Temptation Island featured Javen Butler admitting he messed up and participated in something he shouldn't have and Evan Smith finding himself in the middle of a screaming match between women during the revival's second episode Tuesday night on USA Network.

Similar to the show's original seasons that aired on Fox between 2001 and 2003, USA Network's Temptation Island reboot follows four dating couples at a pivotal time in their relationships in which they must decide whether to stay committed to each other for the rest of their lives or go their separate ways.

The established couples are John Thurmond, 35, and Kady Cannon Krambeer, 30, who currently resides in Fort Worth, TX; Javen Butler, 25, and Shari Ligons, 25, who currently reside in San Francisco, CA; Karl Collins, 31, and Nicole Tutewohl, 25, who currently resides in Chicago, IL; and Evan Smith, 28, and Kaci Campbell, 29, who currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.

The significant others -- who were at a crossroads in their relationships -- traveled together to the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawaii, to live the "single life" and have an opportunity to date 24 singles awaiting them on the island.

The stakes were high and hearts were on the line, but each exclusive couple seemed pretty confident at first their bonds would outlast and conquer any temptation. However, everyone was taking a great risk.

The Temptation Island broadcast began with the women in relationships venting about how hard it was to be separated from their significant others.

Shari admitted it was harder than she thought it was going to be, and Kaci worried about her man because she figured all of the single ladies would find him really hot.

James had his eye on Shari, who was anxious to meet the single guys because she had been in one relationship for most of her adult life. He planned to just be himself and hopefully win Shari over.

Meanwhile, Katheryn still had her heart set on John although Kady had blocked her from being able to go on dates with him. She thought they had the most chemistry of all the daters on the show.

"Katheryn is very attractive, but Katheryn came in kind of hot and heavy, and I was like, 'That's too aggressive.' It kind of put me on guard, but part of me likes a girl that's super confident," John said in a confessional.

Multiple girls swarmed Evan, who admitted Kaci probably would have blocked Brittney if she had decided to place a necklace around a girl's neck because he's "a sucker for natural beauty."

Evan called himself "a risk taker" and confessed to the cameras he never promised Kaci he'd be an angel because he's "never been an angel in [his] life."

It then became time for each individual in a relationship to select one single with whom to enjoy a date.
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Karl chose Sheldyn because he thought she was a really good looking girl, and then John asked Hannah out on a date. It quickly became apparent John is attracted to blondes.

Javen wanted Kayla to join him on a date, and Shari admitted she looked like a nice girl although all the singles were technically on the show to steal someone in a committed relationship.

Evan then chose to take Brittney out on a date, and Kaci was "pleasantly surprised" because she seemed laid back. Kaci was impressed her man was taking a mature approach in this dating process.

Shari was up next, and she asked out James. Javen said the guy was in for a rude awakening because Shari can be very "demanding" and have high expectations of the man she's interested in.

Kaci then wanted to go on a date with Carlos. Evan said his girl was "drawn to confidence" and that's probably why she picked him -- but Evan wasn't ready.

Nicole selected Tyler out of the pack of singles for a date, and then Kady had last pick and chose Johnny.

Nicole accused Karl of asking out a woman he wasn't attracted to so he wouldn't be tempted to hurt or potentially leave her, but Karl insisted she couldn't have been more wrong because Sheldyn was beautiful.

Shari admitted she missed Javen a lot and felt guilty even talking to another man because the love of her life might take it the wrong way.

And Kaci was "terrified" Evan was going on a date. But Brittney was really excited for her date with Evan and thought it could be "incredible" and maybe even "life changing."

The party got a little crazy as the day turned into night, and Javen rejected a woman who asked him to dance in the kitchen because Shari was always on his shoulder telling him not to do anything stupid.

Karl was also struggling not to think about Nicole. He worried she was walking around "half naked" with other guys.

However, the guys loosened up a little and Javen eventually had a conversation with Katheryn, who confessed she was "very attracted" to him.

Javen refused to hold her hand, but he was clearly into her and repeated how he had "f-cked up" and Shari would be really mad at him.

Katheryn, flirty by nature, also got to know Evan a little bit better, which upset Morgan, her best friend in the house. Morgan insisted she didn't have a crush on Evan, but she was clearly angry at Katheryn for trying to step on Brittney's toes.

Brittney was supposed to go on a date with Evan hours later, but she was just tired and wanted to sleep.

Drama then ensued between Katheryn and Morgan, and Evan found himself in the middle of a screaming match between girls. Evan said he'll never understand how girls operate and he felt like "an outsider looking in."

It then became time for everyone to go on their first date of the season. The pairs let loose with some ATVing, sailing, or snorkeling.

Shari felt awkward because the last "first date" she had been on was eight years prior and she really missed Javen, but Kaci felt pretty comfortable talking and opening up to Carlos.

Kaci told the cameras she was "pissed at" herself for not realizing she should have been more patient with Evan before joining the cast of Temptation Island.

Carlos let Kaci know the more a woman pushes a man -- in this case, it was about a marriage proposal -- the more he pushes back.

Brittney wasn't really feeling Evan because of the drama that went down hours earlier, but other new couples were hitting it off. Kady, for example, discovered Johnny was a lot like herself in that he's driven and has a passion for life.

"Seeing Johnny today makes me realize that these questions I'm having [about John] are valid and are rational," Kady said in a confessional.

Meanwhile, it was "killing" Shari "inside" to think about Javen potentially hitting it off with another woman. Javen once cheated on his girlfriend, so he was afraid to have fun, but he had a great time with Kayla.

Later that night, the gentlemen gathered at a bonfire to discuss their experiences so far. Each man was also able to watch a clip of his girlfriend's time on Temptation Island.

While Evan watched Kaci flirt and hold onto a man's arm, Karl saw Nicole express how he was her first love. It was clear, however, Nicole was questioning if something was missing in her romance or whether Karl was holding her back from having new experiences.

Javen learned Shari was reserved and withdrawn, and he just hoped she was going to have fun on the island. The guys knew the women were going to watch clips of their experiences as well, so Javen grew nervous about being "too friendly" the other night.

John then watched Kady tell Johnny about how John wasn't very manly because he didn't enjoy activities outdoors. Kady also suggested John wouldn't raise a son the way she wanted, which John hated to hear.

"I think this separation and this experience is going to make her realize she's been taking me for granted," John said.

The men then headed back to their villa, and John was confronted with some major issues in his relationship that made him question whether Kady truly was the right woman for him.

Afterward, the women headed to the bonfire to open up about their time on the island thus far. They were worried to catch glimpses of their boyfriends' behavior because Kaci acknowledged "ignorance is bliss."

Kady watched John say that she expected him to read her mind and she has "a short fuse." He then pointed out to Hannah that if they broke up, Kady was going to have to move out.

Nicole saw Karl take a pretty blonde upstairs to a room, and he said things were "heating up" with the women and he felt a lot of pressure.

Nicole wasn't jealous, but she felt Karl lacked respect for her. She wanted to "play the same game with the same rules."

Shari watched Javen confess that he had "f-cked up" because he had too much to drink and "participated" although whatever happened wasn't his idea.

"I know this may look bad. If I could rewind, I would do it, but I can't. So, I'm so sorry. It happened... Please do not touch me. Shari if you see this, I am so sorry. But I still love you and want to be with you. I am confessing, being honest, and being very forward," Javen explained in the clip.

Shari broke down into tears. No one was sure what Javen was confessing to, but Shari said it was obvious he had crossed a line.

"If he participated in something, we are done!" Shari cried to the group.
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