In a finale that left dissatisfied viewers struggling to determine which disliked team they would least mind seeing win, The Amazing Race 6's model/actor-filled season ended somewhat aptly -- with Freddy Holliday and Kendra Bentley, engaged models from Miami, FL, winning the sixth edition of the race around the world... but CBS quickly attempting to wash the bad taste away via an extended promo for The Amazing Race 7, which premieres in only three weeks and promises a model-free cast.

Capping off what many felt was a disappointing season that featured too much eye candy (including six models, two personal trainers, an ex-Playboy Playmate, and a former striptease aerobics instructor), an abusive relationship, and too few teams that viewers felt they could root for, The Amazing Race 6 began with four teams still competing.

Departing Shanghai, China in first place were "dating couple" Hayden Kristianson and Aaron Crumbaugh, two 25-year-old models/actors from Los Angeles, CA. Freddy, 34, and Kendra, 25, were second, with "long distance dating" (and comparatively quiet) couple Kris Perkins, 30, and Jon Buehler, 29, behind them in third place. Bringing up the rear were "former dating couple" Adam Malis and Rebecca Cardon, two personal trainers from Los Angeles, CA who were the last team to check into the non-elimination Shanghai pitstop, and as a result, forced to begin forfeit all their team cash.

Illustrating how ineffective the non-elimination loss-of-cash penalty that was introduced in The Amazing Race 5 has become, Adam, 27, and Rebecca, 29, not only quickly panhandled enough money to join the other three teams on their 17-hour train ride to Xi'an, but also quickly jumped into first place, becoming the first team to arrive at the leg's car factory detour.

Despite holding their lead throughout the detour and on through their arrival at Mount Hua, the scene of the leg's roadblock, Adam and Rebecca struggled in the roadblock's "one key and 3,000 locks" task. Both Freddy and Kendra and Kris and Jon passed them while Rebecca desperately searched for the proper lock, leaving Adam and Rebecca in a frantic race with Hayden and Aaron, who had encountered taxi issues on their way to the roadblock, to complete the task and check-in as the last team that would compete in the race's final leg.

After spending hours repeatedly testing each lock to no avail, Hayden and Aaron decided to quit the roadblock and take a four-hour penalty, apparently gambling that with the roadblock site only minutes from closing, unless Rebecca found her lock in the next few minutes, they would still qualify as the leg's third place team. However, Rebecca miraculously found her lock only seconds after they began walking away, sealing Hayden and Aaron's fate.

Continuing on to the leg's pit stop despite knowing that Adam and Rebecca had completed the roadblock and were right behind them, Hayden and Aaron were eliminated upon arrival, leaving Aaron with one last task to perform -- a marriage proposal (sans engagement ring) to Hayden, which she tearfully accepted.

Despite managing to finish in third place, their first-to-worst roadblock performance effectively scuttled Adam and Rebecca's chances of winning the last leg of the race, forcing them to depart the race's last pit spot nearly six hours behind Kris and Jon (and more than four and a half hours behind Freddy and Kendra), turning the final leg into a two-team race.

As the first team to depart the pitstop, Kris and Jon attempted to book airplane departure tickets via a local ticket agency rather than waiting for their hotel's business center to open. While logically sound, the strategy backfired when they couldn't find an agency able to work with them and were forced to return to the hotel, resulting in Freddy and Kendra (who, as a result of departing the pitstop over an hour later, had gone straight to the just-opened business center) booking tickets on a flight that was scheduled to arrive in Hawaii fifteen minutes before Kris and Jon's flight.

Despite Freddy and Kendra's rather shameful attempt to guilt their way on to an earlier Osaka connecting flight by alleging an "emergency situation" involving a sick child in Honolulu (complete with tears from Kendra), the flight arrivals remained as originally scheduled.

After rather effortlessly completing their detour and roadblocks, both teams rushed to back the Honolulu airport, with Kris and Jon (who had once again managed to establish a short lead over Freddy and Kendra) booking a flight that an American Airlines agent assured them was the airport's fastest flight to Chicago, The Amazing Race 6's finish line. Unfortunately for them, the agent's information wasn't correct, with Freddy and Kendra arriving at the United Airlines terminal and managing to book a flight that would get them into Chicago at 5:15AM -- 28 minutes before the American Airlines flight. Luckily for Kris and Jon, the United Airlines flight ended up running late while the American Airlines landed a bit early, leaving only a seven-minute arrival gap that completely disappeared when the two couples found themselves departing Chicago's O'Hare airport on the same subway train.

Winning the subsequent foot race and cab ride battle to one last pizza-eating stop in which viewers were reminded exactly how annoying and ignorant Kendra could be (who can forget her "these people just keep breeding" in Senegal) and witnessed Freddy's momentary attempt to con a Chicago police officer into giving them an "emergency" police escort, Freddy and Kendra emerged victorious -- winning The Amazing Race 6 and the $1,000,000 prize that comes with it.
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Despite finishing second, Kris and Jon didn't leave the race empty-handed -- they discovered how strong their relationship truly was, and according to this morning's The Early Show appearance, are no longer a long-distance couple, with Kris having since relocated to the Scottsdale, Arizona area where Jon resides. As for Adam and Rebecca (who obviously finished third), their ending hasn't been quite so happy, with TAR6 contestant Victoria Fuller recently telling the Edmonton Sun that they "aren't really on speaking terms now."

Immediately after The Amazing Race 6 ended, CBS ran an extended promo for The Amazing Race 7, which premieres Tuesday, March 1 at 9PM ET/PT. Viewers who were unhappy with The Amazing Race 6's seemingly homogenous all-model lineup should be happy with The Amazing Race 7 -- while TAR7 does feature the stunt casting of Survivor: All-Stars power couple Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano, according to today's CBS cast announcement, the eleven teams do not feature a single model or actor among them.