CBS has announced that The Early Show anchor Harry Smith and weatherman Dave Price will go behind the scenes of the network's The Amazing Race hit reality show when the morning news program airs a special four-part series that documents the duo's participation in the first leg of TAR 6's race around the world.

In a four-part series being broadcast daily beginning Tuesday, November 16, The Early Show will offer viewers a glimpse at what it’s really like to compete in the two-time Emmy Award-winning reality show, following Smith and Price as they run the first leg of The Amazing Race 6 from Chicago to Iceland.

“This was a real test of our friendship,” said Price. “The lesson learned is that where one had a weakness, the other had a strength, and when one needed support, the other was there to motivate. I found out more about Harry than I ever thought I would…and am now considering a restraining order.”

“I love Dave like a brother; just don’t put us on an airplane together,” added Smith.

While they are not an official team in the competition, Smith and Price lived out their dream of testing themselves and their friendship in The Amazing Race, participating in all elements of the game and playing by the same rules as the official teams. They joined the other contestants at the starting point in Chicago, overcame the same roadblocks and obstacles, and struggled through the same grueling challenges. Like all contestants, Smith and Price searched for phones, maps, cash, credit cards and anything that might give them a leg up. Ultimately, "Team Early Show" made it to the first overseas pit-stop, Reykjavik, Iceland, with the other eleven Amazing Race teams who are competing for the $1 million prize.

The sixth edition of The Amazing Race debuts with a special two-hour edition on Tuesday, November 16 at 9PM ET/PT. The Early Show is broadcast weekdays between 7-9AM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.