After Lisa Shannon and Hank Stepleton chose NOT to get married in the finale of CBS's Cupid, thereby passing up a chance at winning $1 million, many viewers probably assumed that their days as a couple were numbered. Not true.

On October 8, according to the Culver Academy website, Lisa and Hank paid the Indiana campus a visit. Hank, a 1996 Culver grad, said that he'd told Lisa so much about the campus that he wanted to show it to her while on their way to visit some of his relatives.

Although a short campus visit followed by a trip to see relatives may not mean much, at least it means that Hank and Lisa haven't disintegrated as quickly as, say, Evan Marriott and Zora Andrich from Fox's Joe Millionaire. The fact that the visit attracted so little publicity also seems to indicate that, unlike Zora's take on Evan, neither of these two "craves the spotlight."

Perhaps there may be a wedding after all ... but we expect that CBS and Cupid executive producer Simon Cowell won't have the broadcast rights. And Hank, by the way, it's a couple of months after the show ended, and we haven't forgotten your name yet. Just thought you'd like to know.