"Cupid" will be premiering Wednesday, July 9 on CBS...unless you live in Raleigh, North Carolina. Capital Broadcasting, the parent company of CBS affiliate WRAL-TV, has decided not to air "Cupid", calling the show "demeaning to marriage". The station will air reruns on "The Andy Griffith Show" during the Wednesday ay 10pm timeslot instead.

This is not the first time that Capital Broadcasting has refused to air a show on moral grounds. Back in 2001, FOX's original "Temptation Island" series was pulled from WRAZ-TV after one episode, with the second installment never airing on the Raleigh FOX affiliate, and more recently, the station opted to not air FOX's "Married By America" series.

Raleigh reality fans will not left in the cold, however, since they still have the non-demeaning options of "Big Brother 4" and "Paradise Hotel" available for viewing on Capital Broadcasting stations. Or they can just content themselves by hanging out with Andy and Opie at the ol' fishing hole.

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