Janette Manrara and Jason Glover became the next two finalists eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance's fifth season during last night's live results show on Fox.

"I think more than anything this made me realize how much I really, really love to dance," Janette said after So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley revealed her elimination.  "I was working in a bank [and was] going to school for finance -- nothing to do with this -- and I made it this far and it just makes me realize this is what I was meant to do and I'm going to continue."

"I just want to thank everybody who has helped me get to this point because I never thought I could ever be here in a million years," Jason said after his elimination was revealed.  "So I just want to thank everybody -- the dancers here and the choreographers, and everybody who has inspired me along the way.  It's been a great ride and I  -- this has been amazing, this experience, so I thank everyone, thank you all."

Janette and Jason were ousted based on home viewer votes cast immediately following Wednesday night's performance episode, which had featured each finalist performing two couple routines, a solo and a group number.

Janette's elimination was considered a surprise and sparked audible groans from the show's studio audience and judges given the 25-year-old salsa dancer from Miami, FL had never previously been among the season's bottom vote-getters.

"I think this is the shock of the season," Cat said after she revealed Janette's elimination.  "I don't know how we're going to do without you.  I don't know how I'm going to do without you -- you're always the first one smiling and joking... you just crack me up, you have meant so much to this competition."

So You Think You Can Dance lead judge Nigel Lythgoe also agreed with Cat's comments and revealed that, similar to guest judge Mia Michaels' Wednesday night comments, Janette had also been his favorite fifth-season dancer.

"Often my favorites don't win and it doesn't matter because I always transfer to the winner and I'm really happy for them," Nigel said. "But I have to say on this occasion, and I think I can now, Janette, you were my favorite too and I've got to say I really wanted you to win this year."

According to Nigel -- who has never been shy about voicing his agreement or disagreement about which dancer the show's home viewers should have crowned a season's champion -- Janette elimination cast a cloud over the So You Think You Can Dance broadcast's entire 100th episode celebration.
"You bring so much to this, you're a great performer and you're a really great dancer and it's ruined this 100th [episode] celebration for me, to be honest," he said.  "I think you're absolutely fantastic and I'm really sorry to lose you at this stage.  I think America got it wrong."

Janette had found herself in the week's bottom two vote-getters alongside Kayla Radomski, an 18-year-old jazz and contemporary dancer from Aurora, CO.  Similar to the show's audience and judges, Kayla appeared stunned to not be the one going home.

Jason, a 21-year-old lyrical and contemporary dancer from Fresno, CA, had found himself among the bottom two male vote getters with Brandon Bryant, a 19-year-old contemporary dancer from Miami, FL who currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT.

In addition to Kayla and Brandon, So You Think You Can Dance's Top 6 fifth-season finalists are Melissa Sandvig, a 29-year-old ballet dancer from Los Alamitos, CA; Jeanine Mason, an 18-year-old contemporary dancer who currently resides in Pinecrest, FL; Evan Kasprzak, a 21-year-old Broadway dancer from West Bloomfield, MI; and Ade Obayomi, a 20-year-old contemporary dancer from Chandler, AZ who currently resides in Orange County, CA.