Survivor: Ghost Island's merged Lavita tribe voted Libby Vincek out of the game after the real target, Michael Yerger, played his hidden Immunity Idol during Wednesday night's episode on CBS.

Libby, a 24-year-old social media strategist from Houston, TX, was voted out of her tribe on Night 25 of the game through a 7-3-1 vote at Tribal Council in which Michael, an 18-year-old real estate agent from Knoxville, TN, received seven votes but played his idol, Libby earned herself three votes and one vote went to Wendell Holland, a 33-year-old furniture designer from Philadelphia, PA.

"For the past three Tribals, I've randomly had my name written down. It sucks because you really do put some trust in people. I did everything I could. I won challenges. I won food Rewards. And I made alliances. I'm proud of myself and I'm grateful and blessed for this experience," Libby said following her ouster.

The Survivor broadcast began on Night 22 of the game, with Libby realizing she must be doing something wrong since her name came up at three previous Tribal Council sessions. She didn't know who was targeting her and why.

Meanwhile, Domenick Abbate feared the tribe would start viewing him as the threat Chris Noble had insisted he was, so he attempted to lay low and not gloat or act cocky.

Domenick therefore told his Lavita tribe that he had respect for Chris and wasn't proud of the way he had acted. Domenick admitted his rivalry with Chris wasn't his finest moment.

On Day 23, Wendell noticed all the castaways were mingling, mixing and conversing with each other. It was difficult to tell where everyone stood alliance-wise, and there was no obvious target anymore.

Wendell planned to stick to "The Four," as he called it -- Domenick, Laurel Johnson, Donathan Hurley and himself -- and he acknowledged they'd "bring in the reserves from there."

Wendell could sense paranoia from Laurel, so he decided to make her feel secure by revealing Domenick and himself each had a real hidden Immunity Idol to play. Laurel assured Wendell that they were "1,000 percent Final 4," and Wendell promised the same in return, but Lauren secretly believed the two guys had too much power in the game.

Laurel was also a little annoyed she was finding out about these idols now rather than earlier in the game. She felt left out of the loop, and so just as Wendell assumed he had solidified trust with his friend, Laurel was shown telling the cameras she could only trust Wendell up to a certain point.

Later that day, the tribe met Survivor host Jeff Probst for a Reward Challenge.

The castaways were divided into two teams of six and required to race across a floating bridge to a slingshot, which they'd use to launch sandbags at a series of targets. The first team to knock down all six targets would win an afternoon of tacos, burritos, quesadillas and margaritas.

In addition, the winning six would send someone on the losing team to Ghost Island.
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A schoolyard pick determined the two teams: Domenick, Kellyn Bechtold, Michael, Sebastian Noel, Desiree Afuye, and Jenna Bowman vs. Angela Perkins, Laurel, Wendell, Chelsea Townsend, Donathan and Libby.

In the end, Wendell won the challenge for his tribe with his final slingshot pull. The winning team opted to have the losing team draw rocks to determine which person goes to Ghost Island, and it turned out Jenna picked the one white rock.

Libby planned to use the Reward feast as a way to strengthen bonds with people and hopefully get the target off her back.

On Day 23, Jenna was actually excited thinking she may win an advantage on Ghost Island, but she quickly discovered she was unable to play a Game of Chance. Her positive attitude unfortunately went down the drain as a result.

Meanwhile, Chelsea told Libby that she had been a target due to her close friendship with Michael. Libby wanted to be in an alliance with Michael, but if they looked like a power couple and people were writing her name down because of it, she needed to make some moves.

On Day 24, Michael noted that with Chris gone, it was every man for himself. Michael then expressed concern to Angela about Wendell and Domenick as a power couple. Michael suggested Wendell should go first because his ouster would leave Domenick powerless.

Michael also explained to Angela that Kellyn and Chelsea didn't think they could trust her, which is why she was on the outs of the last vote.

Angela shared what she had heard from Michael with Kellyn, and Kellyn admitted she "was pissed." Angela also blabbed to Domenick, Wendell and Desiree that Michael was trying to stir the pot and would be an easy vote.

On Day 25, the tribe met Jeff for another Individual Immunity Challenge.

The challenge was a Survivor classic -- a food-eating competition dating back to Season 1.

The castaways played in rounds, and the last person left standing would win immunity. After downing local delicacies -- fish eyes, living grub, sea slugs, and shellfish meat -- the challenge came down to Angela vs. Michael, and Angela won immunity!

Leaving the challenge, Michael felt good about his plan to blindside Wendell, while Angela felt confident in her plan to blindside Michael.

Once the tribe returned to camp, Chelsea, Kellyn and Desiree were shown talking to Wendell and Donathan about splitting votes between Michael and someone else in case Michael had an idol. Chelsea suggested they put five votes on Michael and four votes on Libby.

But Michael told Donathan that if original Naviti split their votes and Malolo stuck together, they could take out anybody they wanted.

Laurel knew taking Wendell out would look great on her Survivor resume, but Wendell also had an idol he could use.

Meanwhile, Donathan wanted her the five original Malolo to stick together, at least for one more vote. Donathan didn't think he'd win the game if he was stuck with all original Naviti members.

Domenick was then shown telling Libby to vote for Michael. She didn't want to vote for her friend, but she was willing to if it meant saving herself, especially since Donathan warned her people were splitting votes between Michael and herself.

Kellyn told Wendell and Domenick that the only people she couldn't read were Laurel and Donathan, and Wendell knew he was in danger.

At Tribal Council that night, Desiree noted if people weren't making big moves at this point in the game, they weren't actually playing Survivor. Michael added that people were getting too comfortable.

Chelsea noted if someone is at the bottom of his or her alliance and keeps things that way, he or she is "an idiot." Kellyn, however, pointed out that jumping ship didn't make sense because that person would be on the bottom of either side.

Once it became time for the castaways to play any idols or advantages, Michael decided to play his "stick" idol "for [Ozzy Lusth]."

The episode's closing credits later showed that Michael voted for Wendell; Desiree, Kellyn and Chelsea voted for Libby; and everyone else voted for Michael -- Donathan, Angela, Sebastian, Domenick, Libby, Jenna and Wendell.

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