Survivor: Kaoh Rong castoff Kyle Jason has been called a "bully" and "vulgar" this season among other unflattering descriptions, but the aggressive-gameplaying bounty hunter doesn't seem to care.

"America labeled me as a bully. If that makes them feel better, so be it! If you want to call me a bully, call me it all you want," Jason told Reality TV World in an exclusive interview on Thursday after his Survivor elimination aired Wednesday night on CBS.

Since the beginning of the game, the public perception has been that Jason and his closest ally Scot Pollard were bullies. It all started with their behavior on the original Brawn tribe, when the two guys brutally trash-talked Alecia Holden -- whom they called "Blondie" -- both to her face and behind her back about her alleged lack of intelligence and social skills.

"I'm a guy that looks like the way I do, and I didn't get along with the prim and proper little blonde. What else are people going to call that?" Jason said.

Neal Gottlieb said there was definitely a "bully mentality" at camp when he was still in the game, explaining that castaways were fearful of being questioned and ultimately deemed untrustworthy for simply getting up to go to the bathroom or do a chore. Debbie Wanner then insisted Scot and Jason are "bullies beyond anything Survivor has ever seen" in its 32-season history.

"You got to take what Debbie says with a grain of salt when it comes to the words she's using. I think the word 'bully' is the most over-used word this season. I am not a bully. I don't think I acted like a bully," Jason insisted.

Jason and Scot's behavior only worsened when their former Brawn ally Cydney Gillon flipped on them and joined a girls' alliance. The two guys, along with Tai Trang, therefore sabotaged the girls' ability to eat by putting out their fires and hiding the tribe's machete and ax.

Julia Sokolowski, however, argued last week that Jason and Scot were "wonderful people" and "not bullies at all." Many viewers also say Jason and Scot were just tough players who dealt with the conditions and circumstances of a high-stress game the best they could.

"I played a hard, aggressive game... I never kept it secret that I'm a very brash person. I say it like I see it. I don't sugarcoat anything, you know? And when a person acts like that, they get labeled... Call me a [bully] all you want. I know what I am, I know the game I played," Jason told Reality TV World.

"I did very well, and it took me very far. For as much hate as I get for being a so-called 'bully,' I get a ton of love. I mean, you look at Twitter and Instagram, and I get as much love as I do hate. So, I obviously did something right!"

Jason added that he has absolutely "no regrets" in terms of his behavior on the show.

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