Survivor: Game Changers' merged Maku Maku tribe voted out Sierra Dawn Thomas during Wednesday night's episode of Season 34 on CBS.

Maku Maku sent Sierra, a 29-year-old barrel racer and model from Roy, UT, packing at Tribal Council on Night 32 with six out of nine votes. Sierra became the twelfth person voted out of Survivor: Game Changers and the season's fifth jury member.

Going into Tribal Council after another big target, Brad, won the Individual Immunity Challenge in which the castaways had to balance on a perch while attempting to hold up a buoy with two handles, Sierra thought Brad, Sarah Lacina, Michaela Bradshaw, and Tai Trang were all voting for Andrea Boehlke with her since she'd be extremely tough to beat in the end.

"I thought I was a part of the 'we' and it looks like I was not," Sierra, who previously competed on Survivor: Worlds Apart and finished in fifth place, said following her ouster.

"I think what got me in the end was I was a little bit too comfortable, but I came in with guns blazing, gave it hell, and made it further than I thought I could. Of course I wanted to go further, but I couldn't be more proud of myself right now."

Sierra received votes from Andrea, Tai, Michaela, Sarah, Aubry Bracco and Cirie Fields, while Andrea received votes from Sierra, Brad and Troy "Troyzan" Robertson. Sierra pitched at Tribal Council that Andrea was a bigger threat, but the majority of the tribe clearly disagreed.

Sierra became the final target after she informed Sarah of her Legacy Advantage -- which basically serves as individual immunity at the Final 6 Tribal Council -- as a way to gain trust with Sarah since her alliance didn't have the numbers against Andrea's big group, which Sarah had joined when she decided to blindside Sierra's close ally Debbie Wanner.

Sierra was a bit desperate and told Sarah that if she got voted out of the game, she would will her Legacy Advantage to the police officer.

Sarah therefore thought it was in her best interest to take out Sierra, even though they had become the best of friends, in order to obtain the game advantage.

Sarah then shared the Legacy Advantage information with the other swing vote, Michaela, and then Tai also joined forces with the duo to take Sierra out despite their previous plans to get rid of Andrea before it's too late.

After her vote-off, Sierra kept to her word and revealed she had decided to pass on her Legacy Advantage to Sarah upon leaving the game.

"This is the Legacy Advantage. Now that I'm out, I get to will it to whomever I want. Very hard decision. I hope you didn't vote for me tonight, but I will be giving it to Sarah," Sierra told the cameras after her Tribal Council exit. "She was honest with me and real with me out here in this game. So I hope Sarah gets to use it at six and makes a huge move with it."
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A big turning point in last night's episode was when Michaela and Tai teamed up, knowing they'd be swing votes for either of the tribe's two alliances.

The pair bonded when they were not picked to enjoy a Survivor barbecue with their loved ones following a Reward Challenge that Brad, Aubry and Andrea won. The trio won the chance to enjoy burgers, hot dogs and cupcakes with Brad's wife Monica Culpepper, Aubry's sister Kerry, and Andrea's mom Linda.

The trio selected Sarah to spend more time with her husband Wyatt as well as Cirie to get in some quality time with her son Jerry, who had just graduated from high school.

But Michaela couldn't believe Andrea and Aubry didn't select her to spend more time with her mother Candy since they had been working together, and Tai was also surprised Brad didn't ask him to enjoy the reward with his boyfriend Mark since they had been allies.

Prior to the Reward Challenge, Tai was already feeling on the outs because his allies voted for him at the Tribal Council when Zeke Smith went home. Brad worried he had lost Tai after that vote but didn't try to redeem himself by choosing Tai for the reward barbecue.

Sierra lost out on the chance to spent time with her dad Dan, and Troyzan was also not picked to enjoy the reward with his brother Todd.

While half the tribe enjoyed a big feast, Troyzan and Sierra thought they had solidified a group by asking Michaela and Tai to join themselves and Brad. Michaela and Tai were totally onboard until Sierra's Legacy Advantage reveal.

Michaela, however, noted in the episode that Andrea needs to go as soon as possible, if not next.