Survivor's premiere date for its Fall 2017 season dubbed Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers has been revealed.

CBS has announced Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers will debut with a one-hour episode on Wednesday, September 27 at 8PM ET/PT.

Filmed in Fiji with a brand new theme, Survivor's upcoming 35th edition was unveiled during last week's live Survivor: Game Changers reunion show.  

Longtime Survivor host Jeff Probst introduced a preview video for Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers that featured glimpses of some of the new castaways -- including Ben, a Marine; Mike, a surgeon; and Ryan, a bellhop.

"For the first time ever, we'll divide the tribes based on the positive traits most often associated with them by others," Jeff said in the voiceover for Survivor's latest promo."

Jeff then went on to explain the significance behind each tribe's label.

"Heroes: They are heralded for their courage, their achievements, and ideals for which they stand," Jeff said.

"Serving our country is in my family's blood. To be a Marine, it's honor, courage and commitment," explained Ben. "Your job is to serve the country, protect the country. You're not looking for praise for what you've done and who you are. You're just doing your job."

"Being a lifeguard, when you run in the water to save someone's life, your adrenaline's going, your heart's pumping," Ashley told the cameras. "But out here, it's either sink, swim or get out of the ocean. For the first time in my life, I've got to let people sink and I'm not going to take any mercy."

As for Healers, Jeff said, "They receive gratitude for their acts of service in helping people heal their emotional and physical pain."

And that's when viewers were introduced to Mike as well as Desi, a physical therapist.

"I'm a surgeon who deals with stressful situations on a daily basis," noted Mike. "And so, when you put me in a situation like this, I'm not going to freak out. I'm going to come out here with surgical expertise and carve my way out to the top."

"Physical therapy is very giving and it's about other people," Desi explained. "But this is a very selfish game, so it's time to be selfish. And any opportunity for me to show someone I'm tougher than you, I'm stronger than you, and I'm smarter than you, I'm all for it."
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And then there are the Hustlers, whom Jeff said "are respected for their work ethic -- 'Get it done, no matter what.' They stop at nothing to achieve their goals."

The promo then spotlighted Ali, a personal assistant, followed by a young man who seemingly has the essence of John Cochran or David Wright.

"I do anything and everything," Ali revealed. "And there's a lot of stuff in Survivor you have to do that normally you wouldn't want to be doing, but you've got to get it done! And I'm used to doing the job that no one else wants to do."

The next Hustler was Ryan, who told the cameras, "Working as a bellhop, I'm 125 pounds soaking wet. It's so tough, but I'm more athletic than I look, and I go to sleep thinking about Survivor, and now I'm ready. I love turtlenecks, I don't drink and I don't have a girlfriend. But come on, everyone, who wants to align with me?!"

Jeff concluded in his voiceover that these castaways have very different approaches to life and they will once again be tested in "the greatest social experiment on television."

The winner of the series' 34th edition last month, Survivor: Game Changers, was police officer Sarah Lacina. Brad Culpepper finished as the runner-up and Troy "Troyzan" Robertson claimed third place.
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