Comedian Ramy Youssef extolled the virtues of the diabetes and weight-loss drug Ozempic during fasting for the Muslim religious holiday Ramadan in a new video for Saturday Night Live.

The faux commercial aired during this weekend's episode of the sketch-comedy show when Yousef served as guest host.

"I used to rush to eat a whole meal before dawn, but now I just grab my prayer beads and my Ozempic needle. As long as I shoot up before the sun rises, it's halal," Youssef said, going to the refrigerator in a dark kitchen, taking out the needle and injecting it into his stomach.

Ego Nwodim also appears in the 2-minute clip as a woman wearing a head scarf in an office.

"Since my doctor prescribed Ozempic for Ramadan, I've never gotten more work done," she said. "While my co-workers are at lunch, I'm on Google sheets going ham -- no haram."

A street food merchant played by Kenan Thompson said he doesn't get "hangry, even when White women ask me if I have salmon," thanks to Ozempic.

While talking about his food's delicious smells, he stabbed himself in the chest with the appetite suppressant needle.

Rapper Travis Scott provided the musical entertainment for the episode.