As we first speculated over a month ago, CBS announced today that its baseball themed Clubhouse drama has officially been sent down to the minor leagues to make way for the broadcast of The Amazing Race 6. The sixth edition of the two-time Emmy Award winning reality series will debut on Tuesday, November 16 at 9PM ET/PT with a special two-hour premiere and then air weekly on Tuesdays at 9PM.

The Amazing Race's return to CBS's weeknight fall programming schedule caps an improbable thirteen months that saw the critically-praised but ratings-challenged reality series go from the verge of cancellation to winning an Emmy Award, receiving a death row pardon, having its sixth edition scheduled for the television graveyard known as Saturday evenings, watching its fifth edition become Summer 2004's breakout programming hit, winning its second straight Emmy Award, and having CBS rethink its TAR6 scheduling plans in light of the program's ever-growing popularity.

The summer's most watched reality program, The Amazing Race 5 averaged 10.73 million viewers and consistently won its time period in all key demographics. The Amazing Race 5, won by married parents Chip and Kim McAllister, ended its run on September 21, drawing nearly 13 million viewers.

Unfortunately for Dean Cain fans, the wholesome Clubhouse will now air in The Amazing Race 6's previously planned Saturday 8PM ET/PT time period -- although given the performance that CBS's similarly wholesome Joan of Arcadia has delivered on Friday evenings, the family-friendly Clubhouse probably has a better (but still not good) chance making a go of the time period than The Amazing Race ever did.

While CBS did not release any cast details along with this morning's announcement, details of The Amazing Race 6 teams were already unintentionally made public last month when the network's last-minute decision to delay TAR6's originally planned September debut came too late to prevent the publication of a TV Guide article introducing its contestants.

The eleven couples competing in The Amazing Race 6 will be:

Jonathan Baker, age 42 and Victoria Fuller, age 31, a married couple that bill themselves as "Team Hollywood." Victoria is a former Playboy Playmate while Jonathan is "an entrepreneur." In an apparent effort to keep the cameramen from focusing on his wife's chest, Jonathan died his hair blue for the race.

Lori Chestnut Harvey, age 32, and Bolo Dar'tainian, age 38, a male/female team of professional wrestlers from Molino, Florida.

Rebecca Cardon, age 29 and Adam Malis, age 27. Billing themselves as "The Wierd Ex-Dating Couple," the two are spinning instructors from Los Angeles, California.

Kris Perkins, age 30, and Jon Buehler, age 29. Long-distance daters, Kris is a UCLA student while her boyfriend Jon owns a bar in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Freddy Holliday, age 35, and Kendra Bentley, age 25. Engaged models, the couple currently resides in Miami, Florida.

Lena Jensen, age 23, and Kristy Jensen, her 26-year-old sister. TV Guide lists Kristy as a "devout Mormon mother-model-student" while Lena is "her carefree sister and a former striptease aerobics instructor" (no word on what her occupation is now.)

Aaron Crumbaugh, age 25 and Hayden Kristianson, age 25, a dating couple from Los Angeles, California. TV Guide lists both as models, however, while fit, the balding Aaron doesn't appear to exactly have traditional "young hottie" looks.

Hera McLeod, age 23, and her father, Gustavus McLeod, age 49. Billing themselves as "The Silent Assassins," Hera is a special education teacher while her dad is an ex-CIA operative and "adventure pilot."

Maria Sampogna, age 26 and her best friend, Meredith Tufaro, also age 26. From Queens, New York, the two plan to "kill 'em with kindness."

Donald St. Claire, age 69, and his wife, Mary Jean St. Claire, age 65. Married for 23 years and the only team of racers featuring two contestants older than 40 years of age, the couple has dubbed themselves "Team Medicare."

Avi Schneier, age 32, and his best friend, Joe Rashbaum, also age 32. Avi is a high school teacher while Joe is an advertising executive. High school buddies from Brooklyn, New York, they joke that they hope to play the show's "the Every Jew" role.