paige.

Chris asked Paige what she wanted, and Paige replied, "I wanted you to give us a chance."

Chris therefore suggested they should reset, start over and begin fresh -- and Paige agreed to a clean slate for the both of them.

On Day 23 of marriage, Haley and Jacob went out to lunch and had a good time just relaxing and chatting. Haley was still hoping to build chemistry and some type of attraction.

Haley opened up about how she felt like she had failed by not moving to and living in Australia, and Jacob was starting to feel like she'd have his back and he'd have hers.

"I think we did not know how to communicate with each other... but there's obviously a reason why we were matched, and so we need to continue getting to know each other and see where it goes," Haley said.

"I think both of us have a more positive outlook now. We are still here and we are still in it, and I think that says something."

Haley and Jacob discussed trying new restaurants, going bowling and doing more activities together.

Briana and Vincent then took a salsa dancing class together since Briana used to be a dancer and thought Vincent would really enjoy the activity. Vincent, however, was uncomfortable because he wasn't used to dancing salsa.


Vincent became very angry and frustrated as he messed up and couldn't nail the steps perfectly. Vincent complained it was hot and he was sweating and didn't want to be there.

Vincent told Briana the class was "alright," but he was clearly frustrated and upset. Briana told the cameras that Vincent obviously hated the class but he couldn't have expected to be perfect at something on the first try.

Vincent finally admitted to Briana that he wasn't okay, and Briana noted the conversation was uncomfortable and she wished Vincent would communicate with her a little more.

The episode concluded with Erik making a nice dinner for Virginia at his old apartment to prove to his wife he could be a good and stable husband.

Virginia told Erik that she was concerned about his ex-wife being the greatest love of his life because she wanted to be that someday and felt it was a lot to live up to.

Erik explained he thought it was the greatest at the time but there's something more he could feel -- and he hadn't felt so strongly about a woman until meeting Virginia. Erik also assured Virginia that he wasn't forcing his feelings for her and everything was coming naturally for him.

After eating the dinner Erik had prepared, he performed a song on the guitar for Virginia that he had created for her. Virginia said it was great and she really enjoyed it.

"Everything leading up to right now has just been so great, and I kind of want to say something to you. I kind of blurted it out before but not in a meaningful manner... What I want to tell you is that I do love you. I do," Erik said.

Virginia kissed her husband and replied, "I love you too."


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