Tamra Barney has revealed she battled cervical cancer.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star made the revelation during an interview with Dr. Oz on his The Dr. Oz Show while explaining why she recently opted to remove her breast implants.

"I have a long list of reasons why I had them removed," Barney said in a preview video of her interview,  which will air during Thursday's The Dr. Oz Show episode.

"Starting with they always felt too big for my body. Then, I had a little health scare. I was going through this divorce. I go to the doctor, and I have lumps in my breasts and I had cervical cancer that had to be removed."

While The Real Housewives of Orange County's currently-airing season has shown Barney deciding to have her implants taken out, viewers apparently weren't aware cervical cancer was one of the reasons behind her choice.

"So I really went through this like, 'What is going on with my body? What is going on?' I'm talking to my doctor about doing a hysterectomy and they're talking about all these different things, and then I have lumps and I'm thinking, 'Oh my God.' I needed to take over my body and I felt like removing my implants -- you're going to make me cry," Barney told Dr. Oz, who tried to comfort her by holding her hand.  

"When they told you that you had cancer, what went through your mind?" Dr. Oz asked her.

"Panic," Barney replied bluntly.